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Mannix Testing and Measurement is a manufacturer of testing and measurement instruments.

Mannix Testing and Measurement    United States
Mannix Testing and Measurement specializes in manufacturing testing and measurement instruments. Their instruments include temperature instruments, airflow instruments, safety instruments, time instruments, industrial instruments, data loggers and recorders, etc.

We are a manufacturing company specialize in supplying surgical and dental instruments, and medical implants throughout the world.   Sialkot  0
PRIMED INSTRUMENTS is a manufacturing company supplying medical implants, surgical and dental instruments throughout the world established at Sialkot.\r\n\r\nOur expertise is in the field of metal related instruments and devices, which is well known for hallmark of quality. Some of the surgical instruments offered by the company include scissors, forceps, first cat, micro scissor.\r\n\r\nThe management team of PRIMED INSTRUMENTS is reinvigorating and developing new products on modern lines in terms of value addition and in collaboration with its partners bringing about a change in the production methods in line with the international level.\r\n

Sailor Soldier Surgical Corp is a manufacturer of surgical, dental, and beauty care instruments.

Sailor Soldier Surgical Corp   Sialkot  Pakistan
Sailor Soldier Surgical Corp specializes in manufacturing surgical, dental and beauty care instruments. Their products include manicure, tungsten carbide instruments, laryngoscopes, hollow wears, dental instruments, eye instruments, general surgery instruments, bone instruments, and veterinary instruments. The company has been quality certified to ISO-9002.

Delta Instrumentation Inc manufatures wide range of flow meters.

Delta Instrumentation Inc    United States
Delta Instrumentation Inc specializes in manufacturing various flow meters. Their products include flow meters, pH instrumentation, level instruments, pressure instruments, controls, analyzers, electrical products and custom instrument systems.

Hanna Instruments is a manufacturer of analytical instrumentation products since 1978.

Hanna Instruments   Leighton Buzzard  United Kingdom
Hanna Instruments specializes in producing analytical instrumentation products. The company product includes process instrumentation, mini controllers, chemical test kits, etc.

Naeem Jee Corporation specializes in producing medical instruments for surgery.

Naeem Jee Corporation    Pakistan
Naeem Jee Corporation is a manufacturer of medical instruments for surgery. Their products include surgical instruments, dental instruments, manicure and pedicure instruments, TC instruments, scissors, etc.

Indian Scientific Instruments Factory manufacrures medical and scientific instruments since 1958.

Indian Scientific Instruments Factory    India
Indian Scientific Instruments Factory specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of medical and scientific instruments. Few of their products are digital electronic balances, chemistry instruments, digital test instruments, prisms, D F physics resistance boxes, galvanometer, rheostats, research microscopes, ISI microscopes, dissecting microscope, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000

We specialize in manufacturing surgical and dental instruments like single use surgical instruments, ophthalmic instruments, dental instruments, orthodontic instruments laryngoscopes, fiber optic macintosh blades, miller blades, etc.\r\n   Sialkot  0
\"DODHY Instruments is a manufacturer of surgical and dental instruments like single use surgical instruments, ophthalmic instruments, dental instruments, orthodontic instruments laryngoscopes, fiber optic macintosh blades, miller blades, etc. The product category includes surgical instruments, dental instruments, eye instruments, single use instruments, chiropody instruments, and veterinary instruments.\r\n\r\nSome of the instruments produced are diagnostic, anesthesia, trocars and suction tubes, scalpels, scissors, dressing and tissue forceps, artery forceps, cotton swab forceps, retractors, self retaining retractors, probes applicators and spatulas, suture, plaster, bone surgery, neuro surgery, tracheotomy, cardiovascular, thoracic and lung surgery, goiter, dermatology, otology, rhino logy, oral instruments, maxillo facial, tonsil, intestinal and stomach, and many more.\r\n\"\r\n

Shafqaz Industries manufactures and supplies healthcare instruments.

Shafqaz Industries   Sialkot  Pakistan
Shafqaz Industries specializes in manufacturing and supplying healthcare instruments. Few of their products include surgical, dental, manicure and pedicure, beauty care instruments, nail cutters, cuticle nippers, nail nippers, nail and cuticle scissors, surgical scissors, micro surgery instruments, orthopedic instruments, laryngoscope, scalers, eye instruments and equipment, E. N. T ophthalmic instruments, laryngoscope, pharynogoscopes, and veterinary surgical instruments.

Acm Instruments is a manufacturer of electrochemical instrumentation since 1985.

Acm Instruments    United Kingdom
Acm Instruments specializes in designing and manufacturing electrochemical instrumentation. Their products include gill AC, bi stat, weld tester, battery engine, field instruments, LCM, pot 16, cage, etc.