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Kacil Industria E Comercio Ltda manufactures and sells various laboratory equipments since 1976.

Kacil Industria E Comercio Ltda   Recife - Pernambuco  Brazil
Kacil Industria E Comercio Ltda specializes in producing and selling variety of laboratory equipments for laboratory use. Few of their products are single channel fixed volume pipettes, single channel adjustable volume pipettes, multichannel adjustable volume pipettes, pipette stands, multi-timers, blood cells counters, blood cells counters, timers, dry baths and water baths, etc.

Artel is a manufacturer and distributor of analytical instruments and systems since 1982.

Artel    United States
Artel specializes in manufacturing and distributing analytical instruments and systems. They offer manual pipettes, liquid handlers, automated pipette calibration and management software, OEM photometers, etc.

Analtech Inc develops various TLC plates and related products since 1961.

Analtech Inc    United States
Analtech Inc specializes in producing thin layer chromatography plates and accessories. The company also gets order through online. adsorbent layers, plate sizes, and precoated TLC plate sizes, and precoated TLC plates, rotor storage cabinet, cyclograph system, etc.

Rapid Engineering manufactures air management systems.

Rapid Engineering   Comstock Park  United States
Rapid Engineering specializes in manufacturing air management systems for kitchens, industrial warehouses, transportation, furniture, aerospace, etc. Few of their products include batch ovens, pre-treatment stations, dry-off and cure ovens, custom washers, custom ovens, custom finishing equipments, building air management equipments, direct-fired, indirect-fired, air turnover, unit heaters, and infrared heating equipments.

ALP is a manufacturer of plastic disposable serological pipettes since 1983.

ALP   Chorges  France
ALP specializes in manufacturing plastic disposable serological pipettes. Their products are quality certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 9000 standards. Their products include 1 ml to 25 ml pipettes, wide tip pipettes, open end pipettes, milk and bacteriological pipettes, aspiration pipettes, etc.

Euro Air provides textile solutions to various industries and also performs distribution works since 1991.

Euro Air    Denmark
Euro Air provides products like: low impulse ducts, slot diffuser ducts, inject outlets, nozzle socks, membrane ducts, and provides installation.

Aerzen Canada Inc manufacturs industrial positive displacement blowers, vacuum pumps and screw compressors for more than 140 years.

Aerzen Canada Inc    Canada
Aerzen Canada Inc is a wholly owned division of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH specializes in manufacturing industrial positive displacement blowers, vacuum pumps and screw compressors. Their products include air compressor systems, air compressor pumps, air conditioning compressors and refrigeration compressors, material handling equipment, conveyor systems, water treatment systems, bulk vehicle blowers, high pressure blowers, process gas blowers, etc.

Advanced Bulk and Conveying Inc designs, manufactures, and supplies components for bulk material handling systems.

Advanced Bulk and Conveying Inc   Greenville  United States
Advanced Bulk and Conveying Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing, and supplying components for bulk material handling systems. Their products include railcar unloader and accessories, silos and accessories, bin vents, bags, cages, surge pins, vacuum loaders, vacuum recieving chambers, pressure blower, valves, material container handling, tubing, accessories, etc.

The Insco Group manufacturer of compressed air equipments.

The Insco Group    United States
The Insco Group manufactures air compressors and accessories, air drying and purification systems, air, gas, and liquid filtration products, breathing air packages. Their services, and products includes positive displacement and centrifugal blowers, preventative maintenance and emergency services, rental and used equipment, and solvent recovery systems

Krantz Products and Systems Australia design and supply air diffusion products chilled ceiling systems, and clean room technology products.

Krantz Products and Systems Australia    Australia
Krantz Products and Systems Australia specializes in designing and supplying air diffusion products, chilled ceiling systems, and clean room technology products. Their products include ceiling beams, air outlets, facade ventilation system, furniture heating system, seat displacement outlets, etc.