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Bussi Elettronica Industriale designs and produces demagnetizer and magnetizer since 1969.

Bussi Elettronica Industriale    ,,
Bussi Elettronica Industriale specializes in designing and producing demagnetizer and magnetizer. Their products include demagnetizers for inner and outer rings, rollers, bearing seals and assembled bearings, magnetizers for loudspeaker, motor, magnetic sheets and special magnertizers, contact angle to measure the oblique contact angle of ball bearings.

MagnaMagic supplies magnetic paint.

MagnaMagic    United States
MagnaMagic specializes in supplying magnetic paint. Their products include activewall magnetic paint, magnetic chalkboard paint, magnetic paint, tintable chalkboard paint, number and letter magnets, creative magnet play, magnet by the foor, etc.

Magnet Sales and Manufacturing Company Inc provides total magnetic solutions since 1955.

Magnet Sales and Manufacturing Company Inc    United States
Magnet Sales and Manufacturing Company Inc specializes in providing total magnetic solutions for engineering assistance, stock and custom magnets, and complete magnetic sub assemblies in prototype to production quantities. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001.

We specialize in research and development, production, and marketing of materials and permanent magnet devices.   Hangzhou  0
Hangzhou Best Magnet Co., Ltd specializes in research and development, production, and marketing of materials and permanent magnet devices. Company produces Alnico magnet 500 tons, sintered NdFeB permanent magnet 600 tons, sintered samarium cobalt permanent magnet 200 tons, and other related magnetic devices.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes AlNiCo magnets(sintered and cast alnico), beneficiation magnet magnetizing machine, BONDED NDFEB magnet properties standard, bonded Neo, BST200 gaussmeter, BST600 gaussmeter, BST-90HB fluxmeter, capacitance for magnetizer, cast alnico magnets, column magnets, ferrite magnets, fast magnetization loudspeaker magnetizer, earphone loudspeaker magnetizer, etc. \r\n\r\nCompany’s representative products are magnetizing machine, demagnetization machine, magnetic detection equipment, mixers, sintering furnaces and other specialized equipment.\r\n\r\nProducts of the company are widely used in automotive, instrumentation, medical and communications equipment, household appliances, electrical, electro-acoustic equipment, textile machinery, teaching equipment, wind power, self-control switch, and national defense, aerospace and other high-tech fields.

Magnetic Instrumentation Inc specializes in the manufacture of magnetizing equipment for commercial purpose.

Magnetic Instrumentation Inc    United States
Magnetic Instrumentation Inc is a manufacturer of magnetizing equipment for commercial purpose. They offer products like magnetizers capacitive discharge, magnetizers half cycle, treating and calibration equipment, demagnetizers, degaussers, permanent magnet demagnetizers, etc.

East Coast Enterprisers Ltd. provide magnetic chucks, Magnetic Lifters, Demagnetizers, Crack Detector, separators, handling magnets for all industries. Specialists in magnet design and specialised magnetic systems for all needs.

Sarda    United States

Laboratorio Elettrofisico Engineering designs and manufactures magnetic equipments since 1959.

Laboratorio Elettrofisico Engineering   Nerviano (Milan)  Italy
Laboratorio Elettrofisico Engineering specializes in designing and manufacturing various magnetic equipments. Their products include mangetizers, coils and fixtures, custom systems, fluxmeters, tensiometers, helmhltz coils, gaussmeters, current meters, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Kanetec Usa Corporation specialize in the manufacture of magnetic tools and equipment since 1959.

Kanetec Usa Corporation   Bensenville  United States
Kanetec Usa Corporation specialize in the manufacture of magnetic tools and equipment. They offer products like chucks, electromagnetic, chuck controllers, permanent magnetic, electromagnetic, promelta system, lifting magnets, permanent magnetic, battery, magnetic base, magnetic holders, and magnetic blocks.

We specialize in design and manufacturer of magnets and magnetic systems in the broadest sense.

goudsmitmagnets.comen   Cardiff  0
Goudsmit Magnetics, driven by magnetism since 1959 an international industrial company dedicated to the design and manufacture of magnets and magnetic systems in the broadest sense. The company has produced millions of magnetic systems that have found their way to every continent. The Industrial magnetic systems, Magnets & assemblies and Promotional & office magnets. Design and production of magnetic systems intended for metal separation, recycling, transport, lifting, holding and demagnetization in various branches of industry.\r\n\r\nPermanent magnets manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009 and VDA6.3 standards, intended for the automotive, electronics and medical industries, among others. Design, development and production of magnet products for advertising, promotion, planning and attachment. for home and office; for industry, engineering and education. A family company with 58 years of leading knowledge and experience in the magnet industry.\r\n\r\nThe EHEDG magnetic filter recently introduced by Goudsmit Magnetics is specially designed for the food industry. This hygienic filter is suitable for Clean In Place (CIP) systems the magnet can be magnetically operated, without the need to open the filter housing for cleaning. The filter is constructed of Neodymium magnets provide more effective separation of very small ferrous particles.

Industrial Magnetics Inc manufactures industrial magnets and metal magnetic separation devices since 1961.

Industrial Magnetics Inc    United States
Industrial Magnetics Inc specializes in manufacturing industrial magnets and metal magnetic separation devices for several industries like machine tool, stamping, plastics, food, feed and grain, mining and aggregate, welding, recycling, office furniture, automotive, and petro-chemical. Their products include welding magnets, horseshoe magnets, channel magnets, lift magnets, etc.