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Results 1 - 10 of about 2974 for Magnetic Spin Bars specializes in supplying magnetic products.    United States fabricate and distribute magnetic products. Their products include flexible magnets, ceramic magnets, alnico magnets, rare earth magnets, and magnetic assemblies.

Bruker BioSpin designs, manufactures and distributes life science tools based on magnetic resonance.

Bruker BioSpin    Switzerland
Bruker BioSpin specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing life science tools based on magnetic resonance. They offer comprehensive set of technology platforms including nuclear magnetic resonance, electron paramagnetic resonance, magnetic resonance imaging, benchtop process analysis and superconducting magnets.

Eclipse Magnetics product areas include material handling, seperation, filtration, metal detection, lifting magnets, work holding, magnet materials and tools.

Eclipse Magnetics    United Kingdom
Eclipse Magnetics provides with switchable magnet units and custom engineered products for lifting, clamping, holding, transferring, moving, conveying, turning, palletising and de-palletising all types of ferrous materials, workpieces, components and products. Eclipse Magnetics consist of powerful magnetic chucks for holding components for grinding, milling and cutting.

B plus S Magnete GmbH manufactures magnetic systems made of AlNiCo, Hardferrite, NdFeB or SmCo since 1996.

B plus S Magnete GmbH    Germany
B plus S Magnete GmbH specializes in manufacturing magnetic systems made of AlNiCo, Hardferrite, NdFeB or SmCo. Their products include bar magnets, flat pot magnets, decoration magnets, organisation magnets, mold and bar magnets, magnetic feed rollers.

The Super magnet co., Ltd is the professional magnetic material vendor in China

Super Magnet Co.,Ltd   Shenzhen  China
the advantage products is Sintered NdFeB , injection magnet and magnetic assembly

Hermann Schmidt design and produce work holding equipment for grinding, EDM applications, sinker EDM, palletizing systems, and hard milling for over 40 years.

Hermann Schmidt   South Windsor  United States
Hermann Schmidt products include precision grinding vises, wire EDM magnets, wire core magnet,pole magnetic chucks for referencing systems, narrow wheel dresser, kuhn radius and angle dresser, universal V block, surface gage, squareness gage, 1-2-3 blocks, edge finders,pole permanent magnetic sine plates, nonmagnetic sine plates, etc.

Kanetec Usa Corporation specialize in the manufacture of magnetic tools and equipment since 1959.

Kanetec Usa Corporation   Bensenville  United States
Kanetec Usa Corporation specialize in the manufacture of magnetic tools and equipment. They offer products like chucks, electromagnetic, chuck controllers, permanent magnetic, electromagnetic, promelta system, lifting magnets, permanent magnetic, battery, magnetic base, magnetic holders, and magnetic blocks.

We are professional manufacturer of NdFeB permanent Magnets, permanent magnet lifter, and permanent magnet chuck, since 1987. We also supply AlNiCo, SmCo, ferrite and flexible magnets.   Ningbo  0
Universal (Ningbo) Magnetech Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer of NdFeB permanent, the magnet assemblies, such as permanent magnet lifter, and chuck. \r\n\r\nCompany also supplies AlNiCo, SmCo, Ferrite and Flexible magnets in various sizes, shapes and dimensions.\r\n\r\nproducts offered by the company includes sintered NdFeB magnets, bonded NdFeB magnets, cast AlNiCo magnets, sintered AlNiCo magnets, magnetic lifter, magnetic pot, magnetic filter, magnetic filter, magnetic chuck, magnetic bar, magnetic catcher, magnetic attractor, and magnetic toys.\r\n

We specialize in manufacturer and exporter of magnetic knife holders.   Ningbo  0
Dosmak Innovation Kitchen (Ningbo) Limited is a trade department of Dosmak Company located in Ningbo city and focus on providing innovative products. Dosmak is professional manufacturer and exporter of magnetic knife holders. Magnetic knife holder comes in various materials and the best durable types are stainless steel, wooden holders and the aluminum series.\r\n\r\nThe company products include Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder, Aluminum Magnetic Knife Holder, Wood Magnetic Knife Holder, Plastic Magnetic Knife Rack Holder, Quartz Stone Magnetic Knife Holder and Bamboo Magnetic Knife Holder.\r\n\r\nMagnetic Knife Holder is also named as Magnetic Knife Rack, Magnetic Knife Strip, Magnetic Knife Bar or Knife Magnet. Dosmak are able to accept OEM orders, customized products with your special modifications are also available.

We specialize in the production and manufacture of all kinds of NdFeB magnet, Ferrite magnet, and Rubber magnet since 2002.

Hefei Super Electronics Co., Ltd produces and designs all kinds of NdFeB magnet, Ferrite magnet, and Rubber magnet. The company’s products are exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, America, the Middle East and other parts of the globe.\r\n\r\nThe main product line includes NdFeB Magnetic Arc, NdFeB Magnetic Bar, NdFeB Magnetic Buckyball Toy, NdFeB Magnetic Disc, NdFeB Magnetic Block, NdFeB Magnetic Ring, Ferrite Magnet, and Rubber Magnet.