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Beakbane    United Kingdom
Beakbane designs and manufactures protective covers in steel and flexible materials. They offer bellows, machine tool protection, total solutions, composites, fluid power equipment, medical, nuclear, transport, marine, instrumentation, etc. , their products include steel telescopic covers, folded covers, armoured aprons, roller blinds, slide way wipers, sewn bellows, folding bellows, lift table bellows, folded covers, moulded bellows, beakaprene bellows, thermo plastic bellows, hopper feed bellows, flexible compensators, etc.

Centryco specializes in making metal and fabric covers and guards to meet the customer demand for global rod, shaft, screw, and way protection of all types since 1946.

Centryco    United States
Centryco manufactures products such as bellows, centry covers, linear way covers, milling machine kits, screens, way covers, and a variety of custom guards and accessory products including way wipers, vacuum formed miniature bellows, welding protection, lift, and loop bellows. The companys products are used for milling, lathe, grinding, offshore drilling, paint spraying, welding, etc.

Industrial Control and Automation Inc offers wide repair and retrofit services to the machine tool industry for more than 25 years.

Industrial Control and Automation Inc   Defiance  United States
Industrial Control and Automation Inc is a service provider, which specializes in providing repair and retrofit services to the machine tool industry. They also distributes wide range of industrial tools like ball screws, clamping kit, educated nut, lube systems, power drawbars, two life drawbars, way covers, way wiper kit, etc.

Gortite manufactures protective covers from elastomer and elastomer coated fabrics.

Gortite   New Berlin  United States
Gortite specializes in manufacturing protective covers. Their products include bellows, metal telescopic covers, roll up covers, roll up doors, way wipers, etc., The company also facilitates ordering through online.

We specialize in research and development, production and marketing of wiper blades to the industries of auto windshield wiper strip, wipers, boneless wipers, snow brush, etc.   Dongguan City  0
Huayida Auto Fitting Co., ltd specializes in research and development, production and marketing of wiper blades to the industries of auto windshield wiper strip, wipers, boneless wipers, snow brush, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany offers various products including wiper blade coating machine, silica gel VS conventional rubber, silica gel merits, e6 combine with connectors for special OE arms, strip special production equipment, universal frameless, smart universal, smart multifunctional, frameless for special OE arms, universal bone wipers, snow and rain dual-purpose, rubber strip, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes automatic high-speed jet wiper strip, special lubricant spray machines, precision knives (precision jump knife form) wiper strip, segmentation machine wipers, traditional wipers, boneless wipers, snow brush, etc.\r\n

Bermar Associates Inc develops various thermoplastic products since 1969.

Bermar Associates Inc    United States
Bermar Associates Inc markets under the tradename Master Wipe. Their products inlcude various chip deflector strips, chip deflector and molded components. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001. The company is a member of American Mold Builders Association and National Tooling and Machining Association.

Matador Company specializes in manufacturing windscreen wipers, washer systems and throttles.

Matador Company    ,,
Matador Company specializes in manufacturing windscreen wipers, washer systems and throttles for manufacturers of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, coaches, railway trains, ships and defense vehicles. Their products include wiper systems, wiper arms, wiper blades, wiper motors, swivel shafts, swivel posts, connecting links, throttles, swivel bushes, slave posts, connecting rods, washer bottles, etc. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Buzz Machine Co manufactures buzzbar pallet puller and turner.

Buzz Machine Co    United States
Buzz Machine Co specializes in manufacturing buzzbar pallet puller and turner for turning and pulling hard to reach wood stringer pallets out of truck beds and trailers that don`t have access to loading docks. The buzzbar 4 Way and 2 way pallet puller and turner was designed specifically to work with 4 way entry and 2 way entyr stringer pallets.

Howard Wipers is a manufacturer and distributor of textile rags and wipers since 1992.

Howard Wipers    United Kingdom
Howard Wipers specializes in manufacturing and distributing textile rags and wipers. They offer sorbent products, traffic film remover, wiper grades, etc.

Anton Tools Corporation is a distributor of inspection equipment and tool room equipment since 1930.

Anton Tools Corporation    United States
Anton Tools Corporation specializes in providing inspection equipment and tool room equipment to manufacturing industries worldwide. Their products include auxiliary plates, parallels, v blocks, parallel v block sets, adjustable v blocks, two way and four way steel parallels and parallel sets, six way set up blocks, precision steel vise, steel v blocks, angle blocks, angle block sets, etc.