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Designed Automation Inc manufactures sawmill and lumber handling equipments.

Designed Automation Inc    United States
Designed Automation Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying sawmill and lumber handling equipments. Their products include rollcases, belt conveyors, troughs, dip tanks, lumber buggies, infeed decks, unscramblers, tilt hoists, stick removals, grading decks, green chains, and stackers.

Machinery Sales Company Inc supplies new and used sawmill equipment, planing mills, cutting tools for sawmilling industries, and lumber manufacturing equipment since 1957.

Machinery Sales Company Inc   Portland  United States
Machinery Sales Company Inc specializes in supplying new and used sawmill equipment, planing mills, cutting tools for sawmilling industries, and lumber manufacturing equipment. Their products include mcdonough bandmills, carriages and resaws, precision chippers, screens, vibrating conveyors, and debarkers, moco engineering stackers and stick placers, west salem hogs and grinders, mill power balanced vibrating conveyors, and sawmill hydraulics, newman planers, etc.

Lindsay Machinery Inc supplies wood working equipment to wood industries.

Lindsay Machinery Inc   Manawa  United States
Lindsay Machinery Inc specializes in supplying wood working equipment to wood industries. Their products include working equipment such as glue spreaders, presses, sawmill equipment circular saw husks, linear carriages, log turners, modular sawmills, material and waste handling equipment such as dust collectors, scissors lifts, lumber stacker, etc,. and also supply used, remanufactured and auxillary equipments.

Frey Lumber specializes in harvesting, and processing timber, lands, logs, and other wood products.

Frey Lumber   Smithfield  United States
Frey Lumber offers Pallets, circular lumber, band saw lumber, fellowbuncher, and wood to the domestic, commercial, and domestic industries.


Lumber Inc specializes in supplying lumber products.

Lumber Inc   New Mexico  United States
Lumber Inc specializes in supplying lumber products. Their products include engineered lumber, doors and hardware, windows, patio doors and skylights, dimension lumber and timbers, custom lumber.

Lapp Lumber Co produces organic bark mulch and other lumber products since 1956.

Lapp Lumber Co   Paradise  United States
Lapp Lumber Co specializes in producing various lumber products for construction. Their products include pallet lumber, grade lumber, red mulch, sawdust, organic triple ground bark mulch, construction grade lumber, etc.

MetFab Inc supplies conveyor and stacker systems.

MetFab Inc    United States
MetFab Inc specializes in supplying conveyor and stacker systems. Few of their products include shear conveyors, stackers, and sheet supports.

Burt Lumber Company manufactures yellow pine lumber since 1954.

Burt Lumber Company    United States
Burt Lumber Company specializes in manufacturing yellow pine lumber. Their products include wolmanized outdoorwood, one inch boards, dimension lumber, small timbers, and specialty items such as 5/4 decking, pickets, etc.

Everlast Plastic Lumber Inc produces plastic lumber from recycled plastics since 1997.

Everlast Plastic Lumber Inc    ,,
Everlast Plastic Lumber Inc specializes in producing plastic lumber of various sizes for use in lawn care and outdoor buildings.