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Loos and Dilworth Inc is a distributor of specialty chemical and automotive lubricants since 1893.

Loos and Dilworth Inc    United States
Loos and Dilworth Inc specializes in distributing specialty chemical and automotive lubricants. Their products include adhesives and sealants, inks and coatings, soaps and detergents, food and beverage, cosmetic and personal care, textile, electronics, etc.

Concord Chemical manufactures soaps, lubricants, cleaning products, and dust control products.

Concord Chemical   Camden  United States
Concord Chemical manufactures soaps, cleaning products. They are specialized in precision mixing, blending, processing, and packaging liquids. Their other products are solid waxes, wax emulsions. Concord Chemical manufactures products based on oil, fats etc.

Colonial Chemical Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of alkyl sulfates and alkyl ether sulfates since 1987.

Colonial Chemical Inc    United States
Colonial Chemical Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing alkyl sulfates and alkyl ether sulfates. They offer products such as personal care products, household and industrial products, lubricants, lotions and cremes, hand soaps, shampoos and conditioners, aerosol products, carpet cleaners, air fresheners, etc.

Alexis Oil Company established in 1981 is a petroleum distributor for Southern California.

Alexis Oil Company    United States
Alexis Oil Company is a petroleum distributor meeting the needs of the Southern California fleet operators, contractors, agriculture, and numerous other commercial and industrial petroleum product users. Alexis Oil Company provides transmission, and gear lubricants, automotive lubricants, greases, heavy duty lubricants, cleaners and degreasers, soaps, and protectants, etc. Alexis Oil Company provides Bulk and on-site fuel delivery. Alexis Oil Company serves petrochemical, power generation, construction, pulp and paper, automotive, mining markets, and many more.

DeGroate Petroleum Service Inc was established in 1976 which specializes in providing fuel and lubricant needs for industry, transportation, and agriculture.

DeGroate Petroleum Service Inc   New Lenox  United States
DeGroate Petroleum Service Inc provides fuels and lubricant needs for industry, transportation, and agriculture. Their other products include oils, lubricants, waxes, deicing, and water conditioning salt.

Celikbilek Soap Corp manufactures and supplies soap bars for more than 50 years.

Celikbilek Soap Corp    Turkey
Celikbilek Soap Corp specializes in manufacturing and supplying saponified cosmetic grade soap bars. Few of their products include oya soaps, osa soaps, marvel soaps, and turgay soaps.

Flare Distributors Ltd supplies lubricants and products to the agricultural, commercial and oilfield sectors since 1976.

Flare Distributors Ltd   Wainwright  Canada
Flare Distributors Ltd supplies lubricants and products to the agricultural, commercial and oilfield sectors since 1976. Their other products include isopropyl alcohol, hydrate breaker, solvents, degreasers, diethylene glycol, dehy flush, filteration products, compressor solutions, etc.

MyRoadster.Net specializes in the supply of car parts and accessories.

MyRoadster.Net    United States
MyRoadster.Net supplies various car parts and accessories, which includes stainless roll hoops for BMW roadsters and MB SLK, brake soap, silencer rotor conditioning spray, Pastelub 2400 lubricant, replacement bulbs, Porterfield R4-S low dust brake pads.

John Drury and Company Limited specialize in the manufacture of soaps since 1882.

John Drury and Company Limited   Brighouse  United Kingdom
John Drury and Company Limited specialize in the manufacture of soaps. They offer products like handmade gifts, handmade soap loaves, liquid soaps, bar soaps, hotel toiletries and amenities, soap bases.

SFIC Corporation manufactures variety of soap bars since 1967.

SFIC Corporation   Concord  United States
SFIC Corporation specializes in manufacturing variety of soap bars. They also provide online purchasing facilities. Their products include custom soap bar, melt and pour soap, bar soap, liquid soap, hand cream, shampoo, massage lotion, hand and body lotion, etc.