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Gordinier Electronics Inc manufactures liquid nitrogen controllers and controlled rate freezers for the cryogenic industry for over 25 years.

Gordinier Electronics Inc   Roseville  United States
Gordinier Electronics Inc specializes in producing liquid nitrogen controllers and controlled rate freezers for the cryogenic industry. The company product includes controlled rate freezing systems, low level alarms, nitrogen supply controllers, temperature controllers, level controllers, replacement controllers for new and older storage units, replacement liquid nitrogen probes, etc.

Industrial Refrigeration Service Inc develop and service ammonia refrigeration systems and process piping, which is used in many industrial applications since 1971.

Industrial Refrigeration Service Inc   Baltimore  United States
Industrial Refrigeration Service Inc specializes in manufacturing custom refrigeration systems for many industrial applications. Their equipment includes screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, evaporative condensers, air units, hygienic air handlers, glycol and water chillers, blast freezers, and computerized controls.

NuAire Inc manufactures wide range of laboratory equipments for more than 30 years.

NuAire Inc   Plymouth  United States
NuAire Inc specializes in manufacturing number of laboratory equipments. Few of their products are biological safety cabinets, autoflow CO2 incubators, ultra low temperature laboratory freezers, small animal cage changing systems, pharmagard barrier isolator, ultra low temperature laboratory freezers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485 standard.

Revco provides wide range of laboratory products

Revco    United States
Revco offers laboratory products, which are designed for life science, industrial, hospital and clinical applications.

Climatic Testing Systems Inc designs and manufactures climate testing equipments.

Climatic Testing Systems Inc    United States
Climatic Testing Systems Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing climate testing equipments for automotive, HVAC and life science industries. The company products include compressor calorimeters, audit test stands, radiator calorimeters, conditioned air supply systems, drive in chambers, air flow test stands, low temperature freezer rooms, etc.

HMG is a manufacturer and exporter of variety of laboratory equipments and clean room equipments since 1986.

HMG   Mumbai  India
HMG specializes in manufacturing and exporting variety of laboratory equipments and clean room equipments. Their products include laboratory ovens, vacuum ovens, BOD incubator, low temperature bath, orbital shaker incubator, fume chamber, stability chamber, laminar flow bench, etc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc manufactures and supplies wide range of analytical instruments.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc    United States
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc specializes in manufacturing and providing analytical instruments including lab equipments, automation equipments, etc., and these products used in several applications like air quality, anatomical pathology, beverage, cement, clinical chemistry, clinical research and toxicology, coal mining, drug discovery, environmental, food, forensics, industrial hygiene, metals, minerals, petroleum, etc. Few of their products are loss-in-weight feeders, belt conveyor scales, weighbelt feeders, laminar flow workstations, immersion coolers, shaking water baths, immersion circulators, clinical chemistry analyzers, ultra low temperature freezers, cryopreservation systems, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, cytofunnels and filter cards, hot air sterilizers, automated photometric analyzers, microplate dispensers, microplate fluorometers, etc.

Walk-in Coolers and Freezers Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing walk in coolers and freezers.

Walk-in Coolers and Freezers Manufacturing    
Walk-in Coolers and Freezers Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing walk in coolers and freezers. Their other products include modular, blast freezers, refrigeration warehouses, industrial refrigerated buildings, glass doors, strip curtains, ramps, temperature controlled rooms, and refrigerator monitoring systems.

Emery Thompson Machine And Supply Co. is a manufacturer of batch freezers since 1905.

Emery Thompson Machine And Supply Co.    United States
Emery Thompson Machine And Supply Co. designs batch Freezers to produce authentic artisan gelato, hard ice cream, low fat frozen yogurt, Italian ice, frozen lemonade, sorbet and sorbetto. The company`s batch freezers are hand made using stainless steel, American manufactured components and welding techniques.

FTS Systems Inc makes precision thermal control systems for past 30 years.

FTS Systems Inc    United States
FTS Systems Inc produces freeze dryers from bench top to state of the art R and D systems, thermal control systems, temperature forcing systems, controlled rate freezers, and NMR, EPR sample coolers.Their products are thermal control systems, immersion coolers, vacuum cold trap, and temperature forcing systems, and controlling rate freezers.