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ALP is a manufacturer of plastic disposable serological pipettes since 1983.

ALP   Chorges  France
ALP specializes in manufacturing plastic disposable serological pipettes. Their products are quality certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 9000 standards. Their products include 1 ml to 25 ml pipettes, wide tip pipettes, open end pipettes, milk and bacteriological pipettes, aspiration pipettes, etc.

BIOplastics is a manufacturer of products from polymer plastics and acrylics materials for laboratory field.

BIOplastics    Netherlands
BIOplastics specializes in manufacturing products from polymer plastics and acrylics materials for laboratory field. Their products include PCR products, filter tips, pipette tips, tubes, racks, boxes, etc.

Eppendorf North America Inc is a distributor of laboratory products.

Eppendorf North America Inc    United States
Eppendorf North America Inc is a division of Eppendorf AG, which specializes in supplying various laboratory products. Their products include vacufuge concentrator, microcentrifuge tubes, PCR cooler, pipette tips, storage boxes, electronic dispensing system, column heaters, HPLC mobile phase recyclers, system flushing valve, etc.

Kishore Industrial Estate specializes in the manufacture of glass containers since 1959.

Kishore Industrial Estate    India
Kishore Industrial Estate specializes in the manufacture of glass containers. They also offer products like ampoule, vial, caps and closures, pipette micro tip, corrugated carton.

Andon Brush Company Inc manufacturesvariety of brushes for medical, dental, cosmetic and artistic industries for more than 50 years.

Andon Brush Company Inc    United States
Andon Brush Company Inc specializes in manufacturing brushes for medical, dental, cosmetic and artistic industries. Their products include body powder brush, complete package, nail cleaning brushes, striping and lettering brushes, wood handled cobra brush, dental handles and tips, dropper assemblies, foam tipped medical swabs, glass vials in amber, plastic pipettes provider, etc.

Big Ass Fans specializes in manufacturing and distributing high volume and low speed fans since 1999.

Big Ass Fans    
Big Ass Fans manufactures and distributes high volume and low speed fans. Their fans help to reduce heat, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Marcy Enterprises Inc produces and distributes variety of adhesive tapes for factory applications.

Marcy Enterprises Inc    United States
Marcy Enterprises Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of adhesive tapes for factory applications. Their product includes moulding tapes, tip tapes, foam tapes, surface protection tapes, banding tape, splice tape, silkscreening tapes, etc.

Millipore Corporation develops, manufactures and markets several products ranging from pipette tips to custom engineered manufacturing systems used in bioscience and bioprocess.

Millipore Corporation    United States
Millipore Corporation product line is based on microporous membrane, ultrafiltration, and chromatographic technologies, bioscience products include ultrapure water systems and a broad range of devices for preparing samples for analysis. The company`s bioprocess products include housings and filters and chromatographic media and columns for use in manufacturing processes, as well as disposable manufacturing products, and valves, mixers and process monitoring tools.

Mettler-Toledo International Inc is a manufacturer of precision instruments for commercial purposes since 1945.

Mettler-Toledo International Inc   Columbus  United States
Mettler-Toledo International Inc specializes in producing precision instruments. Few of their products include laboratory weighing, pipettes and tips, industrial weighing, lab balances, microbalances, thermal analysis, lab electrodes, scales, indicators, weigh modules, load cells, etc.

Global Aviation Insurance Network is a network of aviation insurance brokers and low retention insurance companies with a hub service based in London.

Global Aviation Insurance Network    United Kingdom
Global Aviation Insurance Network offers full broking and account management service to domestic general aviation insurance field.