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Air Duct Engineering Company manufactures ducting and duct fittings since 1987.

Air Duct Engineering Company    United Kingdom
Air Duct Engineering Company specializes in producing ducting and duct fittings. They also provide refurbishment and upgrade services to existing plant and equipment.

Amerail Systems, Inc is engaged in exterior hotel design, renovation, and construction.

Amerail Systems, Inc.    
Amerail Systems, Inc has completed over 1500 exterior renovations on hotels throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Amerail Systems, services include complete turnkey upgrades from design to manufacturing and onsite construction of projects or Factory. Amerail Systems, Inc products include Roof line parapet systems, pool railings, glass railing systems, window cladding system, automatic doors, etc.

Brd Noise and Vibration Control Inc specializes in manufacturing hush core acoustical products and systems for industrial, in-plant, commercial, architectural, environmental and OEM applications.

Brd Noise and Vibration Control Inc   Wind Gap  United States
Brd Noise and Vibration Control Inc manufacture hush core acoustical products and systems for industrial, in-plant, commercial, architectural, environmental and OEM applications. Their products include absorbers, barriers, composites, damping, enclosures, fan silencers, and gasketing. The company offers services like site surveys, testing and analysis, problem definition, application design, installation, and turnkey responsibility.

C E Ray Company distributes bath tubs and faucet products since 1966.

C E Ray Company    United States
C E Ray Company is a manufacturers representative company specializes in distributing bath tubs and faucet products. The company had developed infra spec programs and internet formats. They also offer application design services. Few of their products include commercial heating equipments, ventilation equipments, service items, plumbing items, and air purification equipments.

C-S Group specializes in manufacturing architectural products for designing buildings since 1948.

C-S Group    
C-S Group specializes in manufacturing architectural products for designing buildings. Their products include acrovyn wall protection, acrovyn doors, entrance flooring, expansion joint covers, louvers, grilles, sun controls, smoke/explosion vents, and cubicle track/curtains.

California Shutters, Inc manufactures hardwood and polydesign shutters for over 14 years.

California Shutters, Inc    United States
California Shutters, Inc specializes in manufacturing hardwood and polydesign shutters. Their products include hardwood and poly design shutters, arches, sunbursts, and sloped windows, rakes, fantops. They offer different styles of shutters which include four louver sizes movable or fixed, three different frame styles, raised panel options, and different divider rail placements.

Consolaid Inc manufactures fencing hardware products.

Consolaid Inc   Concord  Canada
Consolaid Inc specializes in producing fencing hardware products. Their product includes door closer, receptacle coverplates, and louvered fencing hardware prducts.

Dekorra Products LLC is a manufacturer of artificial rock enclosures.

Dekorra Products LLC   Rio  United States
Dekorra Products LLC decorative rocks are the most popular enclosure line within the landscaping industry. Dekorra brand artificial boulders and enclosures are installed by placing the rock over the device and securing the rock with the provided ground stakes, provide some decorative stone, mulch and some plants to enhance the installation. The company`s rock enclosures are used in well, septic tanks, backflow, sprinkler systems, outdoor lighting, and water gardens.

Fox Glass Company specializes in providing service to glazing systems.

Fox Glass Company   Lemont Furnace  United States
Fox Glass Company also offers service of installation of commercial glazing systems including storefronts, office interiors, entrances, skylights and curtain walls.

GEI Hamon Industries Ltd since 1970 manufactures air cooled heat exchangers and steam exchangers. The company is based in India.

GEI Hamon Industries Ltd   Bhopal  India
GEI Hamon Industries Ltd is a joint venture partnership firm with Hamon of Brussels, Belgium. GEI Hamon manufacturers products like air cooled heat exchangers, fin tubes, air cooled vacuum steam condensers, heat exchangers, etc. , for installations like power plant, petroleum refineries, LNG terminals, petrochemical and chemical plants, oil and gas fields, off shore gas processing platforms, CNG filling station, electrical locomotives, fertilizers plants, metallurgical industry, cement plants, and power utilizing equipments. GEI Hamon is quality certified to ISO 9001-2000 for quality system and its shop in Bhopal is an ASME-U Stamp shop.

Halton provides indoor climate products and solutions for uses ranging from commercial buildings to kitchens and demanding marine application since 1969.

Halton    Canada
Halton specializes in offering indoor climate products and solutions for uses ranging from commercial buildings to kitchens and demanding marine application. The company consist of four divisions as Halton Indoors offers indoor climate components and solutions for public and commercial buildings, Halton Marine offers the latest technology for cabin and galley ventilation, fire safety, airflow management and air distribution systems, Halton Foodservice specialises in indoor climate solutions for commercial kitchens and restaurants, Halton Clean Air manufactures advanced air cleaning products for public buildings, industry and private homes.

Hva Products Inc is a distributor specializing in control systems for commercial purpose since 1978.

Hva Products Inc   Mequion  United States
Hva Products Inc is a distributor of control systems for commercial purpose. They offer products like fans, grilles, diffusers, variable air volume boxes, controls, heaters, and access doors.

J.Evans Engineering Company Inc supplies variety of industrial and commercial heating, ventilation, and pollution control equipments.

J.Evans Engineering Company Inc   Birmingham  United States
J.Evans Engineering Company Inc specializes in distributing wide range of heating, ventilation, and pollution control equipments. Few of their products are infrared heaters, patio heaters, unit heaters, air distribution equipment, kitchen hoods and paint booths.

Kalwall Corporation specializes in the manufacture of translucent building systems since 1955.

Kalwall Corporation   Manchester  United States
Kalwall Corporation is a manufacturer of translucent building systems. They offer products like wall systems, curtainwall systems, replacement window systems, standard skylights, structures and large systems, walkways and canopies.

L and L Louvers manufactures architectural and mechanical louvers since1990.

L and L Louvers    United States
L and L Louvers specializes in manufacturing architectural and mechanical louvers. Their products include stainless steel and aluminum architectural and mechanical wall louvers, penthouses, grills and screens, door louvers, and acoustical louvers of both parabolic and airfoil design, etc,

Leader Industries Inc is a manufacturer of life safety products for HVAC industry.

Leader Industries Inc    United States
Leader Industries Inc specializes in manufacturing life safety products for HVAC industry. Their products include static and dynamic curtain fire dampers, combination fire and smoke dampers, smoke dampers, corridor dampers, ceiling dampers, out of wall dampers, wrap around retaining angles, control dampers, miami dade approved severe duty products, etc.

Louvers International is a manufacturer, distributor, and fabricator of plastic and aluminum products.

Louvers International   Elmhurst  United States
Louvers International specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and fabricating plastic and aluminum products. Their products include custom and standard lighting diffusers including plastic and aluminum louvers, prismatic sheet, wrap lenses, globes, vaportights, tubeguards, etc. .



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