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L and L Louvers manufactures architectural and mechanical louvers since1990.

L and L Louvers    United States
L and L Louvers specializes in manufacturing architectural and mechanical louvers. Their products include stainless steel and aluminum architectural and mechanical wall louvers, penthouses, grills and screens, door louvers, and acoustical louvers of both parabolic and airfoil design, etc,

Industrial Louvers Inc specializes in manufacturing louvers for architectural and mechanical markets, since 1971.

Industrial Louvers Inc   Delano  United States
Industrial Louvers Inc manufactures louvers, equipment screens, decorative grilles, sunshades and column covers. They also distribute products to the construction industry. Their products include louvers and vents, storm resistant louvers, acoustical louvers, drainable blade louvers, adjustable louvers, sun shades, sun control devices, sun control systems, sunshades, decorative grilles and equipment screens, decorative aluminum grilles, louvered equipment screens, architectural grilles, vision barriers, geometric grilles, etc.

Louvers International is a manufacturer, distributor, and fabricator of plastic and aluminum products.

Louvers International   Elmhurst  United States
Louvers International specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and fabricating plastic and aluminum products. Their products include custom and standard lighting diffusers including plastic and aluminum louvers, prismatic sheet, wrap lenses, globes, vaportights, tubeguards, etc. .

American Warning and Ventilating specialize in the manufacture of dampers and louvers.

American Warning and Ventilating    ,,
American Warning and Ventilating specialize in the manufacture of dampers and louvers. They offer products like louvers, sunshades, grills, commercial and industrial dampers, extruded louvers stationery, extruded louvers adjustable, galvanized steel louvers stationery, galvanized steel louvers adjustable, acoustical louvers, grilles and screens, penthouses, and finishes.

ALC-Louver Gmbh produces lighting panels, which are manufactured out of styrene, aluminium or steel since 1963.

ALC-Louver Gmbh   Aschaffenburg  Germany
ALC-Louver Gmbh products list includes opal standard, parabol, ring-louvers decor, alu-decor, louvers for exhibition stands, large cell, large cell verti-line, strip ceiling, vertical panel, metal cassettes, fittings, installation systems, etc. ALC-Louver Gmbh has customers all over the world.

Beechcraft Products Inc specializes in manufacturing wood doorlites, louvers, plants, and insulated glass for all types of doors since 1958.

Beechcraft Products Inc    
Beechcraft Products Inc manufactures wood doorlites, louvers, plants, and insulated glass for all types of doors. They offer PVC frames, internal muntins, removable grilles, and custom designs and sizes. Their products include athene, jrinity, barringtan, premier, margan, regal, lites, cross, false louvers, etc.

American Louver Company is a manufactures of plastic products which bring comfort and safety to the world since 1946.

American Louver Company    United States
American Louver Company specializes in manufacturing plastic products. Their products include plastic injection molding, hot plate welding, painting, radio frequency welding, hot stamping, ultrasonic assembly, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000: 2000 standard.

Lens Lite de Mexico specializes in the manufacture of bathroom appliances since 1976.

Lens Lite de Mexico    Mexico
Lens Lite de Mexico is a manufacturer of shower doors, diffusers, plastic louvers, wraparounds for lighting fixtures, plastic profiles, skylights, plastic white louvers, metalized parabolic louvers.

Consolaid Inc manufactures fencing hardware products.

Consolaid Inc   Concord  Canada
Consolaid Inc specializes in producing fencing hardware products. Their product includes door closer, receptacle coverplates, and louvered fencing hardware prducts.

Helix International is a producer of spiral filter core and culvert equipment since 1981.

Helix International    United States
Helix International products include culverts, filters and spiral tubeformers for culvert and drainage industries.