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Actel Corporation provides innovative programmable logic solutions.

Actel Corporation   Mountain View  United States
Actel Corporation specializes in providing quality innovative programmable logic solutions. Their products and services includes field programmable gate arrays based on antifuse and flash technologies, high performance intellectual property cores, software development tools and design services, application specific integrated circuit, etc. The company is quality certified to pure certification, STACK international certificate, and ISO 9001: 2000 certificate.

eASIC Corporation develops a technology that allows electronic designers to shorten turnaround time using conventional design flow and standard manufacturing process since 1999.

eASIC Corporation    United States
eASIC Corporation provides re-configurability and ease-of-design required for cost-effective System-on-Chip and rapid product derivatives. eASIC Corporation products include Nextreme structured ASIC, FlexASIC structured ASIC, eASICore embedded IP core and literature.

Inphi manufactures electronic components.

Inphi   Westlake Village  United States
Inphi specializes in producing electronic components. Their product includes precision timing product, drivers, tranimpedance amplifiers, physical layer components, high speed logic gates, prescalers, etc., The company is quality certified to IS0 9001:2000 standard.

Atmel Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of semiconductors since 1984.

Atmel Corporation    United States
Atmel Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing semiconductors including advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits. Their products include microcontrollers and DSP, dataflash, AT91CAP microcontrollers, field programmable gate array, broadband data conversion, Bluetooth, wireless LAN, automotive control, CAN networking, broadcast radio, CCD image sensors, etc.

Gates Plus manufactures and supplies variety of gates for commercial applications.

Gates Plus    Australia
Gates Plus specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of gates including steel fencing, boom gates, swing and sliding gates. The company also offer service for existing gate motors and gates.

Coelct manufactures gate operators and accessories and a wide variety of automatic doors and barriers for residential use since 1965.

Coelct    Italy
Coelct specializes in manufacturing gate operators and accessories and a wide variety of automatic doors and barriers for residential use. The product includes automatic gates, automatic doors, automatic sliding gates, automatic swing gates, automatic barriers, etc.

We are a leading supplier of commercial and home security products to a variety of different customers.   El Paso  0
Security Product Solutions is a leading supplier of commercial and home security products including surveillance systems, metal detectors, personal security, alarms, etc.\r\n\r\nTwo main product line of the company includes home security products, and business security products.\r\n\r\nProduct category of the company includes telephone entry, security cameras, cheap security cameras, loss prevention, fingerprint readers, emergency phones, random search device, personal security, pressure mats, metal detectors, alarm systems, turnstiles, defibrilators, mass notification, traffic gates, spectroscope, and explosive detector.\r\n\r\nCompany also provides variety of online products including cell phone auto-dialers, emergency phones, security cameras, telephone entry systems, surgical instrument detectors, random search generator, etc.\r\n\r\nSecurity Product Solutions Company’s trade references are Walmart, Rhode Island National Guard,, Logical Automation, Southwestern Medical Center, and Good Year.

Gate and Door Control manufactures gate automation products, since 1990.

Gate and Door Control    South Africa
Gate and Door Control specializes in manufacturing gate automation products. the company products are R3 light duty swing gate motor, ET blue domestic garage door motor, digi access pad, automatic boo, etc.

GTO Inc designs and distributes automatic gate openers for single gates, dual swing gates and slide gates since 1987.

GTO Inc   Tallahassee  United States
GTO Inc specializes in designing and distributing automatic gate openers for commercial, residential and agricultural sectors. Their products include gate operators entry and exit devices, locking devices, vinyl, aluminum, wood and iron fence gates.

We are a leading distributer, and retailer of electric gate openers, gate kits, electric gate kit, etc.   Leicester  0
Kits4Gates is a leading distributer, and retailer of electric gate openers, gate kits, electric gate kit, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company include underground automatic gate kits, sliding automatic gate kits, access control kits gates, gate kit installations, gate automation, electric gate openers, gate kits, electric gate kit, auto gate, etc.\r\n\r\nGate Automation Accessories offered by the company includes locks, key switches, photocells, remote controls, receivers, steel enclosures etc.\r\n\r\nKits4Gates also helps to convert current or new gates to the latest in the gate automation, enabling safe & easy conversion to automated gates.\r\n