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DACELL Co Ltd manufactures load cells, torque transducers and digital indicators since 1989.

DACELL Co Ltd    Korea, Republic of
DACELL Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing load cells, torque transducers and digital indicators. Their products include industrial printer, summing box, strain amplifier, displacement transducer, force gauge, torque transducers, etc.

IPA Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of sensors and automation elements.

IPA Pvt Ltd    India
IPA Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing sensors and automation elements. They offer products such as strain gauge, load cell, piezoelectric accelerometers, pressure transducer, electronic scales, lorry weighbridge, belt scale, signal conditioners, bulk density meter, vibration meter, vibration switch, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Honeywell International Inc offers test and measurement products for their customers.

Honeywell International Inc    ,,
Honeywell International Inc specializes in providing test and measurement products. Their products include pressure sensors, torque cells, wireless telemetry, accelerometers, digital gauges, etc.

Bolton Electronics Ltd manufactures batching controllers, and bespoke load cell weighing systems since 1982.

Bolton Electronics Ltd    United Kingdom
Bolton Electronics Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of batching controllers, and bespoke load cell weighing systems. Their products include BE 5 loadcell indicator, BE 4electronic beltweigher, general purpose automatic batching systems, etc.

Fema Electronica S.A manufactures wide range of electronic instruments since 1969.

Fema Electronica S.A    ,,
Fema Electronica S.A specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing electronic instruments for automation industry. Few of their products are signal converters, miniature panel meters, standard panel meters, voltmeters DC, voltmeters AC, ammeters DC, ammeters AC, current transformer X/5, shunts, ratemeters, tacogenerator, loadcells, potentiometers, time, counters, etc.

Flintab Singapore Pvt Ltd manufactures and supplies wide range of automation control and computerized weighing equipments.

Flintab Singapore Pvt Ltd    Singapore
Flintab Singapore Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying various automation control and computerized weighing equipments. Few of their products are truck weighbridge, vessel and hopper scales, rail weighbridge, crane scales, platform scales, loadcells, bench scales, bulk control system, belt conveyor weigher, etc.

Load Cell Central specializes in manufacturing load cell, custom weighing system integration, and first class load cell repairs.

Load Cell Central    United States
Load Cell Central manufactures of load cell, custom weighing system integration, and first class load cell repairs. Their requirement is custom electronic weighing systems, interchangeable replacement load cells, custom load cells and weighing assemblies or special applications such as force measurement, center of gravity, or process and batching control by weight. They provide weighing assemblies used in tank weighing and batching systems and bulk weighing applications.

Welcome to Shanghai Yingheng Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Our main products\r\ninclude: weighing scale,weighbridge,loadcell,platform scales,floor scale,electronic\r\ntable scale, electronic crane scale, electronic truck scale, electronic balance, \r\nand so on

Shanghai YingHeng Weighing Equipment Co.,LTD   Shanghai  China
Shanghai Yingheng Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is located in \r\n\r\nShanghai, specializing in the development and production of various Weighing \r\n\r\ninstruments, The product is mainly include electronic scales, electronic crane \r\n\r\nscale, electronic truck scale, non-standard, customized products, liquid filling \r\n\r\nscale Quantitative packing scale, batching scales, hopper scales, high precision \r\n\r\nweighing sensors, weighinginstruments, electronic weighing Department Systems and \r\n\r\nanalytical instruments. Company got independent capital, R&D Center, advanced \r\n\r\nmanufacturing equipment.The company has 480 million yuan fixed assets, covers an \r\n\r\narea of ​​nearly 230 acres; has a strong R & D capabilities, in more than 300 working \r\n\r\npeople, engineers and technicians account for 30%, bachelor\s degree accounted for \r\n\r\nmore than 25% ; we use of advanced Production equipment,manufacturing highly \r\n\r\nquality product .\r\n\r\n\r\n Company emphasis on product development and technological innovation. In \r\n\r\naccordance with the No. 60 of International Organization of Legal Metrology \r\n\r\n(OMIL)\s Proposal,we produce a number of anti-corrosion, waterproof, explosion-\r\n\r\nproof, shock, lightning characteristics of electronic weighing, the product through \r\n\r\nOver the OIML International Certification and has been widely used in coal mines, \r\n\r\nchemical industry. In addition, we have passed the ISO9001: 2000, ISO14000 quality \r\n\r\nmanagement system certification. CCC, CE, Tyre certification. Products win scales \r\n\r\nindustry praise and recognition.\r\n\r\n Product sales around the world, in China, we have set up 30 marketing points, \r\n\r\nwe have a 15-year production experience, professional sales staff, professional \r\n\r\nengineers, sales of products tracking the implementation of domestic range ,free \r\n\r\ndelivery, installation, commissioning, site repair all kinds of weighing \r\n\r\ninstruments, weighing instrument calibration services;in\r\nInternational,company establish trade relations and cooperation with more than 50 \r\n\r\ncountries.\r\n\r\n The company\s philosophy is \"led the way for our customers, sincere service win \r\n\r\nthe market\". We sincerely welcome the domestic and foreign businessmen to cooperate \r\n\r\nwith us to create prosperity!