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Hidex Oy designs and manufactures technology products since 1993.

Hidex Oy    Finland
Hidex Oy specializes in designing and manufacturing technology products. Their products include fluorometers, photometers, liquid scintillation counting, gamma counting, etc.

ADCO Services Inc disposes radioactive and hazardous waste since 1965.

ADCO Services Inc    United States
ADCO Services Inc specializes in disposing radioactive and hazardous waste for the nuclear industry, research and medical fields. Their services include ballast disposal, ewaste disposal, decontamination and decommissioning, fluorescent bulb disposal, sealed source disposal, mixed waste disposal, etc.

Brandel designs and manufactures variety of laboratory equipments.

Brandel    United States
Brandel specializes in designing and maufacturing wide range of laboratory equipments for biomedical research industry. Their products include harvesting systems, fractionators and fraction collectors, harvesters and dispensing systems, electrical stimulators, microdispensers, peristaltic and syringe pumps, plate sealers, etc.

Far West Technology Inc manufactures radiation measuring products since 1971.

Far West Technology Inc    United States
Far West Technology Inc specializes in manufacturing radiation measuring devices for the nuclear, physics, medical, and materials fields. Their products include dosimetry products, health physics instruments, detectors, LET and ion, etc. Their products are used to measure penetrating radiation, gamma, beta, alpha, neutron, and x ray. .

RION Co Ltd manufactures electronic and related products since 1996.

RION Co Ltd    Japan
RION Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing electronic products like audiological equipments, sound and vibration measuring instruments, and particle counters. Their products include hearing instruments, assistive listening device, medical equipment, sound level meters, vibration meters, frequency analyzer, level recorders, airborne particle counters, liquid-borne particle counters, multi-point monitoring system, etc. RION Co Ltd has been quality certified to ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards.

Bullet Guard Corporation specializes in manufacturing, designing, fabrication and installation of ballistic products.

Bullet Guard Corporation   West Sacramento  United States
Bullet Guard Corporation manufactures, designs, fabricates and installs ballistic products like enclosures, modular drive-thru, walk-up fiberglass, liquid crystal doors and windows. They also provide Security Systems for food and retail business, service counters.

Collimated Holes Inc designs and manufactures fiber optic components, sub assemblies, and integrated imaging systems since 1975.

Collimated Holes Inc   Campbell  United States
Collimated Holes Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing fiber optic components, sub assemblies, and integrated imaging systems. They provide customized fiber optics and collimated hole structures for science, industry, and medicine.

Exciton supplies various sorts of laser dyes.

Exciton    United States
Exciton specializes in supplying wide range of laser dyes. Their products also include infra red absorbers, visible absorbers, solvents, quenchers, etc.

Extru Tech Inc specializes in manufacturing extrusion processing systems since 1985.

Extru Tech Inc   Sabetha  United States
Extru Tech Inc specializes in manufacturing extrusion processing systems since 1985. Their products include single screw extruders, pdu or densification equipment, sphereizer agglomeration systems tm, dual and triple pass dryer or coolers, vertical counter flow coolers, pneumatic conveying systems, liquid and powder coating systems, meat inclusion systems, ancillary equipment, etc.

Mark Maker Co Inc manufactures and supplies flexographic printing plates and steel rule cutting dies for the web and sheet fed packaging industry since 1970.

Mark Maker Co Inc    United States
Mark Maker Co Inc specializes in producing and distributing flexographic printing plates and steel rule cutting dies for the web and sheet fed packaging industry. Their product includes cutting dies, digital plates, etc. The company is the members of TAPPI, IADD and FTA.