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Apogee Components Inc    United States
Apogee Components Inc specializes in providing information about the rockets and their resources. Their products include rocket kids, rocket motors, rocket books, rocket software, building supplies, catalog, etc.

Composites Atlantic Limited designs and manufactures advanced composites since 1988.

Dynamic Machine Works Inc founded in 1973 specializes in manufacturing round, seamless, and thin-walled components.

Dynamic Machine Works Inc   Billerica  United States
Dynamic Machine Works Inc manufactures seamless thin wall tubing and titanium tubing mainly applied in aerospace missile rocket motor cases, bicycles frames, food and sports equipment, using cold metal forming and plastic deformation technology.

ATK Space Systems designs, manufactures and distributes robust, space sub systems and integrated systems.

ATK Space Systems   San Diego  United States
ATK Space Systems is an advanced weapon and space systems specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing robust, space sub systems and integrated systems. Their products include advanced weapon systems, space systems, conventional munitions, rocket motors, etc.

Laser Technology Inc manufactures laser based NDT systems since 1982.

Laser Technology Inc   Norristown  United States
Laser Technology Inc specializes in manufacturing shearography and holography nondestructive testing systems. Their products include chamber systems, digital holography system, etc.

Accuwright Industries Inc provide flame spray services for 10 years.

Accuwright Industries Inc    United States
Accuwright Industries Inc specializes in providing flame spray services for microchip tooling, aircraft parts and satellite rocket motors, vehicle exhaust systems, turbine engine components, scooters, actuators and rotating components for 10 years. They provide their services for products include shaft and part coatings, coatings for combustors, blades, buckets, and vanes, etc.

Rocket Man Equipment Co specializes in the production of portable beverage dispensing equipment for the food service and beverage concessions industries since 1992.

Rocket Man Equipment Co    United States
Rocket Man Equipment Co produces portable beverage dispensing equipment for the food service and beverage concessions industries. They offer products like rocket man, rocket man plus, rocket junior, canpak, mini pak, spare beverage tank, sign insert, apron, cups, change, condiments, cup dispenser, cleaning solution, filling kits soft drinks and beer, etc.

Flomatcher manufactures wide range of variable speed motor control systems since 1957.

Flomatcher    United States
Flomatcher specializes in manufacturing various variable speed motor control systems. Few of their products are liquid rheostat control system, wattmiser, wattmiser ii system, variable frequency drive, pacesetter, etc.

ELL CEE Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of drop forging ferrous materials since 1996-1997.

ELL CEE Engineering Pvt. Ltd.    India
ELL CEE Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with drop forging hammers, forging presses and heat treatment plant. The company products include rough steel forging, semi finished steel forging and finished products, tractor parts, auto parts, engineering goods, decorative steel forging, ornaments, transmission components, fasteners and defense forgings. ELL CEE Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a ISO certified company.

Ameristar Mfg Inc is a manufacture of prototype and metal fabrication products.

Ameristar Mfg Inc    United States
Ameristar Mfg Inc specializes in providing sources for sheet metal fabrication, laser jet cutting, water jet cutting, tool and die making, welding and assembly, short run stamping and long run stamping. The company is quality certified to iso 9002 standard. Their products include metal brackets, metal enclosures, boxes, chassis, metal shims, motor mounts, guards, shelf brackets, heat sinks and fences for circuit boards, pipe brackets, electrical enclosures, light fixtures, motorcycle brackets, support brackets, electrical contacts, switch brackets, washers, gaskets, signs, labels, display panels, covers, rocket launchers, etc.