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Gayson Silicone Dispersions Inc distributes pigments and chemical additives since 1979.

Gayson Silicone Dispersions Inc    United States
Gayson Silicone Dispersions Inc provides catalyst dispersion for silicone rubber, pigments, and chemical additive. They are specialized for products such as health colors, colors for HCR, colors for LSR, colors for RTV, additives, and peroxides.

Cardinal Color Inc supplies colorant industry with color dispersions since 1976.

Cardinal Color Inc    United States
Cardinal Color Inc specializes in supplying colorant industry with color dispersions. Their products include 23 series, AQ series, AQI series, DI series, DI series flourescent, ED series, HC series, HUPM series, SP series, etc.

SNF manufactures dispersants, odor control agents, antifoaming agents and heavy metal chelatants since 1978.

SNF    France
SNF manufactures powders, beads, emulsions, liquids, dispersions, anionic, cationic, and non ionic, linear, branched, cross linked, comb, star. They are specialized in manufacturing products such as polyacrylamide, flocculants, thickeners, and coagulants.

Kemira Oyj manufactures and distributes chemical products.

Kemira Oyj   Kennesaw  United States
Kemira Oyj specializes in producing and supplying chemical products. Their product includes dispersants for mineral processing, water treatment dispersants, water treatment biocides, colloidal silica, chemicals for liquid solid separation and waste treatment, etc.

International Foodcraft Corporation is a manufacturer of variety of ingredients and processing aids for various industries since 1939.

International Foodcraft Corporation   Linden  United States
International Foodcraft Corporation specializes in manufacturing variety of ingredients and processing aids for various industries. Their products include lake dispersions, liquid colors, color bits and color flakes, color wafers, paste colors, powder blends, etc.

Fluid Components International LLC is a manufacturer of variety of thermal dispersion instruments for various industrial applications since 1964.

Fluid Components International LLC   San Marcos  United States
Fluid Components International LLC specializes in manufacturing variety of thermal dispersion instruments for various industrial applications. Their products include flow switches, level switches, mass flow meters, flow conditioners, temperature sensors, liquid level and interface sensors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, etc.

Condat develops and provides lubricants and related products.

Condat    ,,
Condat specializes in developing and providing lubricants and related products. Their products include neat oils, soluble oils, greases and pastes, tail seal compound, gels, powders, dry films, solid or liquid dispersions, foams, admixtures, etc.

Endress Plus Hauser specialize in supplying measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering industry since 1953.

Endress Plus Hauser    
Endress Plus Hauser supplies measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering industry. Their products and services include measurement products, systems, components and recorders, engineering services, operation services.

BASF Japan Ltd manufactures chemical products since 1949.

BASF Japan Ltd    Japan
BASF Japan Ltd specialize sin manufacturing chemical products. Their products include coatings, dispersion, pigment, ionic liquid, catamold, catalyst, functional polymers, leather chemicals, etc.

JFH Distributing Inc supplies electronic, electromechanical and vacuum components for more than 50 years.

JFH Distributing Inc   Golden  United States
JFH Distributing Inc specializes in distributing electronic, electromechanical and vacuum components. Few of their products are DC contactors, DC solenoid switches, high current relays, battery charging, battery backup, vapor handling systems, etc.