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iMotion Inc distributes wide range of motion control components and systems for more than 65 years.

iMotion Inc    United States
iMotion Inc specializes in supplying motion control components and systems for the OEM motion control industry. Few of their products are linear amplifiers, stepper motor drives, brushless, trapezoidal drive, sinusoidal drive, stepping motors, induction motors, intrinsic safety barriers, two handed controls, modular encoders, shaft encoders, roller bearings, timing belts and pulleys.

LinTech is a manufacture of positioning components and systems for motion control applications for more than 35 years.

LinTech    United States
LinTech specializes in manufacturing positioning components and systems for motion control applications. Their products include linear bearings, shafting, ball screw assemblies, positioning systems, screw driven, belt driven, etc.

Ruhle Companies Inc manufactures transducers since 1955.

Ruhle Companies Inc    United States
Ruhle Companies Inc specializes in manufacturing transducers to measure angular or linear position displacements. Their products include rotary inductosyn transducers and linear inductosyn transducers.

Minarik Corporation manufactures and distributes wide range automation and control products for more than 50 years.

Minarik Corporation    United States
Minarik Corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing various automation and control products for automotive applications. Few of their products are AC drives, DC drives, AC motors, DC motors, connectors, cord sets, linear motion, measuring devices, PC-based control, safety devices, sensors, servo systems, stepper systems, switches, etc.

American Linear Manufacturers is a manufacturer of domestic precision linear motion products since 1970.

American Linear Manufacturers   Westbury  United States
American Linear Manufacturers specializes in manufacturing domestic precision linear motion products. Their products and services include linear bearings, linear slides, tables, stages, motorized positioning system, etc. Their products are quality certified to ISO 9001 standards.

Motion Systems Corporation specializes in manufacturing electromechanical linear actuators.

Motion Systems Corporation    United States
Motion Systems Corporation manufactures electromechanical linear actuators. Their product categories include medical equipment, dental chairs, handicap equipment, material handling equipment, valve operators, ergonomic systems, etc.

Lee Controls Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of precision linear motion components since 1967.

Lee Controls Inc   Piscataway  United States
Lee Controls Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying precision linear motion components. Their products include case hardened and ground linear shafting, shaft supports, roller bearing pillow blocks, linear recirculating ball linear bearings, teflon composite linear bearings, linear guides, slide tables, systems, stages, actuators, cross roller guides, cross roller tables, custom machining products, etc.

Industrial Motion Systems Inc designs and manufactures linear mechanical and electrical components and systems for more than 30 years.

Industrial Motion Systems Inc    United States
Industrial Motion Systems Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing various linear mechanical and electrical components and systems for industrial and automation applications. Their products include ball bush tables, long travel modules, servo-driven joints, linear tables, streamline, abrasive cutting nozzles, etc.

THK Co Ltd develops and manufactures the linear motion guide mechanism product since 1971.

THK Co Ltd   Schaumburg  United States
THK Co Ltd specializes in developing and manufacturing the linear motion guide mechanism product in a wide variety of industries. They developed mechanical components, including the ball spline, ball screws and link balls, etc.

Nook Industries Inc manufactures linear motion components and assemblies for more than 30 years.

Nook Industries Inc    United States
Nook Industries Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of linear motion components and assemblies, which is used in several industries like automotive, chemical, electronics, packaging, paper, semiconductor, transportation, etc. Few of their products are modular linear actuators, ball screw, roller screw, acme screw, lead screw assemblies, ball splines, end bearing supports, worm gear screw jacks, electric cylinder actuators, HRC 60 linear shafting, profile rail linear guides, linear slides, bearings and pillow blocks. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.