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Bernstein AG manufactures switches, sensors, and enclosures.

Bernstein AG    Germany
Bernstein AG specializes in manufacturing various sort of switches, sensors and enclosures. Their products include metal bodied limit switches, plastic bodied limit switches, footswitches, safety switch, etc.

APEM manufactures wide range of professional switches and switch panels since 1952.

APEM    France
APEM specializes in manufacturing variety of professional switches and switch panels for several industries including electronics, telecommunications, automotive, instrumentation, medical electronics, etc. Few of their products are pushbutton and key switches, tact switches, rocker and paddle switches, slide switches dip and coded rotary switches, industrial controls, membrane switch panels, rubber keypads, stainless steel keypads and keyboards, specific switch panels, etc.

Craig and Derricott Limited specializes in manufacturing control gear products since 1944.

Craig and Derricott Limited   West Midlands  United Kingdom
Craig and Derricott Limited manufactures control gear products. Their products include isolation equipment, push buttons, rotary switches, control and pushbutton stations, foot switches, safety and limit switches, etc.

Herga Electric Limited specializes in manufacturing switching and sensing solutions since 1947.

Herga Electric Limited    United Kingdom
Herga Electric Limited manufactures switching and sensing solutions. Their products include pressure switches, vacuum switches, footswitches, footpedals, differential switches, air bellows, air switches, fibre optic sensors, printed circuit board switches, safety switches, safety mats, bumpers, infra red remote control switches, pneumatic switches, etc.

Inertia Switch Inc manufactures acceleration switches, sensors, etc. The company was established in 1950.

Inertia Switch Inc    United States
Inertia Switch Inc specializes in manufacturing acceleration switches. The company also manufactures limit switches, prostheses, incandescent digital displays, switches, sensors, electro mechanical, electronics. Inertia Switch Inc products are used inaerospace, military and commercial industries.

BurlingInstruments Inc develops and manufactures pressure, temperature controls and safety limit switches for more than one half century.

BurlingInstruments Inc    United States
BurlingInstruments Inc specializes in developing and manufacturing pressure, temperature controls and safety limit switches. Their products include solid state controllers, valves, differential expansion switch, direct acting and dome loaded regulators, dome loaded or spring loaded pilot valves, etc.

Euchner-USA Inc supplies various safety switches, coding systems, sensors and handheld devices.

Euchner-USA Inc    United States
Euchner-USA Inc specializes in supplying wide range of safety, automation and man machine products for automotive, machine tool, packaging, textile, woodworking industries. Their products include safety switches, non contact switches, limit switches, limit switches, connectors, trip dogs and rails, etc.

Linak Group specializes in the manufacture of linear actuators and actuator control systems.

Linak Group   Smethwick  United Kingdom
Linak Group is a manufacturer of linear actuators and actuator control systems. They offer products like linear actuators, rotary actuators, twindrive actuators, lifting columns, control boxes, electronic limit switches, ls limit switches, lsd limit switches, safety limit switch, extension cables, etc.

Hydracon Company Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of subsea products for more than 40 years.

Hydracon Company Inc    United States
Hydracon Company Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing subsea products. Their products include proximity switches, limit switches, rotary switches, pushbutton switches, ocean depth pressure switches, underwater electric solenoid actuators, ocean submersible solenoid valves, ocean submersible corrosion resistant solenoid valves, ballast releases, etc.

Deltron UK Limited distributes wide range of electromechanical products.

Deltron UK Limited   Scunthorpe  United Kingdom
Deltron UK Limited is a division of the Abacus Group, which specializes in supplying wide range of electromechanical products. Few of their products are alarms and microphones, connectors, filters, switches and relays, cam switches, vandal proof switches, rocker, micro and panel switches, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.