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Lehigh Electric Products Company specializes in the manufacture of lighting controls and fixtures.

Lehigh Electric Products Company   Payson  United States
Lehigh Electric Products Company specializes in the manufacture of lighting controls and fixtures. They offer products like theatrical controls, architectural controls, dimming, wallbox dimming, energy management, and fixtures.

Johnson Controls Inc produces automotive and lighting products since 1883.

Johnson Controls Inc   Milwaukee  United States
Johnson Controls Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying automotive and lighting products. Few of their products are metal structures, foam, climate systems, safety systems, front seats, cockpit and instrument panels, door panels and door systems, floor consoles, garage equipment and diagnostic systems.

Elation Professional distributes professional lighting and entertainment products and accessories.

Elation Professional   Los Angeles  United States
Elation Professional specializes in supplying professional lighting and entertainment products and accessories. The company product includes accu cable, clamps, dimmers and relays, DMX recorder controller, LED lamps, intelligent consoles, moving mirror, etc.

Electrosonic supplies AV and lighting products since 1991.

Electrosonic    South Africa
Electrosonic specializes in supplying AV and lighting products. The company product includes video and data projection, videowall and large screen displays, video conferencing systems, intelligent and architectural lighting, stage and studio lighting, control systems, etc.

HDL as a professional lighting control manufacturer/ provider with 23 years’ history, has two mature Products series: HDL-NET for stage lighting control and HDL-BUS for home and building lighting control.\r\n

Guangzhou Hedong Electonic limited    guangzhou  China
HDL MAKING LIFE STYLE LIGHTER \r\n\r\nGuangzhou Hedong Electronics Co.,Ltd ( HDL) began manufacturing operation of lighting control in 1985. For 22 years, HDL has been focusing on stage lighting control, Commercial and home building Multi intelligent lighting total control solution. Headquarter of HDL is in Guangzhou, China \r\n\r\nHDL’s products are certified under the ISO 9001 International Quality Management Standard and CE and UL listed. \r\n\r\nAs one of the largest manufacturers and project undertakers in China’s lighting control industry, HDL boasts a strong capability of R&D, design, manufacturing, training and project lighting control solution. \r\n\r\nWe can cooperate with you in OEM, ODM and Joint venture. \r\n\r\nMain Products Focus and applications \r\n\r\nHDL-NET for Stage Lighting control system \r\nApplications: TV Studio, Theater, Show, Sport center, Theme Park, etc \r\n\r\nHDL-BUS for Architectural Lighting control System \r\nApplication: Commercial building, Shopping mall, Smart home, meeting Room, Office, hotel, Theme Park, Bridge lighting etc. \r\n\r\nHDL-EIB for integrated Architectural Lighting control System\r\nApplication: Provide interoperable building control systems for many applications such as blind control, solar shading, and energy monitoring, metering and energy management systems.\r\n\r\nHDL-DALI for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and conventional lighting control systems\r\nApplication: Commercial building, Shopping mall, Smart home, meeting Room, Office, hotel, Theme Park, Bridge lighting etc.\r\n \r\n is an online distributor of electrical equipments and products for commercial purpose.    ,, is an online distributor of electrical equipments and for commercial purpose. They offer products like lighting, balloons, mylar balloons, dj equipment, audio equipment, lights, face painting, home electronic, turntables, and car stereo.

Littlite is a manufacturer of small task lamp.

Littlite    United States
Littlite specializes in manufacturing small task lamp. Their products include lamp sets, individual goosenecks, automotive, raklites, bulbs, accessories, etc.

Ford Audio-Video Systems Inc installs and rents professional sound and video systems.

Ford Audio-Video Systems Inc   Oklahoma City  United States
Ford Audio-Video Systems Inc services, installs, and rents professional sound, video, lighting, and security systems. They are specialized in designing, and building recording studios from the ground up including acoustics, noise control, lighting, and audio electronics. FAV sells products from more than 300 manufacturers.

Evans Consoles manufactures and sells wide range of control room furniture items since 1980.

Evans Consoles    Canada
Evans Consoles specializes in producing and selling variety of control room furniture items for commercial purpose. Few of their products are trading desks, modular counters, audio visual structures, etc. They also offer services like imaging, shipping and installation, financing, etc.

Carson Manufacturing Company Inc manufactures sirens and switches for more than 60 years.

Carson Manufacturing Company Inc    United States
Carson Manufacturing Company Inc specializes in manufacturing sirens and switches. Their products include siren speakers such as console mount sirens, remote sirens, light control sirens for police, ambulance, volunteer and emergency vehicle, switch boxes, rotary switches for commercial building fan controls, industrial fans, farm fans, sports fans, floor polishers, portable heaters and blowers, and dryers.