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HVS Technologies Inc designs and manufactures free space microwave measurement and processing systems since 1988.

HVS Technologies Inc    United States
HVS Technologies Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing free space microwave measurement and processing systems. The company products include free space systems, automated free space systems, softwares, antenna patterns, automated systems, microwave fixtures, NDE systems, high power systems, plasma systems, paint strippers, and flooring systems.

Ophir Optronics manufactures and markets IR optics components and laser measurement equipments for more than 30 years.

Ophir Optronics    United States
Ophir Optronics specializes in producing and distributing IR optics components and laser measurement equipments. The company product includes power and energy meters, beam profilers, spectrum analyzers, focusing lens, mirrors, cavity optics, etc. Their products are used by military, commercial IR vision, FLIR, and industrial CO2 laser customers.

OptoLife - optics manufacturer: aspheric lens (aspherical lens), condenser lens, optical filter glass, optical lens, front surface mirror (reflector), prism, cylindrical lens, ball lens, projection lens, fresnel lens, conical lens

OPTOLIFE ENTERPRISE LIMITED is an OEM, producing precision optics to our customers design and specification. And we have a customer base in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia. \r\n Owing to the effort of our optical professional, who have more than 10 years\\ experience in the corresponding fields, the company has been developed a lot in aspheric condenser lens (aspherical condenser lens), optical filter glass, optical lens, front surface mirror, prism, cylindrical lens, ball lens, projector lens, fresnel lens, conical lens and other main business ranges. \r\n OptoLife has the best team which is composed of experienced optical experts and technical consultants, so the production of our company can perfectly meet the customer demand.\r\n Nowadays, beside the advanced technology, optoLife focuses more attention on production control to improve productivity. At present the monthly capacity of our company are 50,000 pieces of normal lens and 5,000 pieces of aspherical lens.\r\n optoLife is your reliable supplier & strategic partner in optics!

We specialize in providing, manufacturer and distributor of LED glass lens and optical components.   wuxi  0
Wuxi Kinglux Glass Lens Co.,Ltd specializes in optical designing, manufacturing and selling LED glass lens and optical components, has more than 20 years of optical glass lens production experience. The company is professional expertise and practical experience in the field of electro-optics to offer the customers products with consistent, superior quality. The company is believe in providing trustworthy, dependable service, we have earned the customers\ trust and support. \r\nThe company chief products are two series of glass lens. One is LED glass lens, such as LED street light lens, LED high bay light lens, LED spot light lens, LED tunnel light lens, LED stage light lens, car lens and so on. Another is for optical instrument equipment, such as medical treatment supplies, digital camera filter and so on. the glass lens can be made of various optical materials, such as high borosilicate 3.3, SCHOTT glass (D263T, BOROFLOAT, B270 and BK7), ASAHI glass and various glasses. We can produce the size from 5mm to 300mm glass lens, shapes such as:Plano-convex lens,Biconvex lens,Concave-convex lens,Biconcave lens,Spherical lens,Aspherical lens,free surface lens.\r\nThe Categories are Custom optical glass lens, Newest glass lens, LED street light glass lens, LED high bay light glass lens, Explosion proof lamp glass lens, LED flood light glass lens, Flat glass, LED tunnel lamp glass lens, Dia 3~100mm glass lens, Dia 101-300mm glass lens, Plano-convex glass lens, Biconvex glass lens, Concavo convex glass lens, Biconcave glass lens, LED packaging glass lens, Optical glass lens, LED car light glass lens, Fresnel glass lens, and Sapphire glass lens.\r\nThe advantages are Can provide optical solution and solve the problems of the LED light distribution, Can design and production of lens according to the customer\s samples or requirements or drawing, and the own CNC machining center, can finish glass lens mold development, glass lens sample make within 7 days.

CCTV supplies fixed focal length lenses, varifocal lenses, motorized zoom lenses, zoom lens controllers, monster lenses, CCTV cameras, and accessories since 1990.

CCTV    Canada
CCTV specializes in supplying fixed focal length lenses, varifocal lenses, motorized zoom lenses, zoom lens controllers, monster lenses, CCTV cameras, and accessories

Animal Eye Care LLC provides diagnostic equipments for eye problems in dogs and cattle

Animal Eye Care LLC    United States
Animal Eye Care LLC specializes in providing diagnostic equipment, surgical equipment and anesthetic equipments. The company provides services to glaucoma, cataract vision loss, congenital eye abnormalities, lens luxations, uveitis, corneal disease, retinal disease, etc. Their products include electroretinography, tonopen, blood pressure measurement, gonioscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, etc.

Lens Art is a service provider specializing in photography since 1986.

Lens Art   Salisbury  United States
Lens Art is a service provider in photography. They offer services like portraits, photographic art, copy and restoration, wedding, and historic.

We specialize in manufacturer of special glass.   Horgen  0
F+C consistently and with great passion continue what was founded over 60 years ago in Kilchberg by Mr. Hans Flubacher a pioneer in precision optics. It is the aim of the company to supply the customers with the best quality in precision optics.\r\nToday, with the scale magnifier are market leaders in the premium scale magnifier segment. The customers, worldwide in over 50 countries, value the diverse fields of application of this extremely precise scale magnifier. With the scale magnifier F+C you are purchasing highest quality. \r\n\r\nThe specially designed triple lens provides excellent sharpness in the reading field. The reticules use are all equipped with precision graduations with chrome lines and numbers, steamed on under vacuum conditions, just to mention some of the features. The products find usage in the most diverse areas of application are Apparatus engineering, Architecture/Planning, Building industry, Coating technology, Printing house needs, Electronics, Precision engineering, Research, Industry, Criminology, Art-trade, Laboratories, Machine building, Medicinal technology, Measurement technology, Metal/Steel construction, Model making, Pharmaceuticals industry, Quality control, Safety engineering, Textile industry, Watch industry and many more

Contact Lens Center and Optical Boutique is a distributor of contact lenses, designes eyewear and sunglasses.

Contact Lens Center and Optical Boutique    ,,
Contact Lens Center and Optical Boutique specializes in distributing contact lenses, designer eyewear and sunglasses. They also distributes lens catcher, vista naps hand towelettes, lens handler, decorative contact lens case, etc.

DMV Corp manufactures contact lens handling products since 1968.

DMV Corp    United States
DMV Corp specializes in manufacturing contact lens handling products. Their products include contact lens removers, inserters, handling products for soft contact lenses, for gp contact lenses, for corneal reshaping, for prosthetic eyes for prosthetic, soft lens products, gas permeable products, modification tools.