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Diprotex S.A.S manufactures CBN wheels and diamond products since 1968.

Diprotex S.A.S    France
Diprotex S.A.S specializes in manufacturing CBN wheels and diamond products. Their products include diamond and CBN resin bonded wheel, diamond dressers, diamond and CBN electroplated tools, diamond and CBN metal bonded wheel, diamond rotary dressers, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Gator Diamond Inc is a manufacturer of abrasive tools.

Gator Diamond Inc   Winter Springs  United States
Gator Diamond Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of abrasive tools for lapping or grinding hard materials like glass, ceramics or sapphire.

OptoLife - optics manufacturer: aspheric lens (aspherical lens), condenser lens, optical filter glass, optical lens, front surface mirror (reflector), prism, cylindrical lens, ball lens, projection lens, fresnel lens, conical lens

OPTOLIFE ENTERPRISE LIMITED is an OEM, producing precision optics to our customers design and specification. And we have a customer base in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia. \r\n Owing to the effort of our optical professional, who have more than 10 years\\ experience in the corresponding fields, the company has been developed a lot in aspheric condenser lens (aspherical condenser lens), optical filter glass, optical lens, front surface mirror, prism, cylindrical lens, ball lens, projector lens, fresnel lens, conical lens and other main business ranges. \r\n OptoLife has the best team which is composed of experienced optical experts and technical consultants, so the production of our company can perfectly meet the customer demand.\r\n Nowadays, beside the advanced technology, optoLife focuses more attention on production control to improve productivity. At present the monthly capacity of our company are 50,000 pieces of normal lens and 5,000 pieces of aspherical lens.\r\n optoLife is your reliable supplier & strategic partner in optics!

Island Trading Co Ltd manufacture grab bag filters for more than 40 years.

Island Trading Co Ltd    United States
Island Trading Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing grab bag filters designed foruse in edgers and both metal cutting and metal forming machines.

We specialize in manufacturing optical prism.   Dongguan  0
Taiyo Optics Co. Ltd. is a professional supplier of prism. It has been focusing on processing and manufacturing optical prism for more than 20 years. Taiyo has established its first factory in 1993 at China, Nanyang. The second factory in Dongguan, China was established in 2004. The products include optical prism, cylindrical lens, and other planar optical components.\r\n\r\nThe company Equipped with milling, polishing, ultrasonic cleaning, coating, curing gluing equipment and quality testing equipment more than 300 sets, with strong process design and manufacturing capabilities, Taiyo has the capacity to produce 2 million prisms and 200,000 cylindrical lenses monthly.\r\n\r\nThe company Products includes Prism\r\n, Cylindrical Lens\r\n, Parallel Plate\r\n, Assembled Prism\r\n and Coating\r\n. Capability\r\n includes Cleaning, Coating\r\n, Cylinder\r\n, Grinding\r\n, Polishing\r\n and QC\r\n.\r\n\r\nTaiyo has ZYGO interferometer, FUJINON interferometer, HITACHI UV4100 spectrophotometer, NIKON 6D collimator ,optical bench, universal goniometer, V prism refractometer, birefringence instrument etc. as a fully equipped 30 sets of advanced testing instruments with strict quality control system.

CCTV supplies fixed focal length lenses, varifocal lenses, motorized zoom lenses, zoom lens controllers, monster lenses, CCTV cameras, and accessories since 1990.

CCTV    Canada
CCTV specializes in supplying fixed focal length lenses, varifocal lenses, motorized zoom lenses, zoom lens controllers, monster lenses, CCTV cameras, and accessories

Lens Art is a service provider specializing in photography since 1986.

Lens Art   Salisbury  United States
Lens Art is a service provider in photography. They offer services like portraits, photographic art, copy and restoration, wedding, and historic.

Contact Lens Center and Optical Boutique is a distributor of contact lenses, designes eyewear and sunglasses.

Contact Lens Center and Optical Boutique    ,,
Contact Lens Center and Optical Boutique specializes in distributing contact lenses, designer eyewear and sunglasses. They also distributes lens catcher, vista naps hand towelettes, lens handler, decorative contact lens case, etc.

DMV Corp manufactures contact lens handling products since 1968.

DMV Corp    United States
DMV Corp specializes in manufacturing contact lens handling products. Their products include contact lens removers, inserters, handling products for soft contact lenses, for gp contact lenses, for corneal reshaping, for prosthetic eyes for prosthetic, soft lens products, gas permeable products, modification tools.

Litech Optics Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures high precision optical components, specializing in many kinds of windows, lenses, prisms, mirrors, beamsplitters, filters, colored glass filters, infrared optics and waveplates, as well as coating service.

Litech Optics Co., Ltd   Fuzhou  China
Founded in August 2006, Fuzhou Litech Optics Co., Ltd. is a professional optical components manufacturer. We are committed to developing, producing and selling high quality precision optical components, and providing optical solutions. We have a 2100㎡factory and 113 experienced staff, including 26 professional engineers.\r\n\r\n\r\n Litech Optics Co., Ltd. supplies high-quality products including Windows, Lens, Prism, Mirror, Beamsplitter, Filter, Colored glass filter, Infrared optics and Waveplate, etc, and we also offer coating service. Our products have been widely used in optical instruments, medical equipment, measuring instruments, optical communications, laser engineering, infrared imaging and others. \r\nLitech? has a complete optics production line. All the production processes are completed in- company, including original material cutting, forming, Coarse grinding, polishing, Centering grinding, coating, gluing and assembly, etc.\r\n\r\n\r\n Litech? is equipped with advanced inspection facilities, including ZYGO? GPI-XP interferometer, Pekin-Elmer Lambda 900 spectrophotometer and Trioptics Lens Measurement system, etc. These advanced facilities and the ISO 9001:2000 quality control system guarantees our productions’ quality.\r\nLitech. has consistently adhered to a guideline of \"Customer First\". Quality products, reasonable price, punctual delivery and good service are our commitment to customers. We will continue to focus on improving customer’s satisfaction and maximizing customer’s benefit.\r\n\r\n\r\n