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Edwards and Cromwell manufactures temporary leak control equipment.

Edwards and Cromwell    United States
Edwards and Cromwell specializes in manufacturing temporary leak control equipment. They also handle NGK berylco non sparking hand tools, chlorine cylinder leak repair kits, plug N dike leak control products, stop it pipe repair system, and lampe inflatable pipe plugs.

InduMar Products manufactures leak repair products since 1986.

InduMar Products   Houston  United States
InduMar Products specializes in producing leak repair products. Their product includes STOP IT, fix stix, fusion tape, leak repair clamps, leak repair kits, etc.

Team Industrial Services Inc manufactures leak sealing and hot tapping hardware, sealants, and related products since 1973.

Team Industrial Services Inc   Alvin  United States
Team Industrial Services Inc specializes in manufacturing leak sealing and hot tapping hardware, sealants, and related products. Thety provide nondestructive, on site, onstream leak repair services for process, steam, water, or air leaks, hot tap services, valve repair, field machining services, NDT and inspection services, turnaround, shutdown, outage services, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Fluid Conservation Systems designs, and makes water leak detection equipments and pressure controllers since 1978.

Fluid Conservation Systems    United States
Fluid Conservation Systems produce, and designs loggers to manage leakage in water networks, and water leak detection equipment. Their equipments includes monitoring equipment, localizing systems, correlators, acoustic leak sounding systems, pressure controllers, and communications systems. They are specialized in products such as water cycle, data logging, leak finder, flow meter, pressure control, and leak detection

dGTrading Inc supplies variety of automotive products.

dGTrading Inc    United States
dGTrading Inc specializes in distributing wide range of automotive lubricants, car care chemicals, tires and filters. Their products include antifreeze, brake cleaner, brake fluid, carb and choke cleaner, power steering fluid, de icer, radiator stop leak, engine degreaser, silicone spray, engine stop leak, fuel injector cleaner, super flat repair, etc.

Holt Lloyd specializes in manufacturing and distributing car care products for more than 65 years.

Holt Lloyd    United Kingdom
Holt Lloyd manufactures and distributing car care products. THeir products include redex cleaners, redex lead replacement and octane booster, redex lead replacement, redex injector treatment, redex petrol treatment, redex diesel treatment, redex smoke treatment, redex stop oil leak, etc.

Gold Eagle Co is a manufacturer and distributor of branded engine performance and maintenance chemicals since 1932.

Gold Eagle Co   Chicago  United States
Gold Eagle Co specializes in producing and supplying branded engine performance and maintenance chemicals. They offer products in brands such as sta-bil fuel stabilizer, heet gas line antifreeze, dieselpower diesel additives, alumaseal radiator stop leak, etc.

Leak Doctor provides leak detection services.

Leak Doctor   Orlando  United States
Leak Doctor is a service provider, which offers various leak detection services. Their services include electronic leak detection, leak surveys, smoke tests, water conservation, water system management, water usage analysis, etc.

Hy-Tech Petroleum Maintenance Inc distributes wide range of petroleum products and fuel equipments since 1987.

Hy-Tech Petroleum Maintenance Inc   Plant City  United States
Hy-Tech Petroleum Maintenance Inc specializes in supplying various petroleum products and fuel equipments for the petroleum industry. Few of their products are tank gauging equipment, emergency stop buttons, gas pump meters, leak detectors, underground storage tanks, submerged turbine pumps, nozzles, etc.

Facility Supply supplies various emergency leak response systems.

Facility Supply   Easthampton  United States
Facility Supply specializes in supplying emergency leak response systems. Their products include leak diverter tarps, leak kits, panel leak diverter system, universal leak diverter system, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.