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Battery Equipment Supply specializes in supplying equipment for lead acid batteries.

Battery Equipment Supply   Villa Park  United States
Battery Equipment Supply supplies equipment for lead acid batteries. Their products include cable retractor, cell filler, lifting beam, hollow post drill, PVC syringe, forklift attachment.

Big Beam Emergency Systems Inc is a manufacturer of safety products that can be used in times of emergency since 1938.

Big Beam Emergency Systems Inc    United States
Big Beam Emergency Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing safety products that can be used in times of emergency. Their products include emergency lights, exits, lanterns, UPS systems, unique, literature request, warranty information, etc.

We are a leading supplier of CNC pipe cutting machines and robot profile cutting lines for coping beams and hollow sections.   Wieringerwerf  0
HGG Profiling Equipment is a a leading supplier of CNC pipe cutting machines and robot profile cutting lines for coping beams and hollow sections.\r\n\r\nCompany also develops machines for cutting pipes, beams, hollow sections, profiles and various other thick walled shapes.\r\n\r\nProducts of the company are used by the companies of the various industries such as offshore, steel construction, process piping, shipbuilding and others.\r\n\r\nCutting services and capabilities of the company includes cutting pipes, elbow cutting, coping hollow sections, coping H&I-beams, cutting special profiles, cutting on location, weld preparation for pipes and hollow sections, CNC controlled cutters and robotic profiling lines, etc.\r\n\r\nHGG Group specializes in 3D steel profile cutting, and focuses on the development and production of machines and software (HGG Profiling Equipment BV), while the other deals with cutting services for third parties (HGG Profiling Contractors BV).\r\n

A and M Metal Forming Welding Inc provides metal forming since 1952.

A and M Metal Forming Welding Inc    United States
A and M Metal Forming Welding Inc is a service provider, which bending, curving, etc. The company specializes in providing curved stairways. Their services include cambered beam, beam cambering, rolled beam, beam rolling, curved beam, beam curving, bent beam, beam bending, swept beam, beam sweeping, etc.

LMI Aerospace Inc manufactures and distributes wide range of sheet metal products since 1948.

LMI Aerospace Inc    United States
LMI Aerospace Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of sheet metal products and specialty alloy components for aerospace, and non-aerospace sheet metal industries. Few of their products are cockpit window frames and landing light lens, wing panels and floor beams, structural sheet metal and extruded components, wing leading edge skins, flap skins, winglets, etc.

Jan Fan is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans that include: heavy duty pedestal fans, wall & ceiling fans, shop fans, floor fans, and mobile fans.\r\n\r\nOur industrial fans are considered to be the most energy efficient, maintenance free fans on the m

Jan Fan   Troy  United States
Jan Fan is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans and commercial fans that include: pedestal, wall & ceiling fans, I-beam and c channel fans, industrial floor fans, bench fans and the Smart Air Circulator. Our heavy duty fans are considered the automotive and heavy industry standard. Since 1958, Jan Fan has been manufacturing industrial and commercial fans that are extremely energy efficient and built to last. Each of our fans comes with a standard 5 year warranty.\r\n\r\nOur Fans are the most energy efficient industrial fans on the market are are among the most powerful.

Buy Metal Online at Fubi Metal. Huge selection of steel angle,steel sheet,angle iron, steel channel,u channel steel,steel round pipe,steel round bar,steel i beam,steel h beam,steel flat bar,steel plate,steel square bar,hexagonal steel bar,hexagonal steel

fubi metal co.,ltd   shanghai  China
Fubimetal is a family firm which originated in a steel management department in 1992.In 1969,the founder Xiao senior completed the service in the army and then worked at a construction company. After working in the construction industry for more than twenty years, Xiao senior followed the tide of reform and opening up in China and established Fubimetal company. At that time, metal products were tight supplies, so the company only sold some crude products such as rebar steel, wire rod, welded pipe and so on. With the virtue of honesty and boldness which cultivated in the army, Xiao senior leading the company to developing gradually.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nWith the development of China’s economy,Chinese real estate and manufacturing industry’s demand for metal products is increasing. Hence,Fubimetal’s business progress rapidly .In 1996,Mr. Xiao ,the son of Mr. Lao Xiao graduated from the University.Influenced by his father\s words and deeds , Xiao junior follows his father\s footsteps, entering and falling in love with the metal industry. After taking over the company in 2002, Xiao junior developed the cross-border business progressively, metal products including: steel angles, steel I beams, steel H beams,steel channels, steel square bars, steel rectangular tube, steel round bars, steel flat bars, steel hexagonal bars, steel sheet,steel plate, steel coil, various types of steel pipe&tube, stainless steel, etc. Customers are covered with India, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, the Middle East, South America, etc.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nFubimetal is totally committed to high levels of service and customer care. We recognise that the success of any company depends upon the quality of the products they supply and also the way in which the goods and services, satisfy or exceed customer requirements and expectations. We supply only the highest-grade metals that comply with international product standards.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\nThe enterprise purpose of Fubimetal is to be friends first and then do business.Because we believe in if we are not friends how could we have a happy and long-term business cooperation?

E-BEAM Services Inc. provides contract electron beam processing services.

E-BEAM Services Inc.    United States
E-BEAM Services Inc. offer electron beam processing for plastic product enhancement, wire and cable jacket curing, sterilization and bioreduction, food irradiation, semiconductor enhancement, polymer chain scissioning, composite curing, etc.

North Woods Joinery designs and builds handcrafted, warm and comfortable post and beam homes.

North Woods Joinery    United States
North Woods Joinery specializes in designing and building variety of post and beam homes. Few of their products include timber frame, post, and beams.

Morterm Ltd distributes material handling products and services.

Morterm Ltd    Canada
Morterm Ltd specializes in distributing material handling products and services. Their marketing products are auto parts, steel plate, coil, beams, wire rod, tote bags, zinc, lead, aluminum, etc.