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Meshtel Aka Intelite Inc specializes in manufacturing electro optics, communicatons, and laser related products. The company was established in 1990.

Meshtel Aka Intelite Inc    United States
Meshtel Aka Intelite Inc manufactures and supplies electro optics, communicatons, laser related products. Their products include laser diode, pigtailed laser diode, diode driver, laser optics, laser goggles, accessories, side emitting, transmission, pigtailed laser diode, fiber coupled laser, fiber fault detector, fiber delivery, etc.

LISA laser is a manufacturer of laser products.

LISA laser    Germany
LISA laser specializes in manufacturing laser products. Their products include diode laser modules, diopow, capacitor, laser pointer, surgical holmium laser, surgical high power, two micron continuous wave laser, medical diode laser, etc.

MeshTel manufactures and distributes laser and electro optic products since 1990.

MeshTel    United States
MeshTel specializes in developing and supplying laser and electro optic products. Their product includes laser diode, laser optics, IR laser, fibre optics, fibre fault detector, diode driver, etc.

Photonic Products Ltd is a manufacturer of variety of custom designed laser diode modules and laser assemblies since 1995.

Photonic Products Ltd    United States
Photonic Products Ltd specializes in manufacturing variety of custom designed laser diode modules and laser assemblies. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000. Their products include wavelength stabilised laser diodes, pigtailed laser diodes, receptacle packaged diodes, collimators, accessories, etc.

Linda Enterprise Co Ltd is a manufacturer of laser and telecom products for more than 30 years.

Linda Enterprise Co Ltd    Taiwan, Republic of China
Linda Enterprise Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing laser and telecom products. Their products include red laser point module, red laser line module, green laser point module, laser diode, etc.

Nichia Corporation manufactures and supplies LEDs and laser diodes since 1956.

Nichia Corporation    United States
Nichia Corporation specializes in producing and distributing LEDs and laser diodes. The company product includes phosphors for CRT, lamp, PDP and x-ray screen, light emitting diodes, laser diodes, optical semiconductor devices, chemicals evaporation materials, battery materials, magnetic materials, etc.

ILX Lightwave Sales and Service is a manufacturer and distributor of laser diodes and photonic components since 1986.

ILX Lightwave Sales and Service    United States
ILX Lightwave Sales and Service specializes in manufacturing and distributing laser diodes and photonic components. Their products include laser diode current sources, temperature controllers, mounting fixtures, optical power and wavelength meters, precision fiber optic sources, laser diode LIV testers, and laser diode burn in and reliability test systems.

Alltec GmbH specializes in the manufacture of laser marking systems since 1985.

Alltec GmbH    Germany
Alltec GmbH specializes in the manufacture of laser marking systems. They offer products like alltec lc300, allmark aps series, alltec power switch, allprint dn and allprint ln a series, allprint cs series, allprint smart s, focus s10, and focus s60.

Roithner Lasertechnik GmbH supplies laser diodes and related laser products for the chemical industries.

Light Age Inc supplies alexandrite laser systems since 1986.

Light Age Inc   Somerset  United States
Light Age Inc specializes in supplying alexandrite laser systems. Their products include aeasthetic products like epicare, ta2 eraser, medical products like 101 pal, industrial products like hotspot, custom systems, scientific products like raman convertor, custom systems, etc.