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Calibre Solutions supplies wide range of laboratory equipments.

Calibre Solutions   Auckland  New Zealand
Calibre Solutions specializes in supplying laboratory equipments. Their products include draining racks, flammable liquids, chemical storage for corrosive substances, laboratory glassware washing machines, fume cupboards, ductless hoods, chemical and flammable storage, endoscopy equipments.

Lancer UK Ltd specializes in manufacturing various automated washing systems.

Lancer UK Ltd   Waterbeach  United Kingdom
Lancer UK Ltd produces automated washing systems to hospital theatres, pharmaceutical and other industries. Their products include washer disinfectors, endoscope decontamination systems, separate dryers, washing and drying systems, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Great Lakes Laboratories manufactures prepaint cleaner products.

Great Lakes Laboratories   Livonia  United States
Great Lakes Laboratories specializes in producing prepaint cleaner products for construction and maintenance. Their product features include water soluble rust inhibition, biodegradable, water based, and non emulsifying.

Girton Manufacturing Co Inc manufactures wide range of stainless steel washing systems for more than 80 years.

Girton Manufacturing Co Inc   Millville  United States
Girton Manufacturing Co Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of stainless steel washing systems to the food, laboratory research, and pharmaceutical industries. Their products include conveyorized tunnel, cabinet, case and drum washers, CIP washing systems, personal, pallet and cage and rack washers, bottle fillers, etc. is an internet resource for laboratory equipment and supplies.    ,, specializes in distributing laboratory equipments. Their products include bottles, bottle caps, cylinders, sample containers, funnels, taps, jars, sprayers, stainless steel lab ware, vials, faucets, spigots, carboys, flasks, etc.

AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd manufactures extract form of natural dyes in India, since 1995.

AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd   Lucknow  India
AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt Ltd products are used in textile and carpet industries. AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd products list includes natural hair dye, natural dyes for textiles, and natural dyes for other applications. AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt. has collaborated with Saba Botanicals of U. S. A. Inc. AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd products are also sold through online.

St.Ives Laboratories Inc manufactures and distributes variety of skin care and hair care products since 1955.

St.Ives Laboratories Inc   Melrose Park  United States
St.Ives Laboratories Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of skin care and hair care products. They also provide online purchasing facilities. Their products include apricot scrub, apricot cleanser, apricot face wash, make-up remover, clear pore cleanser, collagen elastin moisturizer, eye and face stress gel, peel-off hydroxy masque, blue clay firming mask, etc.

Burdinola plans, integrates and installs laboratry and equipments since 1978.

Burdinola    ,,
Burdinola specializes in planning, integrating and installing laboratry and equipments. They provide technical solutions in the development and implantations of projects and setting up of laboratories dedicated to the latest scientific research. Their products include OR 21 system, laboratory benches, underbenches, washing units, etc. Their services include laboratory installation, toxic gas treatment, roof installation, regulating systems, etc.

KEN a/s manufactures dishwashing systems for more than 60 years.

KEN a/s    Denmark
KEN a/s specializes in manufacturing and distributing dishwashing systems for kitchens and food industries. Their products include bedpan washers, endoscope washers, tunnel washing machines, trolley cleaner, hopper cleaner, etc. The company products are quality certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 14001 standards.

Halson Enterprises Pty Ltd. is a provider of personal safety products, cleaning and packaging products and general accessories, laboratory consumables, etc.

Halson Enterprises Pty Ltd.    Australia
Halson Enterprises Pty Ltd. products include disposable gloves, clothing, footwear, safety glasses, washing powders, brooms, brushes, packaging tapes, foil, plastic and paper bags, containers, bottles, thermometers, cryogenic products, etc.