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Excalibur Product Design LLC manufactures gutter tongs to trap leaves since 1999.

Excalibur Product Design LLC   Maple Valley  United States
Excalibur Product Design LLC specializes in manufacturing gutter tongs to trap the leaves from falling on walkways. The company also provides various product development services.

Heritage Oak Farm manufactures nursery equipments.

Heritage Oak Farm    United States
Heritage Oak Farm specializes in manufacturing nursery equipments. Heritage Oak Farm provides tree nursery business and produces conifers for landscaper, garden center, and real estate developers. Few of their equipments include proline Grabber, proline shovel, proline treetyer, and proline potpicker.

Eckel Manufacturing Co., Inc. manufactures hydraulic tubular make-up and break-out equipment known as tongs since 1958.

Eckel Manufacturing Co., Inc.    
Eckel Manufacturing Co., Inc. designs and manufactures over 30 tong models, tong positioning equipment and diesel or electric power units. Eckel Manufacturing Co. , Inc. has been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and European Conformity (CE).

APS Labware specializes in manufacturing platinum products.

APS Labware   Epping  Australia
APS Labware manufactures wide range of platinum products. Few of their products are platinum and platinum alloy crucibles, dishes, moulds, platinum tip stainless steel tong, platinum tip stainless steel tong with radiation shield, and titanium tongs.

HengTong Group manufactures photoelectric products.

HengTong Group   Mt. Pleasant  United States
HengTong Group specializes in producing and supplying various photoelectric products. Their products include local communication cables, equipment cables, switchboard cables, LAN cables, outdoor optical cable, direct burial outdoor optical cable, optical fiber patch cord, etc.

Heng Tong International Trading and Consulting Co is a manufacturer and distributor of polyresin and ceramic items.

Heng Tong International Trading and Consulting Co    Hong Kong
Heng Tong International Trading and Consulting Co specializes in manufacturing and distributing polyresin and ceramic items. They also offer polyresin Christmas items, Christmas ceramic, polyresin photo frames, polyresin trinket boxes, ceramic trinket boxes, etc.

BAO Tong USA Ltd Battery World specialize in manufacturing rechargeable Ni CD and Ni MH single cells and lead acid batteries used for both industrial and household electronics.

BAO Tong USA Ltd Battery World    United States
BAO Tong USA Ltd Battery World manufactures rechargeable Ni CD and Ni MH single cells and lead acid batteries used for both industrial and household electronics. They carry replacement battery packs for cell phones, laptops, shavers, medical equipments, two-way radios, camcorders, 900 MHZ and cordless phones, maglites, and others. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Leap Tong Industrial Co Ltd produces bio magnets, magnetic jewelry and magnetic health products since 1997.

Leap Tong Industrial Co Ltd   Taiwan  Taiwan, Republic of China
Leap Tong Industrial Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing various magnetic products. Their products include support belt, man`s auto belt, insoles, wraps and plaster, magnet message ball, pillow, mattress, cushion, bracelet, hand ring, necklace, finger ring, ear clips, hand chain, watch chain, earrings, etc.

TongSoft Inc sells sound recorder software tools.

TongSoft Inc    ,,
TongSoft Inc specializes in selling sound recorder software tools. They offer digital music with MP3 sound recorder software, which features 3D interface, automatic silence detection, voice activated recording, multi-session schedule recording, automatically stop recording, multiple file creation, etc.

TongDa Group Co Ltd manufactures and supplies electrical fittings, ironware parts, electronic components, digital satellite TV receiver, optical fiber cable, etc.

TongDa Group Co Ltd   Wanchai  Hong Kong
TongDa Group Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying mobile phone lens, mobile phone crust, UV sprayed components and others, cell phone hinges and sliding covers, laser cutting panels, appliances decoration, luminous alloy products, metal parts products, carbon film fixed resistor, digital satellite TV receiver, and optic fiber cables.