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Remel Inc manufactures and supplies laboratory products for both clinical and industrial applications since 1973.

Remel Inc   Lenexa  United States
Remel Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying laboratory products used for clinical, industrial, research and academic laboratories. Their products include anaerobic gas generating kit anaerobic indicator, methylene blue, anaerobic indicator, carbon dioxide tablets, CO2 Gas generating kit, colorimeter standard kit, gram stain kit plastic tray, plastic contact plate dish, plastic petri dish, reagent rack, etc.

Alpha Tec Systems provides unsurpassed products for mycobacteriology and parasitology laboratories.

Alpha Tec Systems   Vancouver  United States
Alpha Tec Systems specializes in providing unsurpassed products for mycobacteriology and parasitology laboratories. Their products include neutralizing buffers, AFB reagents, AFB stains, pellet resuspension buffer, parasitology reagents, bulk fixatives, plastic lab ware, alcohols, special stains, etc.

LaboTerm supplies various laboratory glasswares and chemicals through online.

LaboTerm   Vaughan  Canada
LaboTerm specializes in supplying wide range of laboratory glasswares and chemicals. Their products include funnels, dishes, flasks, bottles, beakers, cylinders, pipettes, mortars and pestles, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Elemental Scientific LLC distributes chemicals, telescopes, microscopes, science supplies and laboratory apparatus.

Elemental Scientific LLC    United States
Elemental Scientific LLC specializes in distributing chemicals, telescopes, microscopes, science supplies and laboratory apparatus. The company product includes burners and lamps, burettes and pipettes, condensers, flasks, instruments, volumetric solutions, biological stains, indicators, and solutions, chemicals, etc.

Hardy Diagnostics manufactures and supplies laboratory products since 1980.

Hardy Diagnostics    United States
Hardy Diagnostics rapid test kits, stains, reagents, dehydrated media, animal blood products, gas generators, specimen transports, QC organisms, susceptibility disks, petri plates, agar based prepared media and broths, etc.

Microdom manufactures biomedical instrumentation products.

Microdom    ,,
Microdom specializes in producing biomedical instrumentation products. Their product includes fluid handling / micro dispensing, image analysis, control and command software and firmware, data management software, analog and digital electronics, micro mechanics, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Gibson Laboratories Inc supplies various microbiological products. They provide prepared medias, reagents, and ancillary.

Gibson Laboratories Inc    United States
Gibson Laboratories Inc manufactures prepared culture media, stains and reagents, rapid test kits, inocu-swabs, and other microbiological supplies. They are specialized for blood products, oxidase swabs, campy gas, sensi discs, and fungal serology.

Histopathology Reference Laboratory (HRL) provides a full range of histology services, encompassing routine and specialized grossing, processing, embedding, microtomy, routine and special staining and coverslipping for over 20 years.

Histopathology Reference Laboratory (HRL)   Hercules  United States
Histopathology Reference Laboratory (HRL) offers laboratory services which include tissue processing, tissue reprocessing, enzyme histochemistry, unstained sections, body fluids, processing and smears, etc.

Paragon Industries L.P manufactures kilns since 1948.

Paragon Industries L.P   Mesquite  United States
Paragon Industries L.P specializes in manufacturing kilns for ceramics, pottery, heat treating, enameling, dentistry, laboratory testing and glass fusing. Some of their products include Ceramic Kilns, Pottery Kilns, Glass Kilns, Lamp Working Kilns, Silver Clay Kilns, Wax Burnout Furnaces, China Painting Kilns, Enameling Kilns etc.

Kord Products Inc is a distributor in the supply of injection molded products since 1968.

Kord Products Inc    Canada
Kord Products Inc specialize in the supply of injection molded products in the manufacture of laboratory and health care, custom handling, planters pride, molded pulp, mushrooms tills.