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We specialize in manufacturer and supplier of laboratory furnace, laboratory oven and biomedical waste incinerator.   Delhi  0
PlusFurnace is an Indian brand and serves laboratories and light industries with its high end range of heat treatment systems, which include laboratory furnace, laboratory oven and biomedical waste incinerators. The brand PlusFurnace has launched by Exacta Furnace in order to standout globally.\r\nWe design and manufacture custom built laboratory furnace, laboratory oven and biomedical waste incinerator. Each equipment is constructed to meet industry specific requirements following good manufacturing practices.\r\n\r\nThe accesories are Safety Thermostat, PID Controller, Programmable Controller, RS232 Port, Glass Door, Caster Wheels with Lock, Oven Stand, Shelf, Strip Chart Recorder, Circulation Fan, L Type Thermometer, and Drying Pan\r\n. When it comes to buying a customized unit, everyone needs to contact direct manufacturer. It is because, the customer gets best price as the role of middlemen is eliminated in addition, the best advantage of buying product from direct manufacturer is choice of customization. The company have own furnace factory unit, located in one of the reputed industrial areas of Delhi.

We specialize in manufacturing medical and laboratory refrigerators and also supplies biological safety cabinets since 2009   Qingdao  0
Qingdao combi medical and laboratory products Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer of medical and laboratory refrigerators and also a supplier of biological safety cabinets.\r\n\r\nThe products manufactured are laboratory refrigerator and ULT deep freezer, general laboratory equipment, biological safety equipment, optical analytical instruments, ice maker, balance, life science instruments, glass product, laboratory incubator, laboratory drying oven, autoclave, freeze dryer, and washing disinfector.\r\n\r\nThe laboratory refrigerator and ULT deep freezer includes products like 150 degree cryo freezer, mini -86 degree ULT freezer, 86C ultra low temperature freezer, 86C ULT freezer, freezer racks, 50C ultra low temperature freezer, 60C ultra deep freezer, tuna freezer, cryo racks, etc.\r\n\r\nThe General Laboratory Equipment products are Electro-thermal Constant-temperature Water Tank, Electro-thermal Constant-temperature Water Bath, Stainless Steel Electro-thermal Distilling Apparatus, Water-break Auto-control Stainless-steel Water Distilling Apparatus, and more.\r\n\r\nQingdao combi medical and laboratory products Co., Ltd manufactures Biological Safety Equipments like BYKG-I/II Class I Biological Safety Cabinet, BYKG-III/V Class I Biological Safety Cabinet, BSC-1100II A2 Class II biological safety cabinet, BSC-1100IIB2 Class II biological safety cabinet, and many others.\r\n\r\nThe Optical Analytical Instruments include products like A650 Automatic Abbe Refractometer, A620 Automatic Abbe Refractometer, A610 Automatic Abbe Refractometer, P850 Automatic Polarimeter, P810 Automatic Polarimeter, MP300 Melting Point Apparatus, etc.\r\n\r\nThe Life Science Instruments produced are Real-time Quantitative PCR Detection System, TC-4G Gradient Thermal Cycler, DNA Thermal Cycler for PCR, Fluorescence Detection System For End-point qPCR, Nucleic Acid Extraction System, and Portable ATP hygiene monitoring system.\r\n\r\nThe Laboratory Incubator products include THZ Shaking Incubator, Electro-thermal Constant-temperature Incubator, WPL Electro-thermal Constant-temperature Incubator, Drying Oven/Incubator, etc.\r\n\r\nQingdao combi medical and laboratory products Co., Ltd manufactures Laboratory Drying Ovens like WGL Electro-thermal Blast Drying Oven, WGLL Electro-thermal Blast Drying Oven, WHL/WHLL Electro-thermal Constant-temperature Drying Oven, and more.\r\n\r\nThe Autoclave products are Bench-top Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer (Class B), Vertical type high pressure steam sterilizer, and Vertical Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer.\r\n\r\nThe Freeze Dryer products include DFD-10 Freeze Dryer, DFD-12 Freeze Dryer, DFD-18 Freeze dryer, Cubic cabinet and vertical type Freeze dryer, and many other.\r\n\r\nThe Washing Disinfector include products like Hot Air Sterilizer, Labware washing disinfector\r\nLabware washer, Laboratory glassware washer, etc.\r\n\r\nThese products are exported to countries like north america, western europe, eastern europe, south america, russia, middle east, afrika, and oceania.\r\n

Axyos specializes in the manufacture of technology laboratory equipment for more than 30 years.

Axyos    Australia
Axyos specializes in the manufacture of technology laboratory equipment. They offer products like hospital dryers, environmental, ovens, incubators, water baths, shaking, and refrigerated incubators.

Lydon Oven Company builds various industrial ovens.

Lydon Oven Company   Hackensack  United States
Lydon Oven Company specializes in manufacturing wide range of industrial ovens for the plastic industry. Their products include dryers, sterilizing ovens, drum melting ovens, wax removal ovens, plating ovens, annealing ovens, etc.

Hindanio Company is a manufacturer of furnaces, ovens, coils, and heaters for various industries.

Hindanio Company   Nagpur  India
Hindanio Company specializes in manufacturing of furnaces, ovens, coils, and heaters for various industries. Their products include annealing furnaces, high temperature furnaces, primary coils, band heaters, steatite insulated band heaters, immersion heaters, titanium sheaths, industrial furnaces, industrial ovens, laboratory ovens, muffle furnaces, induction coils, strip heaters, etc.

Genlab Limited manufactures ovens, incubators, and associated thermal products since 1961.

Genlab Limited    United Kingdom
Genlab Limited designs, supplies, and manufacturers a range of ovens, incubators and associated thermal products. They are specialized for other divisions such as laboratory, and material testing. Their material testing division includes soils drying ovens, general purpose ovens, loss on heat, thin film oven, riffle boxes, trays, and water baths

Thermal Product Solutions is a manufacture of thermal products.

Thermal Product Solutions    United States
Thermal Product Solutions specializes in manufacturing thermal products. Their products include enviromental rooms, forced air industrial ovens, incubators, vaccum chambers, thermal shock chambers, vibration test systems, etc.

HMG is a manufacturer and exporter of variety of laboratory equipments and clean room equipments since 1986.

HMG   Mumbai  India
HMG specializes in manufacturing and exporting variety of laboratory equipments and clean room equipments. Their products include laboratory ovens, vacuum ovens, BOD incubator, low temperature bath, orbital shaker incubator, fume chamber, stability chamber, laminar flow bench, etc.

Centorr Vacuum Industries manufactures and supplies high temperature vacuum and controlled environment processing equipment.

Centorr Vacuum Industries   Nashua  United States
Centorr Vacuum Industries specializes in engineering, manufacturing and supplying high temperature vacuum and controlled environment processing equipment. Their products include aerospace materials, brazing, chemical vapor deposition, diffusion bonding, electronic ceramics, graphite processing, heat treatment, metal injection molding, quenching, sintering, etc.

Hi-Heat Co Inc buys and sells various industrial heat treating equipments for more than 50 years.

Hi-Heat Co Inc    United States
Hi-Heat Co Inc specializes in providing industrial heat treating equipments. Their products include cabinet ovens, integral quench furnaces, continuous belt ovens, cabinet ovens, box furnaces, box draw furnaces, etc.