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Dake specializes in offering hydraulic presses, arbor presses, bench presses, cold saws and bandsaws.

Dake    United States
Dake offers hydraulic presses, arbor presses, bench presses, cold saws and bandsaws. Their products include horizontal bandsaws, vertical bandsaws, cold saws, dura presses, tire presses, laboratory presses, air operated bench presses, frame presses, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing of metalworking equipment for over 120 years.   Grand Haven  0
Dake has been a trusted name in manufacturing, Since 1887. On January 7, 1887 the Dake Engine Company was founded by a group of 10 local businessmen. Has been manufacturing a complete line of metalworking equipment for over 120 years. Our product line includes; arbor presses, hydraulic presses, bandsaws, cold saws, lab presses, drill presses, custom presses, and more. We are committed to building quality products that last a lifetime.\r\n\r\nThe company Product includes Arbor Presses, Hydraulic Presses, Specialty Presses, Drill Presses, Cold Saws, Vertical Bandsaws, Horizontal Bandsaws, Tire Presses, Belt Grinder, C-Frame Bench Presses, Laboratory Presses, Power Hammer and Automatic Feeder Systems.\r\n\r\nDake tools has been passed down for generations for their reliability and durability. Today, the product line has expanded beyond hydraulic and arbor presses to include; bandsaws, cold saws, drill presses, laboratory presses, and more.

Korsch AG is a manufacturer of tableting presses and eccentric presses since 1918.

Korsch AG    United Kingdom
Korsch AG produces tableting machines, eccentric presses and periphery equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical and technical industrial sectors. Their product list includes pharmaceutical rotary presses, pharmaceutical single punch presses, technical rotary presses, special machines, R and D laboratory equipment, data recording and testing devices, as well as used machines.

Angstrom Inc is a manufacturer of arc spark emission spectrometers since 1962.

Angstrom Inc    United States
Angstrom Inc specializes in manufacturing arc spark emission spectrometers pulverizers, and presses for metals analysis, and upgrade systems, xrf and xrd samples. Their products include portable spectrometer, desktop spectrometer, laboratory spectrometer, refurbished spectrometers, automatic briquet press, laboratory ring pulverizer, etc.

JRD Bipel is a manufacturer of presses, pelletisers and injection machines for industrial purpose.

JRD Bipel    ,,
JRD Bipel specializes in manufacturing presses, pelletisers and injection machines for industrial purpose. They also produce lab presses, two roll mills, internal mixers, c frame, etc. They offer services for power packs, platens, insulation material, hydraulic oil, etc.

Germatec GmbH designs and manufactures machines for wet preparation, shaping machines, laboratory machines, etc for more than 80 years.

Germatec GmbH    Germany
Germatec GmbH specializes in designing and manufacturing preparation machines, extruder machines, grinding machines, mixing machines, shaping machines, laboratory machines, and other machines. Their products include filter presses, pumps, screw mixers, extruders, centrifugal ball mills, jar mills, ball mils, de airing plaster mixers, mixing kneaders, electro hydraulic ceramic presses, hydraulic pot presses, etc.

JM Machinery specialize in the design, manufacture, and machine capabilities, with technical and engineering support for more than 30 years.

JM Machinery    United States
JM Machinery specialize in the design, manufacture, and machine capabilities, with technical and engineering support. They offer a wide range of poducts from laboratory through the production sizes of internal mixers, rubber mills, extruders, calenders, compression presses, vacuum presses, preformers, tire machinery, shoe machinery, and other lines of rubber working machinery.

JRD Group is a manufacturer and distributor of mechanical, hydraulics, and pneumatics products.

JRD Group    United Kingdom
JRD Group specializes in manufacturing and distributing mechanical, hydraulics, and pneumatics products. The company has two divisions such as JRDare Ltd and JRD Bipel. They offer products like roll mills and mixers, calenders, extruders, hydraulic moulding press and pelleter for industrial applications.

Cavalla specializes in manufacturing and packaging cosmetic and personal care products, since 1925.

Cavalla manufactures cosmetic and personal care products. Their products include lipstick shapes, lipstick systems, modular lipstick equipment, hot pour system, pressed powder, mascara, nail polish, filling and closing machines, cartoning, etc.

ErtelAlsop manufactures wide range of filter equipments since 1932.

ErtelAlsop   Kingston  United States
ErtelAlsop specializes in manufacturing various filter equipments for the pharmaceutical industry. Their products include laboratory filters, plate and frame filter presses, vapor master filter presses, pak filter housings, filter pads, lenticular filter catridges, filter paper, etc.