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ErtelAlsop manufactures wide range of filter equipments since 1932.

ErtelAlsop   Kingston  United States
ErtelAlsop specializes in manufacturing various filter equipments for the pharmaceutical industry. Their products include laboratory filters, plate and frame filter presses, vapor master filter presses, pak filter housings, filter pads, lenticular filter catridges, filter paper, etc.

ErtelAlsop manufactures filtration media and equipments.

ErtelAlsop    United States
ErtelAlsop specializes in producing filtration media and equipments. The company product includes laboratory filters, plate and frame filter presses, filter pads, filter paper, lenticular filter cartridges, etc.

Germatec GmbH designs and manufactures machines for wet preparation, shaping machines, laboratory machines, etc for more than 80 years.

Germatec GmbH    Germany
Germatec GmbH specializes in designing and manufacturing preparation machines, extruder machines, grinding machines, mixing machines, shaping machines, laboratory machines, and other machines. Their products include filter presses, pumps, screw mixers, extruders, centrifugal ball mills, jar mills, ball mils, de airing plaster mixers, mixing kneaders, electro hydraulic ceramic presses, hydraulic pot presses, etc.

Compositech manufactures and supplies industrial filters.

Compositech    United States
Compositech specializes in manufacturing and supplying industrial filters. The company products include disc filters, drum filters, belt press filters, horizontal belts, replacement parts, filter media, vacuum systems, and accessories

Filtra Systems Inc supplies variety of industrial filtration equipments.

Filtra Systems Inc    United States
Filtra Systems Inc specializes in supplying various filtration equipments for industrial applications. Few of their products are coolant systems, perma flow filters, hydrovac filters, micro screen strainer, verti-press EF filters, precoatt dome filters, deep bed filters, etc. The company is quality certified to 9001:2000.

We specialize in manufacturer of Chamber and Frame filter press.   istanbul  0
City Filter Press manufactures custom design simply operated filter press for various industrial processes.\r\n Automatic & semi automatic (hydraulic) filter press for sale made by carbon steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel.\r\n The company Filter Press manufactures high capacity equipments that is convenient for the industrial filtration processes, wastewater sludge drying, marble, oil and acid filtering.\r\n Filter Press Plates\r\n Polipropilen filter press plates are chamber (recessed) and frame&plate type resistant up to 16 bar and high temperature.\r\n For liquid-solid seperation; shape of our filter press plates are commonly square also round shape for ceramic sludge drying.\r\n\r\nFilter Cloths\r\n Quality of the filter press machine filtration quitely depends on the quality of the filter cloths, especially for oil and chemical filtering, The company\r\n filter press offers high quality PP, cotton and polyester industrial woven filter press cloths for chamber, frame filter press also belt filter press equipment.\r\n The specifications are Chamber (Recessed) Filter Press Plates, Frame & Plate Frames Filter Press, Membrane Filter Plates, Wastewater Sludge Drying, Oil Filtering (Edible Oil & Mineral Oil Filtration)\r\n, Acid Filtering, High Quality, \r\n\r\nFilter Plates Dimensions\r\n is Chamber, Frame&Plate and Membrane type filter press plates are made from polypropilene materials.\r\n 1200x1200, 1000x1000, 800x800, 630x630, 500x500 and 250x250 mm filter press plates are our main products. 5Filter Press Pumps\r\n air diaphram pumps, monompomps and piston sludge pumps are supplied from City Filter Press according to your proce\s needs. 5Polymer Dosing System\r\n Anionic or cationic polymer dosing increase the dryness rate of the cake of filter press.\r\n Full automatic polymer dosing systems are desinged from City Filter Press and made from stainless steel meterials.\r\n

Micronics specializes in manufacturing and supplying filter cloth, plates, presses and parts since 1983.

Micronics   Portsmouth  United States
Micronics manufactures and supplies filter cloth, filter plates, filter presses, replace and refurbish parts, and accessories. The company was established in 1983.

Dake specializes in offering hydraulic presses, arbor presses, bench presses, cold saws and bandsaws.

Dake    United States
Dake offers hydraulic presses, arbor presses, bench presses, cold saws and bandsaws. Their products include horizontal bandsaws, vertical bandsaws, cold saws, dura presses, tire presses, laboratory presses, air operated bench presses, frame presses, etc.

Manufacturer of Filter Press Cloth, Sludge Disposal Bags, Anode Bags, Filter Press Accessories

Albax, Inc.   Elmhurst  United States

Abec Filtration Systems Inc is a supplier of filter equipment since 1989.

Abec Filtration Systems Inc   Somerville  United States
Abec Filtration Systems Inc specializes in supplying filtration equipment for industry needs. Their products include filter press, lenticular cartridges, filter sheets, cartridge housing, plate and frame filters, filter sheets, lenticular filters and cartridge housings, etc.