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ExACT Mixing Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of automatic mixing equipment and bakery mixers, etc.

ExACT Mixing Systems Inc.    United States
ExACT Mixing Systems Inc. also manufactures laboratory equipment from ExACT mixing, dough mixer, kneader, vertical mixer, spiral mixer, twin arm mixer, fork mixer, double spiral mixer, pizza mixer, bread mixer, cookie mixer, ciabatta mixer, donut mixer, French bread mixer, and continuous mixer, etc.

Chemicolloid Laboratories Inc manufactures wide range of mixing machines for industrial processing applications.

Chemicolloid Laboratories Inc   Garden City Park  United States
Chemicolloid Laboratories Inc specializes in producing mixing machines for emulsions, dispersions, suspensions, homogenization, and disintegration.

Manatts Inc offers construction services since 1947.

Manatts Inc    United States
Manatts Inc specializes in offering construction services. Few of their services include ready mix concrete, asphalt paving, concrete paving, seal coat, water and sewer line installation, trenching and shouldering, milling, sand and gravel, limestone quarries, farming, dirt excavation, and laboratory consultations.

Joshua Greaves And Sons Ltd manufactures industrial mixing machines since 1922.

Joshua Greaves And Sons Ltd    United Kingdom
Joshua Greaves And Sons Ltd specializes in producing industrial mixing machines. Their product includes triple action dispersion mixer, laboratory mixer, WGH range of mixers, IBC mixers and agitators, GFL range of mixers, etc.

MixMor specializes in manufacturing mixers for more than 50 years.

MixMor   Los Angeles  United States
MixMor manufactures mixers. Their products include portable mixers, turbine mixers, top entering, side entering, laboratory mixers, custom mixers, custom impellers, mixer lift stands, etc.

Bethlehem Burners specializes in providing service for artists, glassblowers, laboratories, and the glass working industry.

Bethlehem Burners    United States
Bethlehem Burners provides service for artists, glassblowers, laboratories, and the glass working industry. Their products include surface mix gas oxygen burners, bench burners, hand-held torches, and tools and accessories for glass working.

Griffith Laboratories is a manufacturer of food products, and provides a various range of taste and texture components for the food industry, since 1919.

Griffith Laboratories    United States
Griffith Laboratories provides products like: seasoning blends, dry mixes, coating systems, dough blends, crumbs, flavors, sauces, and food bases, for various applications like: snack foods, processed meat, and for poultry products. The company employs about 2500 employees.

Chicago Testing Laboratory Inc provides testing, inspection, training, and consulting services in the fields of geotechnical, environmental, and construction materials engineering since 1912.

Chicago Testing Laboratory Inc    United States
Chicago Testing Laboratory Inc specializes in providing testing, inspection, training, and consulting services in the fields of geotechnical, environmental and construction materials engineering. Their service includes for asphalt and asphalt materials, liquids, aggregates, concrete and soils.

Bioderma specializes in manufacturing and supplying french cosmetics for mat, black and mixed complexions.

Bioderma   La Teste  France
Bioderma manufactures and supplies french cosmetics for mat, black and mixed complexions. Their products include lightening care products, face care products, and body care products.

Germatec GmbH designs and manufactures machines for wet preparation, shaping machines, laboratory machines, etc for more than 80 years.

Germatec GmbH    Germany
Germatec GmbH specializes in designing and manufacturing preparation machines, extruder machines, grinding machines, mixing machines, shaping machines, laboratory machines, and other machines. Their products include filter presses, pumps, screw mixers, extruders, centrifugal ball mills, jar mills, ball mils, de airing plaster mixers, mixing kneaders, electro hydraulic ceramic presses, hydraulic pot presses, etc.