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ExACT Mixing Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of automatic mixing equipment and bakery mixers, etc.

ExACT Mixing Systems Inc.    United States
ExACT Mixing Systems Inc. also manufactures laboratory equipment from ExACT mixing, dough mixer, kneader, vertical mixer, spiral mixer, twin arm mixer, fork mixer, double spiral mixer, pizza mixer, bread mixer, cookie mixer, ciabatta mixer, donut mixer, French bread mixer, and continuous mixer, etc.

MixMor specializes in manufacturing mixers for more than 50 years.

MixMor   Los Angeles  United States
MixMor manufactures mixers. Their products include portable mixers, turbine mixers, top entering, side entering, laboratory mixers, custom mixers, custom impellers, mixer lift stands, etc.

Joshua Greaves And Sons Ltd manufactures industrial mixing machines since 1922.

Joshua Greaves And Sons Ltd    United Kingdom
Joshua Greaves And Sons Ltd specializes in producing industrial mixing machines. Their product includes triple action dispersion mixer, laboratory mixer, WGH range of mixers, IBC mixers and agitators, GFL range of mixers, etc.

Morton Machine Co. Ltd has been manufacturing mixers and blenders since 1859.

Morton Machine Co. Ltd   Motherwell  United Kingdom
Morton Machine Co. Ltd products line includes ploughshare mixers, batch ploughshare mixers, continuous ploughshare mixers, ribbon blenders, mixer granulators, duplex mixers, whisks, batter whisks, gridlap mixers, and laboratory mixers. Morton Machine Co. Ltd also offers a full range of used and, reconditioned mixers.

IKA Works Inc specializes in producing process equipment, laboratory technology and analytical technology since 1985.

IKA Works Inc    United States
IKA Works Inc produces process equipment, laboratory technology and analytical technology. Their products include inline mixers, powder liquid mixers, batch mixers, colloid mills and cone mills, laboratory mixers, kneaders, bomb calorimeters, etc.

Admix Inc supplies variety of mixing equipments for sanitary and hygienic industries.

Admix Inc    United States
Admix Inc specializes in distributing wide range of mixing equipmenys for sanitary and hygienic industries, which includes food, dairy, meat and poultry, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and biotech. The company products are dispersers, emulsifiers, sanitary mixers, etc.

Damixa ApS specializes in producing mixer taps and single lever mixer since 1932.

Damixa ApS   Odense  Denmark
Damixa ApS produces mixer taps and single lever mixer. Their product line includes orange, black, and blue accessories.

Miracle Paint Rejuvenator Company specializes in designing and manufacturing paint mixers for one and five gallon mixing since 1932.

Miracle Paint Rejuvenator Company    United States
Miracle Paint Rejuvenator Company designs and manufactures paint mixers for one and five gallon mixing. Their products include heavy duty industrial mixers, pacer industrial mixers, laboratory mixers, automotive shakers, architectural paint mixers, shakers for ink preparation, industrial products blenders or tumbler and debur.

Flux Gerate Gmbh is a manufacturer of variety of barrel pumps since 1950.

Flux Gerate Gmbh   Maulbronn  Germany
Flux Gerate Gmbh specializes in manufacturing variety of barrel pumps. Their products include pump kits, barrel and container pumps, high viscocity liquid pumps, sanitary pumps, vertical centrifugal immersion pumps, mixers, liquid meters, accessories, etc.

Hanson Lab Furniture Inc is a designer and builder of variety of labs and other lab accessories since 1977.

Hanson Lab Furniture Inc    United States
Hanson Lab Furniture Inc specializes in designing and building variety of labs and other lab accessories. Their products include fume hoods, cabinets, tables, housings, legs, panels, fillers, modular furniture, finish colors, etc.