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Boreal Laboratories sells wide range of educational materials and equipments since 1955.

Boreal Laboratories    Canada
Boreal Laboratories specializes in providing educational materials and equipments. Their products categories include chemistry and chemicals, earth science, ecology, environment, forensics, homeschooling, scientific inquiry and science fairs, instructional technology, labware and furniture, science books, etc.

Drug Detection Laboratories is a distributor of instant result drug test kits since 1977.

Drug Detection Laboratories    ,,
Drug Detection Laboratories, a division of Truth Verification Laboratories, Inc specializes in distributing instant result drug test kits. Their products include quickscreen drug test kits, on site drug screening test kits. They also provide online ordering for their products.

Cima Scientific manufactures and supplies clinical laboratory instrumentation, diagnostic test kits and supplies.

Cima Scientific   De Soto  United States
Cima Scientific specializes in manufacturing and supplying clinical laboratory instrumentation, diagnostic test kits and supplies. The company products include lab tec jr. , ELISA instruments, blood bank reagents, microscopes and instrumentation, etc.

Biosan Laboratories Inc specializes in solving problems of microbial contamination in the industrial environment since1973.

Biosan Laboratories Inc    United States
Biosan Laboratories Inc solves problems of microbial contamination in the industrial environment. They offer microbiological test kits like dip slides and laboratory testing services. Their products include industrial test kits, clinical test kits, incubator, etc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc specializes in the manufacture of analytical and laboratory equipments.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc    United States
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc is a manufacturer of analytical and laboratory equipments. They offer products like bioreagents, sera, antibodies, kits, disposable laboratory glassware, disposable laboratory plasticware, etc.

Clontech Laboratories Inc provides kits, reagents, and services to research about gene discovery, regulation, and function.

Clontech Laboratories Inc   Mountain View  United States
Clontech Laboratories Inc specializes in providing kits, reagents, and services to research about gene discovery, regulation, and function. The company product includes PCR products, mammalian expression systems, PCR purification products, mutagenesis kits, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Mountain Home Biological distributes laboratory supplies.

Mountain Home Biological    United States
Mountain Home Biological specializes in distributing laboratory supplies. Few of their products include anatomical models, chemicals, dissection kits, filtration items, glassware, live materials, etc.

Biotec Laboratories Limited is a manufacturer of medical diagnostic products since 1985.

Biotec Laboratories Limited    United Kingdom
Biotec Laboratories Limited specializes in manufacturing medical diagnostic products. Their products include tuberculosis, blood grouping reagents, bacteriology, rapid latex kits, syphilis, culture media, belisa, etc.

Remel Inc manufactures and supplies laboratory products for both clinical and industrial applications since 1973.

Remel Inc   Lenexa  United States
Remel Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying laboratory products used for clinical, industrial, research and academic laboratories. Their products include anaerobic gas generating kit anaerobic indicator, methylene blue, anaerobic indicator, carbon dioxide tablets, CO2 Gas generating kit, colorimeter standard kit, gram stain kit plastic tray, plastic contact plate dish, plastic petri dish, reagent rack, etc.

The scientists at Davis Laboratories are standing by to help you take the guesswork out of environmental testing. Call toll free (877) 453-2847 for more info.\r\n\r\n

Asbestos Test Kits | Davis Test Kits   Fort Lauderdale  United States
Mold, allergens, water, bacteria, radon, asbestos, lead and MRSA are among the most hazardous elements found in the home and work places potentially posing serious threats to health and well-being. We offer a comprehensive test kit for all of these hazards with laboratory analysis available within 24 hrs. Call toll free (877) 453-2847 for more info.