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Hi-Heat Industries Inc manufactures heaters since 1981.

Hi-Heat Industries Inc    United States
Hi-Heat Industries Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing heaters for industrial applications. Their products include silicone rubber heaters, polyester heaters, catalog heaters, enclosure heaters, mica etched foil heaters, polyimide heaters, etc.

Hindanio Company is a manufacturer of furnaces, ovens, coils, and heaters for various industries.

Hindanio Company   Nagpur  India
Hindanio Company specializes in manufacturing of furnaces, ovens, coils, and heaters for various industries. Their products include annealing furnaces, high temperature furnaces, primary coils, band heaters, steatite insulated band heaters, immersion heaters, titanium sheaths, industrial furnaces, industrial ovens, laboratory ovens, muffle furnaces, induction coils, strip heaters, etc.

Caframo Limited established in 1955 manufactures fans, and heaters.

Caframo Limited   Wiarton  Canada
Caframo Limited works under two divisions, which includes consumer division which manufactures products like electric fans, portable electric heaters, and unique hearth fans, and accessories, and the laboratory division sells overhead laboratory stirrers, mixing impellers and accessories. Caframo Limited products are built and approved to appropriate standards such as CE, UL and CSA. Caframo Limited serves USA, Canada, and international markets.

Eldex designs and manufactures instruments for analytical chemistry laboratories and chemical process control since 1984.

Eldex    United States
Eldex specializes in designing and manufacturing instruments for analytical chemistry laboratories and chemical process control. Their products include micro pro pumps, recipro pumps, column heater, fraction collector, picoparts, hydrolysis or derivatization workstation, etc.

The Heaters Shop is an online supplier specializing in heaters for residential and commercial use.

The Heaters Shop   East Point  United States
The Heaters Shop is an online supplier of heaters. They offer products like space heaters, garage heaters, baseboard heaters, bathroom heaters, patio heaters, fan heaters, desk heaters, heavy duty electric heaters, etc.

All Canadian Coal-Fired Heaters design and manufactures coal burning heaters for over twenty years. All Canadian Coal-Fired Heaters has been acquired by Nova Metal Tech Ltd. in 1990.

All Canadian Coal-Fired Heaters    Canada
All Canadian Coal-Fired Heaters has been acquired by Nova Metal Tech Ltd. in 1990 and carry on its business under the name of Nova Metal Tech Ltd. Nova Metal Tech Ltd working closely with organizations like Natural Resources Canada, the Alberta Research Council and the Underwriters` Laboratories of Canada to develop new solid fuel technologies. Nova Metal Tech Ltd. manufactures five sizes of the All Canadian Coal Heater from 500, 000 BTU to 2, 300, 000 BTU to meet any heating need.

Mr.Heater manufactures portable heaters and accessories for more than 40 years.

Mr.Heater    United States
Mr.Heater specializes in producing portable heaters and accessories. Their product includes safe propane heaters, vent free heaters, garage/shop heaters, propane torches, etc.

Elmatic (Cardiff) Limited is a manufacturer of industrial electric heating elements in the UK since 1949.

Elmatic (Cardiff) Limited    United Kingdom
Elmatic (Cardiff) Limited manufacture heating elements for all industries. The company products include mica bands heaters, mica plates heaters, nozzle heaters, cartridge heaters, ceramic knuckle heaters, tubular rod or immersion heaters, square section heaters, thermocouples and controllers.

Heatrex, Inc. manufactures tubular heating elements, bolt heaters, immersion heaters, duct heaters, and circulation heaters for industry.

Heatrex, Inc.   Meadville  United States
Heatrex, Inc. products include tubular/finned tubular heaters, immersion heaters, circulation heaters, tubular/finned tubular duct heaters, switchgear space heaters, cluster heaters, infrared electric heaters, etc.

We are a comprehensive medical company specialize in research and development, production and sales of dental laboratory products.   changsha  0
Sema dental Lab Equipment Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive medical company specializes in research and development, production and sales of dental laboratory products.\r\n\r\nDental laboratory equipments offered by the company includes no flame wax unit, digital wax dipping pot, electric wax carving pencil, wax softening unit, Wax sculpture tools, vibrating instrument, micro-vibes and other dental laboratory tools for porcelain.\r\n\r\nCompany’s catalog includes spatulas wax heater, Teeth whitening lamp, Zirconia sintering furnace, Digital wax dipping pot, Dental endo motor, Digital apex locator with pulp tester, Teeth whitening gel kit, Gutta pecha obturation system, pulp tester, LED curing light, Digital apex locator, dental chair side teeth whitening, Dental lab tool-Lab micro vibes, Dental lab tool- opaque hand instrument, Dental lab tool- Condenser, Dental lab tool-Soft-Grip, Dental lab tool-Porcelain blade module, Dental lab tools for crown and bridge, Dental laboratory equipments, etc.\r\n\r\nSema dental Lab Equipment Company has strong technical force in product development advanced testing equipment and efficient after-sale service system.\r\n