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COY Laboratory Products Inc specializes in manufacturing glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, and PCR workstations for the medical and scientific industry for more than 30 years

COY Laboratory Products Inc    United States
COY Laboratory Products Inc manufactures of glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, and PCR workstations for the medical and scientific industry. Their products include basic glove boxes, anaerobic chambers and glove boxes, hypoxic or oxygen control glove boxes, dry glove boxes, humidity control glove boxes, PCR workstations, isolation glove box for mail processing, etc.

Gel-Pak manufactures device carrier products since 1980, and Headquartered in Hayward, California.

Gel-Pak    United States
Gel-Pak manufactures products which gives protection to other products. Their products prevent damage from shipping and handling of fragile devices. Gel-pak products are Gel-box, Gel-tray, Gel-slide, VR tray, and Gel-film which are manufactured using a proprietary Gel material that effectively immobilizes a device based on surface contact.

Carlson Laboratories provides nutritional supplements since 1965.

Carlson Laboratories   Arlington Heights  United States
Carlson Laboratories specializes in providing nutritional supplements. Their products include empty gelatin capsules, mineral tablets and capsules, shampoo, soap, liquid mineral soft gels, digestive aids, etc.

Exam Packaging provides packaging solutions since 1986.

Exam Packaging    Belgium
Exam Packaging specializes in providing isothermal packaging solutions, and packaging solutions for injected polyurethane foam. The company mainly serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical sectors, and clinical research organizations.

Labnet International Inc manufactures and distributes laboratory equipments.

Labnet International Inc   Woodbridge  United States
Labnet International Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing various laboratory equipments. Their products include centrifuges, liquid handling products, molecular biology equipment, benchtop shakers and rockers, incubators and laboratory plastics.

Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories produces skin and hair formulations for direct dispensing since 1980.

Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories    United States
Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories specializes in manufacturing skin and hair formulations. Their protocol products include AHA formulations, creams, lotions, gels, glycolic acid, etc.

LeDuc Packaging provides products and related services to the seafood industry since 1962.

LeDuc Packaging    United States
LeDuc Packaging specializes in providing superior products and related services to the seafood industry. Their products include poly bags, poly and paper fish bags, poly liner sheets, custom printed cartons and sleeves, plastic molded containers, zero pak gel ice packs, etc.

Addison Biological Laboratory Inc manufactures and distributes veterinarian products since 1996.

Addison Biological Laboratory Inc    United States
Addison Biological Laboratory Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing veterinarian products. Their products include maxi guard oral cleansing gel, orazn, zn7 derm, zn7 equine wound care formula, zn 4. 5 otic, pinkeye bacterin, nasal vac, autogenous bacterins, maxi ject blowpipe systems, etc.

Fourrts India Laboratories Pvt Ltd manufactures health care products since 1977.

Fourrts India Laboratories Pvt Ltd    India
Fourrts India Laboratories Pvt Ltd specializes in producing health care products. Their product includes fourts B, sucrafil suspension, sucrafil o gel, rejunuron, oxerute, prepro capsules, etc.

Techni Ice manufactures Techni ice reusable dry ice packs/ gel packs and ice.

Techni Ice   Frankston  Australia
Techni Ice specializes in manufacturing Techni ice reusable dry ice packs/ gel packs and ice. Techni Ice reusable dry ice packs / gel packs 4ply comprises of 2 non-woven textile layers, which encapsulate a specially formulated cross-linked polyacrylate polyalcohol co-polymer refrigerant combined with a post treated formula. The company is quality certified to ISO-9002.