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Hanson Lab Furniture Inc is a designer and builder of variety of labs and other lab accessories since 1977.

Hanson Lab Furniture Inc    United States
Hanson Lab Furniture Inc specializes in designing and building variety of labs and other lab accessories. Their products include fume hoods, cabinets, tables, housings, legs, panels, fillers, modular furniture, finish colors, etc.

Lab Furniture Installations and Sales provides laboratory furniture products.

Lab Furniture Installations and Sales   Middleton  United States
Lab Furniture Installations and Sales specializes in supplying and installing laboratory furniture products made from paintless steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc. Their products include table tops, reagent shelving, lab stools, stainless steel sinks, wall shelving, pipe case, etc.

Hoare Laboratory Engineering Ltd is a distributor of laboratory products for various industries for more than 70 years.

Hoare Laboratory Engineering Ltd    United Kingdom
Hoare Laboratory Engineering Ltd specializes in distributing variety of laboratory products for various industries. Their products include laboratory furniture, fume cupboards, extract hood and cabinets, fume extracts and air supply, mechanical pipework, electrical services, building work and alterations, etc.

We specialize in laboratory planning and constructing services along with manufacturing, installing, and supplying laboratory furniture.   guangzhou china  0
Guangzhou Hopui Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd is a company that offers laboratory planning and constructing services along with manufacturing, installing, and supplying laboratory furniture. The product category includes laboratory bench, fume hood, laboratory cabinet, biosafety cabinet, laminar flow, laboratory fittings, and lab clean room.\r\n\r\nSome of the products provided are chemical laboratory island bench, steel and wood laboratory island bench, pp fume hood, computer laboratory table for one person use, pp laboratory sink, laboratory chair, and FFU. The products are used schools, university, hospitals, chemical companies, research institutes, and laboratories.\r\n

We specialize in the production of laboratory furniture since 1994.   Qingdao  0
Qingdao Blue Ocean Foundation Laboratory Equipment Co Ltd is a manufacturer of laboratory furniture. \r\n\r\nSome of the products include high quality fume hood, high quality balance table, lab bench reagent rack, reagent rack, lab furniture steel balance, steel balance table, balance table, lab furniture balance table sink, lab faucet, emergency eye washer, eye washer, emergency eye washer, gas cock, laboratory pegboard, tool cabinet, BOF tool cabinet, steel tool cabinet, and many more. \r\n\r\nQingdao Blue Ocean Foundation Laboratory Equipment Co Ltd has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Sheppards Office Furniture supplies office furnitures.

Sheppards Office Furniture    United States
Sheppards Office Furniture specializes in supplying office furnitures. Few of their categories include ergonomic chairs, leather chairs, secretarial chairs, executive chairs, computer chairs, office furniture, computer furniture, office furniture brokerage, office furniture liquidation, export office furniture, leather office furniture, secretarial furniture, ergonomic office furniture, ergonomic furniture, executive office furniture, etc.

LabFurn Manufacturing specializes in the manufacture of laboratory furniture since 1987.

LabFurn Manufacturing    ,,
LabFurn Manufacturing specializes in the manufacture of laboratory furniture. They specialize in the manufacturing of laboratory products like alpha and beta systems. They offer services like energy cores, reagent shelves, worktops, and sinks, ceramic, stainless steel, epoxy resin, taps, and associated fittings, arboles, etc.

Collegedale Casework LLC manufactures wide range of specialty laboratory furniture since 1951.

Collegedale Casework LLC   Collegedale  United States
Collegedale Casework LLC specializes in manufacturing various specialty laboratory furniture for schools, universities, hospitals and others industries. Few of their products are fume hoods, adaptable lab systems, science learning centers, science teaching centers, etc.

Case Systems Inc manufactures plastic laminate furniture and casework for more than 25 years.

Case Systems Inc    United States
Case Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing plastic laminate furniture and casework for Laboratories, commercial and institutional facilities, hospitals, schools, universities, and libraries. Their products include education casework, music casework, arts and crafts casework, home arts casework, library casework, science casework, technology casework, ergonomic workstations, countertops, rail mounted system, etc.

Dalbec Audio Laboratory performs designing, manufacturing, installation and repairs high performance sound systems since 1979.

Dalbec Audio Laboratory    United States
Dalbec Audio Laboratory products serve broadcast, theatre, and critical commercial applications. The company`s manufacturing facility allows metal fabrication, custom short productions of loudspeakers, electronic support components, custom furniture and cabinet.