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We specializes in providing all kinds of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Beauty Manicure Instruments and TC Instruments.   Sialkot  0
SCISSORS WAY specializes in providing all kinds of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Beauty Manicure Instruments and TC Instruments. Also exporting Professional Barber Scissors in very best Quality from few Years.\r\n\r\nThe company main product includes Barber Scissors, Iris Scissors, Mayo Scissors, Metzenbaum Scissors, Hair Thinning Scissors and Barber Scissors Set. Manicure Instruments include Hair Cutting Scissors, Thinning Scissors, Cuticle Nail Scissors, Cuticle Fancy Nail Scissors, Cuticle Nail Nippers, Nail & Cuticle Pushers, Eye Brow Tweezers, Nail Cutters, Corn Cutters, Acrylic Nail Cutters, Nail & Foot Care Files, Barber Shears Kits and Manicure Care Kits. Surgical Instruments include Diagnostics, Anesthesia, Trocars, Suture, Scalples, Scissors, Dressing & Tissue Forceps, Splinter Forceps, Haemostatic Forceps, Towel & Tubing Clamps, Dressing & Sponge Forceps, Retractors, Probes, Plaster, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Tracheotomy, Dermatology, Intestines & Stomach, Urology, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Sterilization, Bone Surgery, Micro Surgery, Otology Promed, Laryngo and Rhinology. Dental Instruments include Tooth Extracting Forceps|(Eng), Tooth Extracting Forceps|(Amr), Root Elevators, Bone Rongeurs, Bone Files, Bone Curettes, Cotton & Dressing Tweezers, Rubber Dam Punch & Clamps, Orthodontic Pliers, Needle Holders, Gum Scissors, Amalgam Instruments, Mouth Gags & Retractor, Periodontia Instruments, Filling Instruments, Cement Spatulas, Single/Double End Explorers, Mirror Handles, Endodontic Instruments, Separating Spatulas, Excavators, Scalers, Wax & Modelling Carvers, Impression Trays, Dental Syringes, Cavity Preparation, Explorers & Probes, Crown Removers, X-Rays Holders, Matrix Retainers, Articulators and Miscellaneous Laboratory Instruments. TC includes Scissors, Forceps, Suture and Pliers.\r\n\r\nScissors Way achieved tremendous success by virtue of constant dedicated efforts, devotion to duty and maintenance of quality control. This quality management system was properly implemented and is being successfully executed at all production stages. This is indeed a result of constant professional and vigorous team effort undertaken by Scissors Way most responsible, professional and dedicated staff members.

We are leading manufacturers of surgical and dental instruments. We sell and also distribute high quality instruments worldwide.   Sialkot  0
Nest Surgical is a leading manufacturer of surgical and dental instruments. Company also sell, and distributes high quality instruments worldwide.\r\n\r\nSurgical instruments offered by the company includes operating scissors, needle holders with tungsten carbide inserts, dissecting scissors, gynecological scissors, nasal scissors, bandage scissors, bulldog clamps, cotton swab forceps, hemostatic dissecting and ligature forceps, hemostatic forceps, polypus and dressing forceps, sponge holding forceps, sterilizing forceps, tonsil seizing forceps, towel forceps, watchmakers forceps, retractors, tongue depressors, bone chisels, etc. \r\n\r\nDental instruments offered by the company includes Extracting Forceps American, extracting forceps English, extracting forceps children pattern, wire cutting and gum scissors, crown scissors, root splinter forceps, bone rongeurs and bone cutting forceps,, root elevators, bone curettes, tooth tweezers, scalers, excavators, matrices & matrix retainers cement spatulas, impression trays, rubber dam instruments, wire cutters, bending pliers, gauges and calipers \r\n\r\nNest Surgical Company has been quality certified to ISO-9001: 2000 standards, and has received certifications of CE, and FDA.\r\n

Ikas Associates manufactures forceps, scissors, and other surgical equipments.

Ikas Associates   Sialkot  Pakistan
Ikas Associates specializes in manufacturing wide range of surgical equipments for dental, surgical and beauty sectors. Their products include dressing and tissue forceps, splinter forceps, scissors, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting electrosurgical instruments since 1995.\r\n   Sialkot  0
Zoey Corporation is a manufacturer and exporter of electrosurgical instruments. The products manufactured are bipolar forceps, non-stick bipolar forceps, monopolar forceps, bipolar cabels, monopolar cables, electrosurgical pencils, electrodes, loop electrodes, diathermy products, electrosurgery gynecology instruments and other electrosurgical instruments.

We specialize in the manufacture and production of electrosurgical instruments for the healthcare industry.   Sialkot  0
Electro Range MFG Co. produces and manufactures electrosurgical instruments that find applications in general surgery, neurosurgery, pphthalmic/ent surgery, and plastic surgery.\r\n\r\nThe company’s main products lines are surgical and electrosurgical accessories that include bipolar forceps, bipolar cables, monopolar forceps, monopolar cables, electrosurgical pencils, electrodes, loop electrodes, laparoscopic instruments, gynecology speculums and retractors, and a wide range of disposable accessories.\r\n\r\nSome of the European Bipolar Forceps include Insulated Bipolar Forceps, Block Connector Forceps, Irrigation Bipolar Forceps, NON STICK Bipolar Forceps, Bipolar Electrodes, American Bipolar Forceps, Monopolar Forceps and others. \r\n\r\nThe other products manufactured by the company include electrosurgery cables, bipolar and monopolar instruments, gynecology instruments, pencils and electrodes, and laparoscopic instruments.\r\n\r\nElectro Range MFG Co. is certified in accordance to the SGS ISO 9001, SGS 13485 and SGS CE Directive 93/42/EEC standards.

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of surgical instruments, E.N.T surgery, gynecology, diagnostic, dental instruments, single use instruments, sterilizing instruments, veterinary instruments and scissors.   Sialkot  0
NataMED Instruments is a leading manufacturer and exporter of first quality general surgical instruments, E.N.T surgery, gynecology, diagnostic, dental instruments, single use instruments, sterilizing instruments, veterinary instruments and scissors. \r\n\r\nMain product categories of the company includes general surgery, bone surgery, rectum, gall stone and urology, gynecology and obstetrics, cardiovascular surgery, neuro surgery, sterilizing instruments, lipo suction, E.N.T surgery, dental surgery, single use instruments, veterinary instruments, surgical developments, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany’s products finds applications in hospitals, healthcare professionals, clinics, medical, dental, vet care companies, medical and dental shops. Products are also exported to various countries such as European, South and Central Asian Community, Central and South America, Australia, USA, Germany and United Kingdom.\r\n\r\nNataMED Instruments Company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards and its products have received certifications like ISO 13485:2003, CE-Mark Certificates Page 1, EC Declaration of Conformity, Analytical Test Report from Sialkot Material Testing Laboratory, and Membership Certificate of The Surgical Instruments Manufacturing Association of Pakistan.

Boss Instruments Ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing surgical instruments since1990.

Boss Instruments Ltd    United States
Boss Instruments Ltd manufactures and distributes surgical instruments for ear, nose, and throat, general surgery, laparoscopy, neurosurgery, gynecology, ophthalmic, orthopedic, plastic, table mounted retractors, cardiovascular, and bariatric. Their products include dissecting forceps, bone forceps, cartilage, tendon instruments, intestinal tissue forceps, lung forceps, knife handles, blade breakers, measuring devises, etc.

Landmark Surgical Instruments is a supplier of surgical instruments and equipments.

Landmark Surgical Instruments    United Kingdom
Landmark Surgical Instruments specializes in supplying surgical equipments. Their products include artery forceps, coronary artery bypass retractors, bulldog clamps, hand held retractors, debakey and cooley atraumatic clamps, debakey dissecting forceps, mid cab and minimally invasive mitral valve retractor with atrial retractors dilators, tying forceps, rib shears, aortic punch, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing of high quality surgical instruments.   Sialkot  0
SGS EXPORT INTERNATIONAL Located in SIALKOT PAKISTAN the world center for Surgical instruments, was established in 1995 as manufacturers of high quality surgical instruments and since then it has been distributing sophisticated instruments world wide which have been well accepted and appreciated by existing customers. Producing instruments in two different forms. Forgings are received from Germany which are processed as finished products and re-exported.\r\n And importing stainless steel in shape of raw material from Japan and France and doing own forgings and then completely finishing the instruments.\r\n\r\nThe company Product includes Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, TC Instruments and Lab Instruments. SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS includes Diagnostics, Anaesthesia, Larynogoscopes, Scalpels & Amputation, Micro Scissors, Delicate Scissors, Surgical Scissors, Dissecting Scissor, Cardio Vascular Surgery & Neuro Surgery, Delicate Nasal & Tonsil Scissors, Ligature Scissors, Bandage & Plaster Scissors, Dressing & Tissue Forceps, Sponge & Dressing Forceps, Hemostate Forceps, Micro Needle Holder, Needle Holdere, Suture Forceps, Retractor, Self Retaining Retractors, Intestinal & Tissue Grasping Forceps, Rectum, Gall, Kidney, Genito-Urinary Instruments, Circumcision Clamps, Trocars, Gynecology, Cardiovascular, Bone Surgery, Plaster Instruments, Suction Instruments and Hospital Wears.\r\n\r\nDENTAL INSTRUMENTS includes Root Splinter Forceps, Root Elevators, Elevators, Bone Rongeurs, Bone Rongeurs (Bone Cutting Forceps), Chisels & Gouges, Chisels & Gouges (And Bone Files), Retractors, Mouth Gags, Scalpels For Gums, Gum Scissors, Scalers, Scalers - Curettes, Excavators, Cutting Instruments, Probes And Explorers, Pliers For Orthodontics And Prosthetics, Crown Scissors, Rubber Dam Punch, Cotton pliers - Tweezer, Handles For Mouth Mirrors, Wax knives, silicate spatulas, Wax And Modelling Carvers, Cement Spatulas, Amalgam Carriers and Bone.\r\n\r\nTC INSTRUMENTS includes Operating Scissors, Dissecting Scissors, Scissor\s, Thumb Forceps, Grasping Forceps, Needle Holder, Wire Twisters, Wire Cutter and Pin And Wire Cutters.\r\nLAB INSTRUMENT include Stainless Steel.

We are an exporter, and manufacturer of surgical, dental manicure and diagnostic instruments, since 1986.   Sialkot  0
Atrauma International is an exporter, and manufacturer of surgical, dental manicure and diagnostic instruments, since 1986.\r\n\r\nProduct line of the company includes surgical instruments, dental instruments, beauty instruments, ophthalmology instruments, electrosurgical instruments, TC instruments, orthopaedic instruments, and veterinary instruments.\r\n\r\nCompany offers products like forceps, scalpels, scissors, haemostatic forceps, rhinology, retractors, urology, diagnostics, trocars, suction tubes, cannulas, tooth extracting forceps, tooth tweezers, periodontal instruments & files, towel clamps, explorers, delicate, flexible, probes, mouth gags, retractors, barber and dressing scissors, fancy and printed scissors, hair cutting scissors, multi-purpose plastic handle scissor, professional thinning scissors, nail and cuticle scissor, house hold and taylor scissor, acrylic nail cutters, nail cutters, cuticle nail nippers, eye brow tweezers, multi-purpose tweezers, face black head cleaners and nail pusher, cuticle and nail pushers, nail care products, shaving razors & belts, forceps, scissors, Diathermy Instruments, Monopolar and Bipolar forceps, plates, screws, and others. \r\n