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Bel Art Products Inc manufactures handling products for laboratory.

Bel Art Products Inc    United States
Bel Art Products Inc specializes in manufacturing laboratory handling products for industrial, safety, educational science and packaging markets. Their products includes bags, beakers, bottles, centrifugeware, clamps and holders, containers, graduated cylinders, dessicators, fume hoods, funnels and filters, glove boxes, labels, etc.

Meissner Filtration Products Inc manufactures microfiltration products.

Meissner Filtration Products Inc    United States
Meissner Filtration Products Inc specializes in manufacturing microfiltration products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microelectronics, ultrapure chemicals, food and beverage and allied industries. The company products include microfilters, microfiber filters, filter housings, filter cartridges, capsule filters, membrane filters, and integrity test instruments. They also offer filtration feasibility testing, system sizing, laboratory analysis of fluids for filtration, process simulations, SIP/CIP process designs and analysis and plant surveys.

Chroma Technology Corporation manufactures optical filter and filter sets since 1991.

Chroma Technology Corporation    United States
Chroma Technology Corporation specializes in manufacturing optical filter and filter sets. Few of their products include filters, mirrors, sets and holders, etc.

McLane Research Laboratories Inc   East Falmouth  United States
McLane Research Laboratories Inc provides time series samplers and engineering design services to international oceanographic community. Their products include moored profiler, sediment traps, zooplankton sampler, water transfer systems, remote access samplers, flotation and mooring products, mclane products, etc.

ErtelAlsop manufactures wide range of filter equipments since 1932.

ErtelAlsop   Kingston  United States
ErtelAlsop specializes in manufacturing various filter equipments for the pharmaceutical industry. Their products include laboratory filters, plate and frame filter presses, vapor master filter presses, pak filter housings, filter pads, lenticular filter catridges, filter paper, etc. provides contacts of filter systems, filter media, and other information.    ,, is a service provider, which offers contact and other information on filter manufacturer, suppliers, laboratory services, etc., They also provide information on various sorts of filters and their applications.

JMT Plastics manufactures and supplies safety and laboratory equipments to the research industry for 25 years.

JMT Plastics    United Kingdom
JMT Plastics develops and distributes safety and laboratory equipments to the research industries. The company product includes fume cupboards, holders, containers, Notice boards, guarding, storage containers, etc.

ErtelAlsop manufactures filtration media and equipments.

ErtelAlsop    United States
ErtelAlsop specializes in producing filtration media and equipments. The company product includes laboratory filters, plate and frame filter presses, filter pads, filter paper, lenticular filter cartridges, etc.

Bulgin Components PLC specializes in the manufacture of mains and waterproof connectors for commercial purpose.

Bulgin Components PLC   England  United Kingdom
Bulgin Components PLC is a manufacturer of mains and waterproof connectors for commercial purpose. They offer products like battery holders, ip68 buccaneer connectors, iec connectors, polysnap connectors, general connectors, mains filters, fuseholders, indicators, and switches.

Ballantine Laboratories Inc specializes in providing calibration services.

Ballantine Laboratories Inc    United States
Ballantine Laboratories Inc provides calibration services. Their products include calibrators and automated systems, thermal voltage converters, meters, thermal elements, probes, manuals, accessories, parts, etc.