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Lab Plant UK Limited supplies laboratory equipment in 1976.

Lab Plant UK Limited   Filey  United Kingdom
Lab Plant UK Limited specializes in supplying various laboratory equipments. Their products include overhead stirrers, magnetic stirrer, hotplates, mixers, shakers, rotary evaporators, etc., The company also provides troubleshooting and repair services.

Genevac Ltd designs and manufactures solvent evaporation systems for drug discovery applications.

Genevac Ltd    United Kingdom
Genevac Ltd provides solvent evaporation technology, which are designed for using drug discovery applications, and in pharmaceutical research laboratories. Their new products are EZ-2 Series of personal evaporator, HT Series II systems, HT-24 workstation, and the mega evaporation systems for production environments.

Labnet International Inc manufactures and distributes laboratory equipments.

Labnet International Inc   Woodbridge  United States
Labnet International Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing various laboratory equipments. Their products include centrifuges, liquid handling products, molecular biology equipment, benchtop shakers and rockers, incubators and laboratory plastics.

Harris Testing Laboratories Inc is a service provider, which offers petroleum and petrochemical product testing services for various customers.

Harris Testing Laboratories Inc   Houston  United States
Harris Testing Laboratories Inc specializes in providing petroleum and petrochemical product testing services for various customers. Their testing products include asphalt, catcracker feedstock, caustic soda, crude oil, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, lube oils, naphtha, pet coke, wax, etc.

Alaqua Inc manufactures cooling evaporators, cooling evaporative crystallizers, cooling evaporative distillation, and evaporative solvent recovery systems.

Alaqua Inc    United States
Alaqua Inc specializes in manufacturing cooling evaporators, cooling evaporative crystallizers, cooling evaporative distillation, and evaporative solvent recovery systems for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Few of their products include multiple effect evaporators, falling film evaporators, thin film evaporators and wiped film evaporators, mechanical recompression evaporators, rising film evaporators, thermal recompression evaporators, etc.

We specialize in manufacturer of professional laboratory testing instrument.   zhengzhou  0
Kori instrument is Established in 2004, Kori Instrument Factory is specializing in manufacturing all kinds of laboratory instruments cover different volume and functions , such as glass reactors series (including single layer, double layer and triple layer ) , Rotary Evaporators series , high temperature circulating system series, Stirring tank reactor , Vacuum pump series and glass separating and glass filter funnel series and other related \r\n are widely recognized and trusted by users from USA. UK . Middle East. Russia. India. more than 20 countries.\r\n\r\nThe products are Lab Glass Reactor, Rotary evaporator, High and Low Temperature Circulation Machine, High Temperature Circulation Bath, Low Temperature Circulation Bump, Low Temperature Circulation Bath, Vacuum pump, Magnetic Stirrer, Temperature Controller, Glass Separator and filter\r\n and Others\r\n. Meanwhile, the company are continue to pursue the professionalism with “sincere, pioneering and enterprising ” to consummate Enterprise management system to provide best service for customers.

Labconco Corp is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipments and apparatus since 1925.

Labconco Corp    United States
Labconco Corp specializes in producing and supplying laboratory equipments and apparatus. Their products include fume hoods and enclosures, carbon filtered enclosures, balance and bulk powder enclosures, lab animal enclosures, glove boxes, glassware washers, water purification systems, freeze dry systems, centrifugal vacuum concentrators and cold traps, evaporation systems, blood drawing chairs, digital chloridometers, vacuum desiccators, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Chemical Laboratories Inc manufactures variety of chemicals for more than 20 years.

Chemical Laboratories Inc   Tampa  United States
Chemical Laboratories Inc specializes in producing wide range of chemicals for industrial and commercial purpose. Few of their products are aluminum brightener, scale remover, coil cleaner, de limer, bilge cleaner, mildew remover, carbon cleaner, laundry detergent, etc.

ENCON Water Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of waste water evaporators since 1993.

ENCON Water Systems Inc.    United States
ENCON Water Systems Inc. designs, fabricates, sells, and supports the ENCON wastewater evaporator product line. The company`s products includes: MVC evaporators, waste oil evaporators, thermal evaporators, drum evaporator or dryer.

Goel Scientific Glass Works Pvt Ltd manufactures borosilicate glass equipments.

Goel Scientific Glass Works Pvt Ltd   Baroda  India
Goel Scientific Glass Works Pvt Ltd designs, and manufactures glass equipments. They are specialized for borosilicate glass equipments, beaded glassware, borosilicate glass extraction, skid mounted, laboratory glassware, and glass reactor.