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COY Laboratory Products Inc specializes in manufacturing glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, and PCR workstations for the medical and scientific industry for more than 30 years

COY Laboratory Products Inc    United States
COY Laboratory Products Inc manufactures of glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, and PCR workstations for the medical and scientific industry. Their products include basic glove boxes, anaerobic chambers and glove boxes, hypoxic or oxygen control glove boxes, dry glove boxes, humidity control glove boxes, PCR workstations, isolation glove box for mail processing, etc.

HEMCO Corporation is a manufacture of basic laboratory equipment serving research and development, life science and technology industries since 1958.

HEMCO Corporation    United States
HEMCO Corporation products include fume hoods, hood accessories, hood ventilation, other lab hoods, lab furniture, modular rooms, enclosures, etc.

Accutest Laboratories is a testing laboratory providing environmental analytical services since 1956.

Accutest Laboratories   Dayton  United States
Accutest Laboratories is a service provider, which provides various environmental analytical services to industrial, engineering, consulting and government sectors. Their services include online data service, integration of electronic data deliverables in client`s final report and databases.

Axyos specializes in the manufacture of technology laboratory equipment for more than 30 years.

Axyos    Australia
Axyos specializes in the manufacture of technology laboratory equipment. They offer products like hospital dryers, environmental, ovens, incubators, water baths, shaking, and refrigerated incubators.

International Scientific Communications Inc is a publisher of scientific journals and tabloids for the technology needs of the analytical, biotechnology, clinical, and environmental testing laboratories.

International Scientific Communications Inc   Shelton  United States
International Scientific Communications Inc specializes in publishing scientific journals and tabloids for the technology needs of the analytical, biotechnology, clinical, and environmental testing laboratories. They provide publication in the form of card decks, enewsletters, reprints, etc.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc manufactures and supplies wide range of analytical instruments.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc    United States
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc specializes in manufacturing and providing analytical instruments including lab equipments, automation equipments, etc., and these products used in several applications like air quality, anatomical pathology, beverage, cement, clinical chemistry, clinical research and toxicology, coal mining, drug discovery, environmental, food, forensics, industrial hygiene, metals, minerals, petroleum, etc. Few of their products are loss-in-weight feeders, belt conveyor scales, weighbelt feeders, laminar flow workstations, immersion coolers, shaking water baths, immersion circulators, clinical chemistry analyzers, ultra low temperature freezers, cryopreservation systems, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory freezers, cytofunnels and filter cards, hot air sterilizers, automated photometric analyzers, microplate dispensers, microplate fluorometers, etc.

ErtelAlsop manufactures wide range of filter equipments since 1932.

ErtelAlsop   Kingston  United States
ErtelAlsop specializes in manufacturing various filter equipments for the pharmaceutical industry. Their products include laboratory filters, plate and frame filter presses, vapor master filter presses, pak filter housings, filter pads, lenticular filter catridges, filter paper, etc.

McLane Research Laboratories Inc   East Falmouth  United States
McLane Research Laboratories Inc provides time series samplers and engineering design services to international oceanographic community. Their products include moored profiler, sediment traps, zooplankton sampler, water transfer systems, remote access samplers, flotation and mooring products, mclane products, etc.

Argonne National Laboratory provides research services for more than 50 years.

Argonne National Laboratory    United States
Argonne National Laboratory specializes in providing research services. Argonne National Laboratory is a U. S. Department of Energy laboratory managed by UChicago Argonne, LLC. Few of their research programs include basic science, scientific facilities, energy resources, environmental management, national security, etc.

Solar Testing Laboratories is a material testing laboratory that offers services for contractors, builders, developers and architects since 1969.

Solar Testing Laboratories   Brooklyn Heights  United States
Solar Testing Laboratories is a geotechnical and material testing laboratory, which offers testing services for government agencies, contractors, and architects. They offer services in geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, inspection services, metals testing, property survey services, etc.