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HEMCO Corporation is a manufacture of basic laboratory equipment serving research and development, life science and technology industries since 1958.

HEMCO Corporation    United States
HEMCO Corporation products include fume hoods, hood accessories, hood ventilation, other lab hoods, lab furniture, modular rooms, enclosures, etc.

Vynckier Enclosure Systems Inc manufactures and supplies non metallic enclosure systems since 1920.

Vynckier Enclosure Systems Inc    United States
Vynckier Enclosure Systems Inc specializes in developing and marketing non metallic enclosure systems. The company product includes enclosures, cabinets, pedestals and accessories.

Altinkaya Enclosures manufactures plastic and metal enclosures since 1978.

Altinkaya Enclosures   Ankara  Turkey
Altinkaya Enclosures specializes in manufacturing plastic and metal enclosures for electronic equipments. The company products include panel type enclosures, rail type enclosures, desktop enclosures, hand-held enclosures, remote control enclosures, display enclosures, sealed enclosures, special enclosures, wall mount enclosures, and accessories.

Mobile Equipment Enclosures Limited    ,,
Mobile Equipment Enclosures Limited develops and provides weather enclosures and sliding doors enclosures for golf cars.

Bernic A/S manufactures carbon microphones since 1952.

Bernic A/S    Denmark
Bernic A/S specializes in manufacturing of carbon microphones and supplying to various distributors. . Few of their products include series 450 enclosure, DIN rail or flange mounted enclosures, series 3600, series 3100 handheld enclosures and accessories.

Byte Box specializes in manufacturing enclosures for components like CPUs, RAM memory and hard drives.

Byte Box    
Byte Box manufactures enclosures for components like CPUs, RAM memory and hard drives. Their compononets include custom enclosures, industrial shop enclosures, computer system enclosures, mini clean room protective enclosures, network server enclosures, etc. , The company protects the system from hard drive over heating, downtime, i/o damage, media lag and errors, liquid spills, memory loss, data failure, fire sprinklers, etc.

Envirosafe Technologies Inc supplies variety of computer security enclosures.

Envirosafe Technologies Inc    United States
Envirosafe Technologies Inc specializes in selling wide range of computer security enclosures. The company offers standard nema computer enclosures, PC enclosures, computer cabinets and computer security enclosures. Few of their products are DS 850 desktop, DS 850T tower, DS 150 desktop, DS 191 tower, DS 311 printer, etc.

Enoc System AB manufactures enclosures and accessories for computer network installations since 1933.

Enoc System AB    Sweden
Enoc System AB specializes in producing enclosures and accessories for computer network installations. Their product includes floor standing enclosures, floor standing frames, PC enclosures, server enclosures, swing frame kit, etc.

Hanson Lab Furniture Inc is a designer and builder of variety of labs and other lab accessories since 1977.

Hanson Lab Furniture Inc    United States
Hanson Lab Furniture Inc specializes in designing and building variety of labs and other lab accessories. Their products include fume hoods, cabinets, tables, housings, legs, panels, fillers, modular furniture, finish colors, etc.

Protocase Inc manufactures custom electronic enclosures of various types.

Protocase Inc    United States
Protocase Inc specializes in producing custom electronic enclosures of various types. The company product includes rackmount enclosures, U-shape enclosures, L-shape enclosures, brackets, front panels, and custom electronic enclosures.