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Results 1 - 10 of about 2440 for Laboratory Bottle Receiver is an internet resource for laboratory equipment and supplies.    ,, specializes in distributing laboratory equipments. Their products include bottles, bottle caps, cylinders, sample containers, funnels, taps, jars, sprayers, stainless steel lab ware, vials, faucets, spigots, carboys, flasks, etc.

Hoare Laboratory Engineering Ltd is a distributor of laboratory products for various industries for more than 70 years.

Hoare Laboratory Engineering Ltd    United Kingdom
Hoare Laboratory Engineering Ltd specializes in distributing variety of laboratory products for various industries. Their products include laboratory furniture, fume cupboards, extract hood and cabinets, fume extracts and air supply, mechanical pipework, electrical services, building work and alterations, etc.

Geneva Laboratories Inc distributes wide range of laboratory products.

Geneva Laboratories Inc   Elkhorn  United States
Geneva Laboratories Inc specializes in supplying various laboratory products. Few of their products are polystyrene tubes, biological indicators, reuter centrifugal air sampling strips, total organic carbon glass sample bottles, etc. Their services include bioburden testing, environmental monitoring, antimicrobial effectiveness testing, USP water testing, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

AlKem Lab Products is supplier of lab products including containers, closures, bottles, jars, etc. , for more than fifty years.

AlKem Lab Products    United States
AlKem Lab Products specializes in distributing wide range of laboratory products. Few of their products are thermoset, polypropylene caps, specialty caps, vial caps, metal caps, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Buffalo Industrial Supply LLC specializes in the wholesale distribution of Laboratory and Industrial Supplies for more than 17 years.

Buffalo Industrial Supply LLC    ,,
Buffalo Industrial Supply LLC specializes in the wholesale distribution of Laboratory and Industrial Supplies for the operation, maintenance and repair of laboratory, research and commercial, industrial facilities. Their products include laboratory equipment and supplies which include fisher scientific products, restek chromatography products, vwr international products, eveready, energizer battery products, tool and electrical supplies, hardware and safety equipment supplies.

Crown Packaging International supplies glass and plastic containers for past 50 years.

Crown Packaging International   Merrillville  United States
Crown Packaging International supplies plastics, and glass rigid containers. Their are specialized in supplying polygon gallons, glass, plastics, and industrial large ware. They are involved in supplying products for industrial applications such as personal care, food, beverage, chemicals, and laboratory.

Bel Art Products Inc manufactures handling products for laboratory.

Bel Art Products Inc    United States
Bel Art Products Inc specializes in manufacturing laboratory handling products for industrial, safety, educational science and packaging markets. Their products includes bags, beakers, bottles, centrifugeware, clamps and holders, containers, graduated cylinders, dessicators, fume hoods, funnels and filters, glove boxes, labels, etc.

LaboTerm supplies various laboratory glasswares and chemicals through online.

LaboTerm   Vaughan  Canada
LaboTerm specializes in supplying wide range of laboratory glasswares and chemicals. Their products include funnels, dishes, flasks, bottles, beakers, cylinders, pipettes, mortars and pestles, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

Oriental Giken Inc manufactures and sells laboratory equipment and furniture since 1978.

Oriental Giken Inc    ,,
Oriental Giken Inc specializes in manufacturing and selling laboratory equipment and furniture. Some of their products include Glove box, Incubator shaker, Bio-clean bench, chemicals bottle cabinet, etc., The company has the quality certificate to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

We specialize in cosmetic packaging manufacture.

China Excellent Vial Factory is a leading manufacturer of various types of the auto sampler vials,matched caps,septa,Teflon,silicone compound septa and so on. we have been exported to America, Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries for 10 years, during 10 years research and development and we also had technology communication with international companies, such as Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu,etc we have developed various types products successfully special used for laboratory analysis equipment,including storage bottle, mobile phase solvent bottle.autosampler bottle, headspace vial which is suitable for Agilent ,Waters,Beckman,Varian,Shimadzu,Dionex, Finnigen,Gilson,LKB,Thermoand all domestic market auto sample of chromatographic instrument.\r\nThe products are 1ml small auto sample vial, 8mm-2ml sample vial,cap and septa, 9mm-2ml sample vial,cap and septa, 11mm-2ml crimp sample vial, 11mm-2ml neck sample vial, 13mm-4ml screw-thread sample vial, screw-thread vial open-top, crimp vial with open-top, screw-thread vial,storage purposes, mobile phase solvent bottle, open-top bottle, cap and septa, amber wide open bottle, sample holder, SPE, insert, screw-thread tube, trace storage bottle, medicine bottle and ergonomic manual crimp/decapper. \r\n