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Revco provides wide range of laboratory products

Revco    United States
Revco offers laboratory products, which are designed for life science, industrial, hospital and clinical applications.

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of surgical, dental implants, and orthopedic implants ophthalmic instruments, since 1999.   Sialkot  0
Malik Surgical Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of surgical, dental implants, and orthopedic implants ophthalmic instruments, since 1999.\r\n\r\nSurgical instruments offered by the company includes scalpels and knives, scissors, forceps, clamps, needle holders, suture instruments, hooks and retractors, abdominal intestinal, rectal instruments, gall bladder, trocars, vaginal specula, utrine probes, myoma intruments, biopsy instruments, obstetrics, bone punches, rongeurs, raspatories, bone leavers, bone files, bone curettes, mallets, tampers, chisels and gouges, bone holding forceps, bone cutting forceps, finger nail instruments, suction instruments, hospital wares, vaginal retractors, urinary instruments, utrine dilators, bladder retractors, utrine dressing forceps, bone clamps, lyrangoscopy tubes with support, etc.\r\n\r\nOphthalmic instruments offered by the company includes LASIK instruments, needle holders, Phaco choppers, scissors, spatulas, speculums, cannulas, corneal markers, diamond knives, disposable blades, disposable cannulas, forceps, etc.\r\n\r\nDental Instruments provided by the company includes dental probes, periodontia instruments, modeling instruments, measuring instruments, wax knives, plaster knives, diagnostic instruments, endodontic instruments, matrix retainers, matrix bands, rongeurs, bone rongeurs, bone elevators, pliers for orthoontics, impression trays, etc.\r\n\r\nOrthopedic Instruments of the company are spine-rod holder’s spine-rod tools, spine-screwdrivers, spine-spine tools, retractors, self-retaining retractors, ronguers, HIP-retractors, HIP-patient positioners, HIP- surgical tools, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany\s dental implants includes bone chisels, bone curettes, bone fixation screws, bone graft syringes, bone harvesting, bone mills, reciprocating saw, saggital saw, depth gauges, carbides, diamonds, periodontal surgical files, periosteal elevators, periotomes, retractors, etc.\r\n\r\nMalik Surgical Industries has been quality certified to CE, ISO 13485, and ISO 9001: 2008 standards.

Tyco Healthcare Group manufactures and markets a wide range of wound care, needles and syringes.

Tyco Healthcare Group    United States
Tyco Healthcare Group specialize in the manufacturing of wound care, needles and syringes, electrodes, specialized paper, vascular therapy, urological care, incontinence care, and nursing care products, feminine hygiene products, adult incontinent care products, etc.

Neo Medical GmbH distributes endourological, and radiological products since 2001.

Neo Medical GmbH    Germany
Neo Medical GmbH manufactures, and supplies endourological products. Their products are urinary- drainage- systems, biopsy, nephrostomy, ureteral stent, ureteral catheter, suprapubic bladder drainage, and transurethral bladder drainage.

Charter Medical Ltd. a Lydall Company is a manufacturer of transfusion devices and bio processing containers. Charter Medical Ltd. headquarters and manufacturing plant are located in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Charter Medical Ltd.    United States
Charter Medical Ltd. a Lydall Company is focused on providing products to facilitate the collection, separation, manipulation, transportation, storage and administration of blood and blood components in the transfusion and cell therapy division and vital fluids in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

AZTEC Medical Products    United States
AZTEC Medical Products sells ENT instruments and equipment. Their products include atomizers, mirror warmer, suction accessories, trays, jars, illuminators, x ray, aztec instruments, ear suction tubes, ear syringe, middle ear surgery kit, myringotomy instruments, nasal suction tubes, speculum, nasal, suction tubes, etc. , they provide service to otolaryngology.

C.R.Bard Inc specializes in the manufacture of medical and surgical products since 1907.

C.R.Bard Inc    United States
C.R.Bard Inc is a manufacturer of medical and surgical products. They offer products like ablation catheters, acellular collagen matrix, allograft tissue, angiography catheters, bone biopsy products, etc.

Histopathology Reference Laboratory (HRL) provides a full range of histology services, encompassing routine and specialized grossing, processing, embedding, microtomy, routine and special staining and coverslipping for over 20 years.

Histopathology Reference Laboratory (HRL)   Hercules  United States
Histopathology Reference Laboratory (HRL) offers laboratory services which include tissue processing, tissue reprocessing, enzyme histochemistry, unstained sections, body fluids, processing and smears, etc.

Diagnostic Systems Laboratories Inc. develop and market vitro diagnostics since 1981.

Diagnostic Systems Laboratories Inc.   Webster  United States
Diagnostic Systems Laboratories Inc. specializes in immunodiagnostic products for clinical, research, academic and veterinary markets worldwide. Diagnostic Systems Laboratories Inc. offers over 200 products for growth factors, fertility and reproduction, androgen assessment, bone and mineral metabolism, mineral and salt balance, metabolism, thyroid function and infectious disease testing.

Josh Bach Ltd is a distributor of variety of men gifts, neckties, pens, and other products through online.

Josh Bach Ltd    United States
Josh Bach Ltd specializes in distributing variety of men gifts, neckties, pens, and other products through online. Their products include blind justice, bombers tray, city lights catchall, city lights tray, dog bones tray, formulas, golf tees boxers, golf tees tray, pasta, paper airplane boxers, paw print boxers, etc.