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Morton Machine Co. Ltd has been manufacturing mixers and blenders since 1859.

Morton Machine Co. Ltd   Motherwell  United Kingdom
Morton Machine Co. Ltd products line includes ploughshare mixers, batch ploughshare mixers, continuous ploughshare mixers, ribbon blenders, mixer granulators, duplex mixers, whisks, batter whisks, gridlap mixers, and laboratory mixers. Morton Machine Co. Ltd also offers a full range of used and, reconditioned mixers.

Brinkmann Instruments Inc supplies variety of laboratory products for more than 60 years.

Brinkmann Instruments Inc   Westbury  United States
Brinkmann Instruments Inc specializes in distributing various laboratory products for several application including chemical and petrochemical analysis, environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical R and D, electrochemistry, etc. Their products include blenders, sterilization equipment, fume enclosures, homogenizers, shakers and mixers, process analyzers, etc.

Champion Trading Corp sells used packaging and processing equipments since 1906.

Champion Trading Corp    United States
Champion Trading Corp specializes in selling used packaging and processing equipments for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, packaging, and related industries. Few of their products include mixers, fillers, kettles, blenders, boilers, can machineries, coders, conveyors, autoclaves, etc.

MixMor specializes in manufacturing mixers for more than 50 years.

MixMor   Los Angeles  United States
MixMor manufactures mixers. Their products include portable mixers, turbine mixers, top entering, side entering, laboratory mixers, custom mixers, custom impellers, mixer lift stands, etc.

Fann Instrument Company manufactures various filtration products and test kits for laboratories.

Fann Instrument Company   Houston  United States
Fann Instrument Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying wide range of drilling fluids testing equipments. Their products include various products on lubricity and sticking, pHmeters, shale testing, blenders and mixers, chemical reagents, field portable kits, etc.

Blender World is a distributor of commercial blenders and drink mixers products for restaurants for more than 27 years.

Blender World    United States
Blender World specializes in distributing commercial blenders and drink mixers products for restaurants. Their products include counter equipment, cooking equipment, fryers, furniture, glassware, kitchenware, hamilton beach blenders and spindle mixers, blendtec blenders, waring blenders, etc.

John Godrich is a service provider in a wide range of industrial and laboratory equipment for more than 40 years.

John Godrich   Ludlow  United Kingdom
John Godrich is a service provider in a wide range of industrial and laboratory equipment. They provide products like mixers, ovens, balances and weighing equipment, coating test equipment, food line equipment, road marketing test equipment, textile testing equipment, environmental line, laboratory and medical equipment, wastewater treatment, etc.

LabJupiter is a service provider of dynaprice clients with used or surplus scientific or laboratory equipment.

LabJupiter    United States
LabJupiter is a service provider of dynaprice clients with used or surplus scientific or laboratory equipment. They offer products like heating and cooling, optical equipment, photonic equipment, inspection equipment, test and measurement equipment, laboratory equipment, material testing equipment, vacuum processing equipment, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Laboratory and Scientific Equipment both in standard and custom designs.   Delhi  0
Bionics Scientific Technologies (P) Ltd. is an ISO certified laboratory equipment manufacturing company in India. The company has huge range of various types of laboratory equipment that are used in laboratory research, light industrial production, medical and healthcare and educational sectors. With over 25 years of successful experience, the company has gained trust of market leaders, helped them with supplying equipment related to freezing, mixing, crushing, sterilizing etc.\r\n\r\nThe company product range includes analytical instruments, laboratory equipment and variety of consumable products that easily meet day to day challenges faced by scientists and researchers in various testing procedures performed in lab and field. All laboratory equipment range is manufactured in own manufacturing units that are located in various places of India and abroad.\r\n\r\nThe company main product includes Autoclave\r\n, Cleanroom Equipment\r\n, Furnace\r\n, Refrigerators & Freezers\r\n, Oven\r\n, Pharmaceutical Blenders\r\n, Hot Plate Stirrers\r\n, Incubators\r\n, Laboratory Meters\r\n, Sieve Shakers\r\n, Water Bath & Circulators\r\n, Glove Box\r\n, Moisture Meter, Measuring Meters\r\n, Mixers\r\n, Shakers\r\n, Test Chambers\r\n and Water Distiller\r\n. Supply goes to various industries from schools to large organizations, customers includes Pharmaceutical Research\r\n, Biomedical Research\r\n, Environmental Research\r\n, Life Science Research\r\n, Diagnostics & Healthcare\r\n, Food & Beverages\r\n, Industrial Process\r\n and Schools & Universities\r\n.\r\n\r\nBionics Scientific Technologies (P) Ltd. supply equipment to Govt. agencies, small medium and large international laboratories throughout India and worldwide at highly competitive price.\r\n

Miracle Paint Rejuvenator Company specializes in designing and manufacturing paint mixers for one and five gallon mixing since 1932.

Miracle Paint Rejuvenator Company    United States
Miracle Paint Rejuvenator Company designs and manufactures paint mixers for one and five gallon mixing. Their products include heavy duty industrial mixers, pacer industrial mixers, laboratory mixers, automotive shakers, architectural paint mixers, shakers for ink preparation, industrial products blenders or tumbler and debur.