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Lab Plant UK Limited supplies laboratory equipment in 1976.

Lab Plant UK Limited   Filey  United Kingdom
Lab Plant UK Limited specializes in supplying various laboratory equipments. Their products include overhead stirrers, magnetic stirrer, hotplates, mixers, shakers, rotary evaporators, etc., The company also provides troubleshooting and repair services.

Goel Scientific Glass Works Pvt Ltd manufactures borosilicate glass equipments.

Goel Scientific Glass Works Pvt Ltd   Baroda  India
Goel Scientific Glass Works Pvt Ltd designs, and manufactures glass equipments. They are specialized for borosilicate glass equipments, beaded glassware, borosilicate glass extraction, skid mounted, laboratory glassware, and glass reactor.

We specialize in manufacturing, designing, servicing and suppling laboratory, process monitoring and control instruments\r\n   Rourkela  0
\"Process Instrumentation & Engineering Co. is a manufacturer, designer, service provider and supplier of laboratory, process monitoring and control instruments.\r\n\r\nThe main products include process monitoring instruments and laboratory instruments.\r\n\r\nThe process monitoring instruments are temperature controller, indicators & controllers. PID, thermocouples and rtds- pt 100, and sequential timer card- 10channel.\r\n\r\nThe laboratory instruments manufactured are muffle furnaces 900,1000,1200,1450c, hot air ovens, BOD incubators, humidity chambers, hot plates, water baths, arbitrary shaker, and magnetic stirrer with hot plate.\r\n\"\r\n

We specialize in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Laboratory and Scientific Equipment both in standard and custom designs.   Delhi  0
Bionics Scientific Technologies (P) Ltd. is an ISO certified laboratory equipment manufacturing company in India. The company has huge range of various types of laboratory equipment that are used in laboratory research, light industrial production, medical and healthcare and educational sectors. With over 25 years of successful experience, the company has gained trust of market leaders, helped them with supplying equipment related to freezing, mixing, crushing, sterilizing etc.\r\n\r\nThe company product range includes analytical instruments, laboratory equipment and variety of consumable products that easily meet day to day challenges faced by scientists and researchers in various testing procedures performed in lab and field. All laboratory equipment range is manufactured in own manufacturing units that are located in various places of India and abroad.\r\n\r\nThe company main product includes Autoclave\r\n, Cleanroom Equipment\r\n, Furnace\r\n, Refrigerators & Freezers\r\n, Oven\r\n, Pharmaceutical Blenders\r\n, Hot Plate Stirrers\r\n, Incubators\r\n, Laboratory Meters\r\n, Sieve Shakers\r\n, Water Bath & Circulators\r\n, Glove Box\r\n, Moisture Meter, Measuring Meters\r\n, Mixers\r\n, Shakers\r\n, Test Chambers\r\n and Water Distiller\r\n. Supply goes to various industries from schools to large organizations, customers includes Pharmaceutical Research\r\n, Biomedical Research\r\n, Environmental Research\r\n, Life Science Research\r\n, Diagnostics & Healthcare\r\n, Food & Beverages\r\n, Industrial Process\r\n and Schools & Universities\r\n.\r\n\r\nBionics Scientific Technologies (P) Ltd. supply equipment to Govt. agencies, small medium and large international laboratories throughout India and worldwide at highly competitive price.\r\n

We specialize in the distribution of biotech engineering products and laboratory analytical instruments. Our company is located in Cyprus.   Nicosia  0
Sedico Ltd supplies biotech engineering products and laboratory analytical instruments in Cyprus for more than 21 years. Company’s distributors list includes Al-Mawared Scientific Company, KLIVA Ltd, TECHNOPROF SARL, and NTL.\r\n\r\nProduct list of the company includes flame photometer, spectrophotometers & accessories, atomic absorption spectrometer & accessories, laboratory consumables, microscopes, clinical, balances, portable meter, benchtop meter, monitor and controller meters, peristaltic pump, distillation unit UDK series, digesters DK & DKL series, Dumas nitrogen/protein analyzer, solvent extractor, raw fiber extractors, dietary fiber extractor, recirculating water pump, ECO series thermoreactors, BOD determination systems, etc.\r\n

Aromex produces wide range of flavors for food industries since 1957.

Aromex    France
Aromex specializes in producing variety of flavors for food industries.

Separation Systems Inc specializes in providing gas chromatography systems in the petrochemical and environmental industry.

Separation Systems Inc    United States
Separation Systems Inc provides gas chromatography systems in the petrochemical and environmental industry. They offer to multinational refining companies, laboratories and research centers. They provide chromatography systems to meet numerous ASTM, UOP, GPA, and customer specified analyses.

MTE Hydraulics specializes in manufacturing hydraulic pumps, motors, proportionators, and power packages since 1948.

MTE Hydraulics   Rockford  United States
MTE Hydraulics manufactures hydraulic pumps, motors, proportionators, and power packages. Their products include large and small auto hoists, man lifts, elevated work platforms, scissor lifts, dock levelers, conveyors, packaging machines, machine tools, compactors, crimping machines, etc.

MoBiTec GmbH distributes innovative tools and laboratory equipments for molecular and cell biology since 1987.

MoBiTec GmbH    Germany
MoBiTec GmbH specializes in distributing innovative tools and laboratory equipments for molecular and cell biology. The products includes fluorescent probes and research chemicals, DNA purification kits, diagnostic tools, gel elecrophoresis accessories, glycobiology products, biochip products, antibodies, proteins, substrates, signal transduction, cell proliferation, etc.

Dew Drop Purewater produces pure distilled water and distillers.

Dew Drop Purewater    South Africa
Dew Drop Purewater specializes in manufacturing pure distilled water and distillers for drinking and medicinal purposes.