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Bel Art Products Inc manufactures handling products for laboratory.

Bel Art Products Inc    United States
Bel Art Products Inc specializes in manufacturing laboratory handling products for industrial, safety, educational science and packaging markets. Their products includes bags, beakers, bottles, centrifugeware, clamps and holders, containers, graduated cylinders, dessicators, fume hoods, funnels and filters, glove boxes, labels, etc.

LaboTerm supplies various laboratory glasswares and chemicals through online.

LaboTerm   Vaughan  Canada
LaboTerm specializes in supplying wide range of laboratory glasswares and chemicals. Their products include funnels, dishes, flasks, bottles, beakers, cylinders, pipettes, mortars and pestles, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9002.

AlKem Lab Products is supplier of lab products including containers, closures, bottles, jars, etc. , for more than fifty years.

AlKem Lab Products    United States
AlKem Lab Products specializes in distributing wide range of laboratory products. Few of their products are thermoset, polypropylene caps, specialty caps, vial caps, metal caps, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Finemech Inc sells wide range of range of optical instruments and sensor products.

Finemech Inc    United States
Finemech Inc specializes in supplying variety of optical instruments and sensor products. Few of their products are vacuum pumps, vacuum distribution, vacuum connections, cryogenics, dewar flasks, optronics, sensors, plastic valves, sensors, laboratory glassware and dosing pumps, etc.

Nalge Nunc International is a manufacturer of Lab wares since 1949.

Nalge Nunc International    United States
Nalge Nunc International specializes in producing Lab wares. Their products includes from beakers to tubing, outdoor products, etc. They also provide packaging of products.

Laboratory Guide Online provides information on manuafacturers and suppliers of laboratory equipments.

Laboratory Guide Online   London  United Kingdom
Laboratory Guide Online is a service provider, which provides list of laboratory equipment manufacturers, services and suppliers of laboratories.

Dual Manufacturing Co Inc produces particle analysis sieves. The company was established in 1942.

Dual Manufacturing Co Inc    United States
Dual Manufacturing Co Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of equipments for aggregate, cement concrete, soil, asphalt and petroleum products. The company products are shakers, splitters, wire mesh, pans and covers nickel crucibles, nickel evaporating dishes, metal beakers, aluminum dishes, etc.

Heger GmbH and Co KG is a distributor of recycled systems for foamed plastics for more than 50 years.

Heger GmbH and Co KG    Germany
Heger GmbH and Co KG specializes in distributing recycled systems for foamed plastics. They offer products such as grinding systems with pre beaker, grinding systems with granulating mills, sieving and de dusting systems, metering and mixing systems, etc.

COY Laboratory Products Inc specializes in manufacturing glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, and PCR workstations for the medical and scientific industry for more than 30 years

COY Laboratory Products Inc    United States
COY Laboratory Products Inc manufactures of glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, and PCR workstations for the medical and scientific industry. Their products include basic glove boxes, anaerobic chambers and glove boxes, hypoxic or oxygen control glove boxes, dry glove boxes, humidity control glove boxes, PCR workstations, isolation glove box for mail processing, etc.

Hanson Lab Furniture Inc is a designer and builder of variety of labs and other lab accessories since 1977.

Hanson Lab Furniture Inc    United States
Hanson Lab Furniture Inc specializes in designing and building variety of labs and other lab accessories. Their products include fume hoods, cabinets, tables, housings, legs, panels, fillers, modular furniture, finish colors, etc.