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Roche Diagnostics Corporation specializes in the development and production of healthcare products and solutions for more than 100 years.

Roche Diagnostics Corporation    United States
Roche Diagnostics Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare solutions for the healthcare industry. They offer medicines like anaprox, avastin, bactrim, bezalip, bondronat, bonviva, cellcept, fuzeon, herceptin, invirase, kytril, lariam, mabthera, etc.

Promega Corporation specializes in the manufacture of kits and reagents as well as integrated solutions for the life sciences research and drug discovery since 1978.

Promega Corporation    United States
Promega Corporation manufactures kits and reagents in the field of nucleic acid purification, human identification, and bioluminescence. The company conducts life science research, in genomics, proteomics, and cellular analysis. They offer products like access rt-pcr system, accessquick rt-pcr system, deoxynucleotide triphosphates (dntps), deoxyuridine triphosphate (dutp), dntp mix, gotaq amplification family, gotaq pcr core systems, gotaq reaction buffers and magnesium chloride, improm ii reverse transcription system, mops/edta buffer, cdna synthesis and cloning, pcr master mix, pcr nucleotide mix, pgem-t easy vector systems, pgem-t vector systems, primer pairs for rt-pcr, etc.

Invitrogen Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets research tools in reagent, kit, and applications forms for the life sciences research, drug discovery, and diagnostics customers, as well as biological products manufacturers since 1987.

Invitrogen Corporation   Carlsbad  United States
Invitrogen Corporation specializes in producing and supplying research tools in reagent, kit, and applications forms for the life sciences research, drug discovery, and diagnostics customers, as well as biological products manufacturers. The company product includes enzymes, nucleic acids, other biochemicals, and reagents for application in pharmaceutical, therapeutic, and diagnostic development.

Hong Kong DNA Chips Limited produces DNA based products since 1999.

Hong Kong DNA Chips Limited   Shau Kei Wan  Hong Kong
Hong Kong DNA Chips Limited specializes in manufacturing wide range of DNA based products. Their products include clinical diagnostic kits, veterinary diagnostic kits, food molecular testing kits, nucleic acid extraction kits for food, etc.

Genisphere Inc specializes in providing signal amplification products.

Genisphere Inc   Hatfield  United States
Genisphere Inc specializes in supplying variety of signal amplification products for nucleic acid and protein assays based on patented 3DNA dendrimer technology.

Bio Rad Laboratories Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing life science research and clinical diagnostics products for more than 50 years.

Bio Rad Laboratories Inc    United States
Bio Rad Laboratories Inc manufactures and distributes life science research, clinical diagnostics products, informatics, sadtler, process separations, life science education, food, animal, and environment testing. They supplies instruments and reagents to Ciphergen to support their diagnostics business.

Molecular Research Center Inc develops and manufactures innovative products for the isolation and analysis of RNA and DNA.

Molecular Research Center Inc   Cincinnati  United States
Molecular Research Center Inc specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative products for the isolation and analysis of RNA and DNA. Few of their products are TRI reagent, high salt precipitation solution, DNAzol, methylene blue stain, disposable polypropylene centrifuge tubes, disposable polypropylene microfuge tubes, etc.

SeraCare Life Sciences Inc manufactures and sells wide range of range biological based materials for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries.

SeraCare Life Sciences Inc    United States
SeraCare Life Sciences Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of biological based materials. Their products are plasma based therapeutic products, diagnostic products and reagents, cell culture products, specialty plasmas, vitro stabilizers, clinically annotated DNA, RNA, serum, and tissue specimens.

Aptagen LLC is a provider of bioengineering novel solutions for research, medicine, and industry.

Aptagen LLC    United States
Aptagen LLC specializes in development of nucleic acid based biopharmaceuticals called aptabodies. Their main aim is to develop promising drugs against various diseases includes cancers, stroke, bacterial and viral infections.

Genaxis Biotechnology distributes wide range of laboratory products.

Genaxis Biotechnology    ,,
Genaxis Biotechnology specializes in supplying various laboratory products with all the reagents and instruments. Their products include acrylamide matrices, selectanol, polynucleotide kinase, proteinase, substrates, separation media, reagents, etc.