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Soroush specializes in the manufacture of carpets for 25 years.

Soroush    United States
Soroush specializes in the manufacture of carpets. They offer products like axminster, hand tufted, hand knotted, wilton, and ultra weave.

We specialize in supplying disposable catering products like disposable skewer, Bamboo paddle skewer, bamboo chopstick, disposable toothpick, coffee stirrer, and cocktail stick.\r\n\r\n   Yantai  0
\r\nNine Zero Trade & Development Limited is a supplier of disposable catering products like disposable skewer, bamboo paddle skewer, bamboo chopstick, disposable toothpick, coffee stirrer, and cocktail stick.\r\n\r\nThe product category includes skewer, chopsticks, toothpick, craft stick, sheath container, cocktail stick, wooden stick, kitchenware, and houseware.\r\n\r\nThe skewers include products like BBQ bamboo skewer, disposableskewer, wholesale disposable bamboo skewer, bamboo skewer, woden skewer, bamboo teppo skewer wholesale, bamboo garden plant stick, and paddle skewer.\r\n\r\nThe chopstick includes twin chopsticks, tensoge chopstick, bamboo round chopstick, bamboo round chopstick with PE bag, paper wrapped bamboo chopstick, red envelop chopstick, wedding chopstick, and disposable chopstick.\r\n\r\nThe toothpick products supplied are toothpick in bulk, paper box toothpick, mint toothpick, jar/bottle toothpick, paper wrapped toothpick, cello wrapped toothpick, and disposable bamboo toothpick.\r\n\r\nThe craft sticks include colourful ice cream stick, match craft stick, DIY craft stick, craft stick, lollipop sticks, and popsicle sticks.\r\n\r\nThe sheath container includes disposable wood cone, dispoable bamboo cone, disposable wooden cup, bamboo sheath boat, and wooden sheath boat.\r\n\r\nThe cocktail stick includes bamboo loop pick, bamboo fun shape skewer, flag toothpick, red bamboo knotted pick, bamboo knotted pick, parasol stick, and bamboo party bead skewer.\r\n\r\nThe wooden stick includes products like wooden coffer stirrer, round ice cream stick, ice cream spoon, ice cream stick, and tongue depressor.\r\n\r\nThe kitchenware products are disposable cutlery wood knife, disposable spoon cutlery, disposable wooden fork, bamboo steamer, bamboo cutting board bamboo plate, bamboo sushi mat, and bamboo table mat.\r\n\r\nThe houseware products are bamboo carpet, plastic peg, wooden clothes peg, and bamboo peg.\r\n

Georgia Carpet Industries Inc sells wide range of carpets for residential and commercial applications.

Georgia Carpet Industries Inc   Dalton  United States
Georgia Carpet Industries Inc specializes in distributing variety of carpets. Their products include textured carpet, frieze carpet, berber carpet, commercial carpet, printed carpet, indoor / outdoor carpet, sculptured carpet, etc.

S and S Mills Inc is a manufacturer of residential and commercial carpets for more than 30 years.

S and S Mills Inc    United States
S and S Mills Inc specializes in manufacturing residential and commercial carpets. Their products include berber carpet, hardwood floors, commercial carpet, residential carpet, and carpet remnants and colors.

Endurance Carpet Ltd supplies carpets of various manufacturers.

Endurance Carpet Ltd    United Kingdom
Endurance Carpet Ltd specializes in distributing carpets of various manufacturers. The carpets by manufacturers name includes carpets of Kidderminster, ideal floor coverings, lano carpets, ulster carpets, cormar carpets, estex carpets, etc.

Graham Carpets Ltd is a supplier of carpets and floor covering products for past 28 years.

Graham Carpets Ltd   London  United Kingdom
Graham Carpets Ltd distributes wall coverings, curtains, and window blinds. They supply soft furnishings, carpets, hard flooring, wooden floors, natural floors, safety flooring, and heavy duty cleaning, and fitting services.

Amazing Results Carpet Appearance Company is a service provider specializing in carpet cleaning products.

Amazing Results Carpet Appearance Company    United States
Amazing Results Carpet Appearance Company is a service provider specializing in carpet cleaning products. They offer services like carpet cleaning, patchwork, thresholds, water restoration, red stain removal, rust removal, grease removal, tar removal, smoke odor removal, seam repair, etc.

e-carpet manufactures and sells carpets for more than 35 years.

e-carpet    United States
e-carpet specializes in producing and distributing carpets. The company product includes synthetic grass carpet, commercial carpet, church carpet, custom carpet, amusement and neon carpet, childrens carpet, combond pad, hospitality carpet, etc.

Gordian Knot Technologies Inc develops computer based software products and solutions since 1994.

Gordian Knot Technologies Inc    Canada
Gordian Knot Technologies Inc specializes in developing computer based software products and solutions. The companys product called stats master baseball statistics software product is a baseball computer program used to entering statistical information of an individual play.

Carpet Express Inc distributes carpet and carpet accessories since 1991.

Carpet Express Inc    United States
Carpet Express Inc specializes in distributing carpet and carpet accessories. Their products include carpet, hardwood flooring, laminates, area rugs, vinyl, and other resilient flooring, such as ceramic tile and porcelain.