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We specializes in Manufacturing and Supplying of Slicer Knifes, Nose Bars, Slicing Knifes, Paper Cutters and other Knifes.   Shanghai  0
Shanghai IKS Mechanical Blade Co., Ltd. is a China Products Manufacturers and Products Suppliers. Products about Slicer Knifes, Nose Bars, Slicing Knifes, Paper Cutters and other Knifes. Shanghai IKS Mechanilcal Blade Cot., LTD. is located in 7477 Songze Avenue, Qingpu industrial Zone. The factory has 164 sets of production equipment.\r\n\r\nThe company main product includes Paper Converting Knives, Wood Working Knives, Machine Knife for Metal Working, Machine Knife, Slicing knife(slicer planer), Peeling knife, Scraping ice knife, Three way trimmer knife, Paper cutting knife, Chipper knife, Clipper knife, Three way trimmer machiner blade, Hss Three way trimmer blade, Inlaid&Solid Three way trimmer blade, Inlaid&Solid paper cutting knife, POLAR paper cutting knife, TCT paper cutting knife, Paper cutting guillotine machiner knife, HSS paper cutting knife, Chipper knife blade, Hss hipper knife blade, Inlaid&Solid chipper knife blade, 9`VENEER KNIFE FOR UROKO REB-9, Peeling knife blade, Pressure bar, Hss pressure bar, Inlaid&Solid Steel pressure bar, 5`VENEER KNIFE FOR MEINAN AL-4, Slicing knife(slicer planer)blade, Granulator machiner blade knife, Granulator knife, Shear blade, Shear blade for Metal Working, Rubber knife, Rubber cuting blade knife and Slicing knife(slicer planer)blade.\r\n\r\nShanghai IKS Mechanical Blade Co., Ltd. produce about 100000 pieces various kinds of mechanical blade each year, the sales income about RMB 60 million. Additionally, the export sales about RMB 18 million. The products are mainly exported to Asia, Europe, north and South America and other countries and regions. Only by constant improvements developing specialized expertise, could be met the challenges of the market.

Cutler`s Cove Knife Emporium is a supplier of knives for the past 15 years.

   San Angelo  United States
Cutler`s Cove Knife Emporium specializes in vintage knives, pocket knives and hunting knives. The company has over 500 different knives in their stock. The company also has vintage, used and antique knives.

BladEater is a manufacturer of variety of snaps blades.

BladEater    United States
BladEater specializes in manufacturing variety of snaps blades. Their products include complete pack, holster refill, leather holster and DB01 complete pack, leather knife holster, etc.

Specialty Blades Inc manufactures razor sharp custom-made and standard cutting blades since 1985.

Specialty Blades Inc   Staunton  United States
Specialty Blades Inc specializes in manufacturing razor sharp custom-made and standard cutting blades. Their products include convex blades, circular blades, curved blades, straight knife blades, toothed knife, pointed tip blade, etc.

Knife Zone distributes wide range of knives and blades through online.

Knife Zone   Regina  Canada
Knife Zone specializes in supplying various folding knife, hunting knife, kitchen knife, pocket knifes, survival knives, etc., Few of their brands are Becker, Boker, Buck, Camillus, Cas Iberia, Cold Steel, ChefsChoice, Columbia River, Gerber, Grohmann, Harley Davidson, Hibben, Junglee, etc.

Burris Machine Co manufactures knives, cutters, holders since 1973.

Burris Machine Co    United States
Burris Machine Co specializes in manufacturing knives, cutters, holders. Their products include knife holders, knife banks, knife servicing tools, knife holder parts, knife blades, other slitting related items. Their services include knife blade sharpening, knife holder repair or rebuild, knife bank repair or rebuild.

Federal Knife Inc. is a supplier of replacement machine blades, and models of shearing, slitting, granulating, planning, and forming equipment for the past 12 years.

Federal Knife Inc.    ,,
Federal Knife Inc. provides resharpening services and replacement saw blades and planer knives to local factories. The company`s supplies includes: industrial machine knives, fabric knives, textile knives, guillotine paper cutter, slitter blades, packaging replacement blades, paper converting, paper trimmers, plastics granulator blades, shear blades, metal slitters, and replacement ironworker/scrap chopper blades, for many machine makes.

Crescent Manufacturing Company is a manufacturer of variety of cutting blades since 1898.

Crescent Manufacturing Company    United States
Crescent Manufacturing Company specializes in manufacturing variety of cutting blades. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000. Their products include arrowhead blades, letter opener blades, adhesive tape cutter blades, picture frame mat board cutter blades, twine cutting ring knife blades, roofing blades, plexiglas scoring blades, linoleum cutting blades, tape dispenser blades, etc.

J and T Machine Knife Inc specialize in the manufacture of industrial machine knife.

J and T Machine Knife Inc   Brampton  Canada
J and T Machine Knife Inc specialize in the manufacture of industrial machine knife. They offer products like slide ways, shear blades, guillotine blades, shear knives, guillotine shear blades, and food processing knives, stainless steel circular slitters, slitter knives, scraper knives, scraper blades, circular knives, mill blades, scrap blades, robots, and robot guide ways.

We specialize in manufacturing and distributing the BladeEater snap knife holster, since 2000.   Cincinnati  0
DesignOvations, Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing the BladeEater snap knife holster, since 2000.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes combo pack, complete pack, holster refill, leather, sheath w/complete pack, sheath w/o blade well and knife, sheath w/o holster\r\n\r\nCompany’s BLADEater® snap knife holster is a great tool to use while hanging wallpaper, and it is ergonomically designed for comfort, and easily clips to a pocket, work apron, or tool belt.\r\n\r\nDesignOvations Company’s The BLADEater® snap knife and holster has been tested and approved by the Handyman Club of America. \r\n