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KA Switch manufactures switches and flexible jumpers since 1960.

KA Switch    United States
KA Switch specializes in producing current switches and flexible jumpers. Their product includes type HSM, type HSME enclosed contacts, type HVSME enclosed contacts, etc.

American Power Connection Systems Inc is a manufacture of custom designed laminated shunts, bus bars, and cables since 1992.

American Power Connection Systems Inc    United States
American Power Connection Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing custom designed laminated shunts, bus bars, and cables. They are also supplying their own products. Their products include braided cable in bare and tin plated material, dry jumpers, furnace cables, laminated shunts, etc.

Play Mart Inc manufactures playground equipments.

Play Mart Inc    United States
Play Mart Inc specializes in manufacturing playground equipments. Their products are made from recycled structural plastic posts, decks, and railings. Play Mart Inc products are mulberry climber, alpine woods, briar jumper, waterford pinocchio, etc.

Jamies Jumpers is a distributor of dresses for women, teens, girls, and toddlers.

Jamies Jumpers    ,,
Jamies Jumpers specializes in distributing dresses for women, teens, girls, and toddlers. They offer urban clothing, apparel, etc. The company also provides online purchasing.

Jolly Jumper manufactures baby accessory products for more than 50 years.

Jolly Jumper   Mississauga  Canada
Jolly Jumper specializes in producing baby accessory products. Few of their products are activity bouncers, crib sets, toddler bedding, baby exercisers, baby carriers, infant blankets, etc.

Providing installation of Central Office Equipment for the Telecommunication, Cellular nad PCS industries.

R. A. Telcom, Inc.   East Liverpool  United States
Installation:\r\n Cell Site Installation\r\n Central Office Equipment Installation\r\n PCS / Cellular Radio Equipment Installation\r\n Power / Grounding\r\n Transmission Equipment Installation\r\n Switch Installation - Wire Line\r\n Switch Installation - Wireless\r\n Fiber Optic System Installation\r\n DC Power Distribution Systems Installation - additions - support equipment installation\r\n Shelter / Equipment Cabinet Installation\r\n Equipment Up-grades\r\n GPS Installation\r\nPeripheral Installation Material provided through vendors:\r\n Power Cable - THHN, Welding, Stranded Cop/Tin, Bare Solid Copper\r\n Compression Lugs - All sizes - (e.g. Burndy, T&B), C-Taps, H-Taps\r\n Buss Bars - All Sizes\r\n Voice Cable - 3-6-12 Pr. H.F., 16-30 ABAM 22ga., Station Wire - CAT 5, Heliax Coax & Connectors, Jumper Wire, 8 conductor flat cord & connector, 25 pr. Voice cable, AMP Connectors\r\n Wire / Cable Accessories - Cable Ties, Connectors, Shrink Tubing, Identification Products\r\n Auxiliary Framing - Bracing, Mounting Kits, Floor Mounting Hardware \r\n Cable Rack - Splicing Kits, Brackets, Wall Angle, Corner Clamps\r\n Equipment Rack - BAy Bolts, Cabling Section, Rack Adapters, Cable Stand-offs, Equipment Mounting Screws\r\n Grounding / Isolation Kits - Polyester-Fiber, Fiberglass, Installation Stand-offs, Insulated Bushings, Side Bar Insulators, Insulation Sheets, Ground Stap Assembly, Equipment Rack Grounding, Channel Insulators\r\n Stainless Steel - Bolts, Nuts, Lock/Flat Washers, Belleville Comp. Washers, Dragon Tooth Washers \r\n Hardware - Clamps, Cable Brackets, J-Bolts, Mounting Hardware, Threaded Rod, U-Bolts, V-Bolts, Unistrut (sections, nuts, splices), Beam Clamps, Tap-cons, Power Cable Brackets, Wire/Wire Terminal Blocks, Connectorized Terminal Blocks\r\n\r\n

Aisle 5 Enterprises specializes in manufacturing inflatable furniture, beds, air mattresses and other related products.

Aisle 5 Enterprises    
Aisle 5 Enterprises manufactures inflatable furniture, beds, air mattresses and other related products. Their products include snow tubes, pools, chairs, bouncers, intex swimming pools, inflatable kids bouncers jumpers, super sofas, funky chairs, funky air sofas, full room sets, foot stools, air mattress beds, kids bouncer-jumper, kids chair seats, inflatable boats-kayaks, snow tubes, accents/ accessories, swimming pools, pumps for inflation, etc.

Litra Manufacturing Inc specializes in the manufacture of fiber optics and cable assemblies for telecommunication markets since 1989.

Litra Manufacturing Inc    United States
Litra Manufacturing Inc is a manufacturer of fiber optics and cable assemblies for telecommunication markets. They offer products like single mode and multi fiber optic jumpers, fiber cable assemblies, adapters, fiber attenuators, terminated voice grade twisted pair cables, fiber optic cables, fiber optic jumpers, etc.

Brooks Utility Products Group is a manufacturer of variety of tamper indicating and tamper deterrent security products.

Brooks Utility Products Group   Farmington Hills  United States
Brooks Utility Products Group specializes in manufacturing variety of tamper indicating and tamper deterrent security products. Their products include low profile with potential, meter disconnect device 45, meter disconnect sleeves, relay and switch adapters, etc., Brooks Ekstrom website has merged into the Brooks Utility Products Group.

Christian Manufacturing Inc manufactures cable assemblies, wire harnesses and electrical mechanical assemblies since 1977.

Christian Manufacturing Inc    United States
Christian Manufacturing Inc specializes in producing cable assemblies, wire harnesses and electrical mechanical assemblies. Their product includes jumpers, ribbon cables, discreet wire assemblies, round jacketed cables, hand soldering assemblies, and box builds. Their molding capabilities include RS 232 designs, connector assemblies, shielded molded assemblies and unique custom designed cables.