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ATS Irrigation Inc specializes in selling and providing service for irrigation system planning since 1985.

ATS Irrigation Inc    United States
ATS Irrigation Inc sells and provides service for irrigation system planning. Their products include hose reel traveling irrigators, center pivot, lateral move irrigation, impact, big gun sprinklers, drip irrigation, micro sprinkler irrigation, packaged irrigation systems, pumps, hose, pipe, pipe fittings, mowers, aerators, turf irrigation, etc

Evergreen Irrigation Ltd supplies rainbird sprinklers and lawn irrigation systems.

Evergreen Irrigation Ltd   Leighton Buzzard  United Kingdom
Evergreen Irrigation Ltd specializes in supplying lawn irrigation systems, components and accessories. Their products include drip pipes, hoses, fittings, pond pumps, filter, lighting products, etc. The company also facilitates online purchasing.

Irricon Pty Ltd designs and distributes service for all types of irrigation systems since 1980.

Irricon Pty Ltd    South Africa
Irricon Pty Ltd specializes in manufacturing, distributing and offering service for all types of irrigation systems. Their service includes irrigation consultancy, project management of irrigation systems, irrigation design and supply services, turnkey irrigation projects, laser alignment of pump and motor shafts, on site pump condition monitoring, etc. Aqua Meters Pty Ltd is a division of Irricon Pty Ltd, develops the kelflo system, a instrument that monitors the energy wasted by pumping systems.

IRZ Consulting provides irrigation design and water conservation technologies. The company was established in 1984.

IRZ Consulting    ,,
IRZ Consulting provides irrigation engineering and water conservation services. Their other services include consulting services, regional daily crop water use NIN, pipe sizing program, friction loss calculation, the irrigation association, usda water management research laboratory, virtual library irrigation, etc.

Landini Pompe produces water pumps for irrigation systems since 1956.

Landini Pompe   Gonzaga(MN)  Italy
Landini Pompe specializes in producing various water pumps farm rain irrigation field. Their products include trailer mounted pumps for tractors, horizontal stage pumps, flanged pumps for engines, centrifugal pumps, etc.

Jess Stryker specializes in providing irrigation system tutorials for sprinkler and drip irrigation.

Jess Stryker    ,,
Jess Stryker is a service provider, which provides tutorials for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. The site also provides answers for various questions on irrigation. .

Ace Pump and Supply specializes in supplying water pumps, electric motors, control panels and irrigation supplies.

Ace Pump and Supply    United States
Ace Pump and Supply supplies water pumps, electric motors, control panels and irrigation supplies. The company supplies products of the manufacturers like ITT, Goulds, Berkeley pumps, Weg, Magnetek, Toro, Rainbird, Baldor, etc.

Fisher Pumps Inc specializes in designing pumps for various applications since 1980.

Fisher Pumps Inc    
Fisher Pumps Inc specializes in designing pumps for various applications since 1980. Their products include irrigation pumps, manure pumps, evaporation floater pumps, aeration floater pumps, floater pumps, arch back trailer pumps, direct drive pumps, etc.

Garden Irrigation Supplies supplies garden watering systems and accessories for lawns, greenhouses and hanging baskets.

Garden Irrigation Supplies    United Kingdom
Garden Irrigation Supplies specializes in supplying garden watering systems and accessories for lawns, greenhouses and hanging baskets. Their products include accessories, battery controller, popups for lawns, tanks and pumps, solenoid manifold and valves, rain sensor and check valves, mains powered, controllers, solar powered, etc. They provide technical support regarding designing, installing for water management, hanging baskets installation, greenhouses installation, gardens installation. They also provide online ordering for their products.

Aqua Flo Supply is a distributor of irrigation, sprinkler, and landscape supplies since 1967.

Aqua Flo Supply    ,,
Aqua Flo Supply specializes in distributing irrigation, sprinkler, and landscape supplies. Their products include valves controllers, erosion control products, water garden and fountain products, pumps and tanks, drip irrigation, gas products, etc.